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December GOC Update: Miss Leah


by Miss. Leah (GOC  Fourth Wave) of A Diamond Through the Fire

I’m participating in a Grow Out Hair (and weight loss) Challenge hosted by Shelli of Hairscapades that began in August and ends January 31st. This challenge birthed my blog so that I could keep track of my progress … or lack thereof. At any rate, the challenge ends next month, but I intend on continuing it through to the new year. It’s been very beneficial for me because I’ve learned more about Natural Hair Care and I’ve met some amazing naturalistas along the way.

To be honest, I’m quite satisfied with my accomplishments during these past 6 months. As far as weight is concerned, I’m pretty happy. In an earlier post, I stated I was dissapointed in myself for not hitting some of my goals, but I’ve come to the realization that, had I not join the GOC, I would still be overweight talking about how I wanna lose weight. In total, I lost close to 8 lbs (give or take a few ounces) over a 6 month period. My goal was to loose 20 lbs.

As far as hair is concerned, the longest part of my hair did reach BSL!!!! Yeaaaaa! Because I trimmed/cut my hair a few months back, it doesnt really look like my hair has grown much. But, had I not trimmed off almost 2 inches, you would see more of a difference. Here are the before and after pictures:

Very FIRST Challenge entry Picture … (smh at that back meat)

August 2011 before the cut

I see GROWTH 🙂

August  2011, before I cut my hair.

August 2011 after my cut

August 2011 before the cut

My hair is a little more fuller and even.

For next year, here are my new goals for January – August 2012:

  1. Reach BELOW BSL by August
  2. Lose about 15 lbs by August
  3. TONE, TONE, TONE my body (for my wedding dress)
  4. Continue eating healthy

Not too much, but just enough to make sure that by August 18th ( my new WEDDING date) I will be the healthiest Leah I can be from head to toe!!! I feel like I’m on the right track!

Wish me Luck and Thanks for your continued support!!!


October GOC Update: TWhite


TWhite (Fourth Wave) gives us a 3 month update on her transition!


Hi Fellow GOC!  I hope I’m not kicked out of the challenge.  Please see my October updates in RED.

Current State: Hair – Armpit length (APL)
Update: Neck Length (NL)

September post mini-chop

Goals: Hair – Bra-strap length (BSL)
Update: Full Shoulder  Length

Weight – Lose 3-5 lbs and maintain weight and healthy lifestyle
Update: Lost 2 lbs , Running 2 miles 3-5 days a week

Meal Plan – Under Construction

Hair Regimen:
Update: No longer transitioning – MINI CHOPPED the relaxed ends at 15 Months Post (9/11/11)

Currently the same Regimen up until Mini Chop – I’m NATURAL!

Weekly Now Bi-Weekly:

  • Wash – Giovanni
  • Condition – Giovanni
  • Leave-In Conditioner – KCKT
  • Shea Moisture Hair Milk


  • Moisturize and seal with essential oil mixture


  • Hot oil treatment

Every 6 weeks:

  • Protein treatment – Aphogee

October hair

November hair


Congratulations on being fully natural TWhite!! I think this is our third transitioner CHOP during the GOC! How do you feel about your curls now that the relaxed ends are gone? Is it all that you expected?

October Update: Tianna


Okay, October is officially over and it’s time for the next round of updates! Heeeeeeeerrrrreee’s Tianna (Fourth Wave), showing off her new favorite accessories!!


Hey Curlfriends!!

Since my last update, I have only been doing bigger twists to my hair. I’m now obsessed with hats and scarfs. I broke my oath and bought more products: amla, neem and shikakai henna (they were $2.50 and under at the Indian store), emu oil, grapeseed oil (was gonna use it on my face), amla oil($2.99) and aloe vera juice. My latest hair regimen has been:


Shampoo, DC and steam treatment (I couldn’t wait to buy it!!) with castor oil massaged into my scalp and conditioner on my hair. Then, I put cholesterol conditioner on my hair after the steamer. I seal my ends mid-week with Vatika Oil and moisturize my scalp with emu oil.


I rotate between jamila and cassia henna, using green tea and honey or aloe vera gel. Last week, I mixed cassia, a scoop of amla and neem henna and my hair LOVED IT!!! Is was so soft and thick.


Ca-ah-yute Tianna!! Loving the hat, scarf, twists and color!

Who else is rocking their fabu scarfs and hats this Fall/Winter?! Better yet, where are you scoring them?!?

September Update: Lakisha


Lakisha of the Fourth Wave gives us her first GOC update … and she’s a little unsure of the “plan.”


Lakisha aka Kish Kish of NaturallyKish

So the reason, or one of the reasons, for starting this blog was to track my progress on Shelli”s ( Grow Out Challenge. Starting off kinda strong, but now I don’t even know what the hale I committed to. I need a refresher. lol.

No seriously, I have no clue what im supposed to be doing. So sad. I know. lol. Ummm, I did clip my ends before my road trip to Chicago (which will be covered in another post). That was the first time I’ve ever clipped my own ends. I don’t know if I cut enough off, but I was happy to see that after clipping them, my twists didn’t come out, which is what I was afraid of. In Chicago, I wore my twists just pin-curled and under a cap/headpiece most of the weekend. It was protected, but I didn’t moisturize it much as I didn’t want to stain my caps/headpieces.

After coming home, I did a wash and go the night before I left for Vegas, which was two days after removing my protective, pin-curled twists. Wore that WnG one day and then my sis gave me the most fantabulous mohawk a gurl could ever wish for (see pic). lol.

I was a little salty at the prep style, because I swore I looked like Felix the Cat. I’ll attach that pic as well.

ROFLMAO!!! I’m extra, I know. Anyway, of course a mohawk isn’t a protective style, well not fully because you have some of your hair out, but I turned it into one. I’m now rocking what Bubba terms my Ledisi. lol. I think I have a pic of this style as well (far above). I absolutely love these styles, but I’m over the braids and I’m ready for a nice, fab twist out or WnG. Probably by the weekend or early next week …who knows?

Exercise: What’s that??? Does walking the Vegas strip count??? Cause that’s about all I’ve done. And I’m sure no amount of walking can reverse the effect of all the eating I’ve done this past couple weeks … Lawd Have Mercy!!!! I’ve committed to starting Insanity Oct 1st or 2nd. I’ll post my new beginning weight at that time.  Baby Jesus be a kind scale … lol.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. I won’t be a stranger anymore. Toodles!!


Check out Kish Kish’s mid-October update on to see how she fared!

GOC Update: Miss Leah


Miss Leah (Fourth Wave) gets serious about her weight loss goals with a visual aid!

by Miss Leah of A Diamond Through the Fire

Ok here goes! I wasn’t going to do a formal update until next month and here lies the explanation of that:

O m g  I t s  S E P T E M B E R

WOW… September crept up on me and said BOO! I promise I thought it was August 31 today, boy was I wrong! Oh well welcome September. New Beginning. Month 2 of my GOC. I thought about doing a length check, but just like hopping on the scale every morning to see if you lost weight, I think its better to spread out the checks. I don’t want to be disappointed if I haven’t retained anything. I’ll just keep up my regimen and hope for the best!

*Wedding Update*
New month brings new challenges. I am currently looking for places to host our reception!! Yeaaaa I’m offically planning my wedding. I am so excited to finally get started. I will be making a lot of things for the wedding and of course I’ll be posting them up here :).

*Hair Update*

I did a cowash and DT last night with my henna placenta. I rinsed this morning and put some leave in condish in and two strand twisted it up all over. Right now I got some bantu knots in. I’ll take them down this weekend and see how fluffy I can make it. I’m all about the fluff!

I plan on doing a length check at the end of the month.


As far as weight is concerned Ive decided to create a chart and the explanation is below:

G O C   W e e k   4 ! !
Wow I have reached my fourth week mark for my Grow Out Challenge…
In this time I have accomplished:

  • 2 cm hair growth
  • Created a new way to DC
  • Ummm
  • And ummm yeah so what happened was…

Yeah I slacked and didn’t keep up a regular routine like I wanted to. What I have been doing with my hair has been working so I can’t complain much. I wanted to incorporate some more protective styles in my hair but my time has been short…

In this time of my weight loss challenge I have:

  • Cut down on my gummy candy indulgence 😦
  • Attempted to drink only water… still working on that!
  • Cut out red meat (stupid cycle had me craving all kinds of red meat this month!)
  • Worked out on a semi-consistent basis (much better than before the WLC)
  • Decreased my portion sizes significantly! Breakfast and lunch are small, Dinner is medium
  • Lost couple lbs (gained them back lol doggone fluctuating weight!)
  • Documented my daily intake on my food tracker app. 1600 allowance for cals per day

Someone once said in order to created habit you have to do it religiously for at least a month so that your body will get use to it and begin to do it without knowledge. I really should have been more persistent with my regimen and going into this fourth week I have a new motivation. A good friend of mine, JS, told me that I should keep track of my weight loss with a chart! DING! Bell went off! I’m a visual person so I would love to see my progress on a chart. Kind of like a “raising money chart” where you color in the graph as you receive money. That’s my project for the day (even though I should be doing my summer house cleaning… doggone ADD got me doing fifthtyleven things at once lol).

I only have to loose 20 lbs by December… Its not that hard… I need to get off the laziness and make it happen! Wooo Hooo for week 4!!!!

I have started charting! I only drink water (5 bottles a day) and occasionally milk (few and far between lol). I cut my portions down and have been eating more smaller meals during the day.

Check out Miss Leah’s motivational post, Im CHARTING! for more details on her new health and fitness regimen! And, she also a creative little thing, so prepare to be impressed by her craftiness ;)!


Wait, what?!?!  You made this chart Miss Leah?!?! Is this a paper chart or digital?! It’s awesome!

Hmmm, if this is digital, maybe you can make one for the GOC where we can chart our weight loss (or lack thereof … or, perish the thought, GAIN!) as a group!! Like, we add all of our starting weights together and then where we want to be at the end of the challenge and chart our progress towards that goal!! How’s that for motivation?!?! We fail or succeed as a team! What do you guys think?!

GOC Update: Tianna


Tianna (Fourth Wave) tells us what she learned in August:

What Works for You May Not Be For Me
Here’s what I’ve learned:
  • I can’t control myself when it comes to buys products. I purchased Vatika oil, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Cassia.
    • Vatikia Oil made my scalp itch.
    • HEHH made my hair soft.
    • Cassia is the ISH!!!! Cassia is my new love!!
  • Jamila for me now is like Sutter Homes Mocasto-so last year!!
  • Any henna treatment takes a maximum of 4 hours for the best results, not all night long.
  • You don’t have to mix 55 things in henna to get great results. Sometimes warm water and a little honey will do the trick.
  • My favorite new website is You can ask questions regarding henna and stuff and they answer in a timely fashion.  They have so much great information, it’s crazy!!
  • I have been product swapping with my friends to keep me from buying more hair stuff.
  • When I do go to the beauty supply, I ask for samples. Ladies please do this!!! I get all kinds of stuff and it also gives you a taste so you can feel whether or not you like something before buying it.
p.s. I’m training for a 5k jog/walk for October 16th! I want to jog at least 2 miles. I’ve been getting Water Wasted over the past 2 weeks, drinking only water and 1 cup of joe a day(I gotta have it!!).

This was the perm rod set for the look above.


Love this set Tianna!! So you are loving the cassia, eh? I was going to buy some with my last order, but got cheap and stuck with the henna and Zizyphus. I’ll definitely order it next time as I forgot to re-up on my indigo! I’m sticking with henna for grey coverage, but would like to try cassia as a quicker, non curl weighing-down, conditioning treatment between hennas. 

What have you learned doesn’t work for you despite the rave reviews of others?

For me, it was the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo. Ummmm … no.

GOC Update: Tiffany N.


Check out how Tiffany N. (Fourth Wave) did in the first month of the GOC and how she plans to modify her regimen and address her challenges this month!

There have definitely been modifications to my routine!


Hair:  I co-washed almost daily. I  deep conditioned once or twice a week. I shampooed my hair three times last month, instead of twice. I also did a henna treatment with a deep conditioner afterward once.

Hair Style: I have been bunning most days after co-washing with Herbal Essences Totally Smooth conditioner. On the days I wear my hair curly, I have been baggying with olive oil and conditioner. About twice a week, I did a WNG with Kinky Curly products. However, I straightened my hair twice in August using a blow dryer and flat-iron. I used a heat protectant, but I won’t be straightening this way again for at least the rest of the year.

Fitness:  I lost three pounds last month and now weigh 144 pounds. My trainer totally flaked on me, so my strength training went out the window. I also did not run/walk four times a week after the first week. However, I bought a Jillian Michael’s DVD (Ripped in 30 Days) and have been working out to that three days a week. It is a mix of cardio and strength training. I have been good about portion size, increasing water intake and limiting fast food. I only had it once last month!! I still need to work on increasing my vegetable intake.

Journal:  I only wrote in my journal twice last month instead of once a week.

New Regimen:

Hair:  I will go back to bunning five days a week and co-washing daily.  I will continue to baggy most days and deep condition once or twice a week using the Ouidad method you posted. I will also do a henna treatment once a month followed by a deep conditioning treatment. If I straighten my hair, I will only do roller sets and sit under a dryer and will do so no more than once a month.

Fitness:  I am back in the gym with my trainer. I will strength train with him once or twice a week for an hour. I will work out to my Jillian Michaels DVD five days a week. I will also run/walk 3 miles three times a week. I will continue to moderate portion size by eating from smaller plates. I will eat more vegetables and drink more water. I will also continue to limit fast food to once or twice per month.

Journal: I will rededicate myself to writing in my journal at least once a week.


My biggest challenges have been getting bored with bunning and working out regularly.  However, I am newly motivated.  I’ve been looking at pictures of youtubers with long, natural hair and creative bunning styles, so that should help with the boredom.  Also, my sister and I have started a fitness challenge with each other for the month of September. Plus, since I lost three pounds without being consistent, I am excited to see how much I can lose if I make working out part of my daily routine.


Thanks for the detailed update Tiffany!! I’m confident that your dedication and ability to adapt to the obstacles you encounter will enable you to achieve your ultimate goals!! Without adaptation, there is stagnation!

Speaking of Youtube and creative bunning, what good protective styling tutorials have you watched lately? Please share links below!

Lakisha’s HairStory


Check out the HairStory of our Threadmill HairStory Contest Winner and Hairscapades GOCer, Lakisha!!

Describe yourself in 20 words or less.
I’m Lakisha, affectionately called Kish-Kish by my loved-ones. I’m fun, outgoing and a hoot to be around!!

How long have you been natural and why did you chose to go natural?
I’ve been natural since 2002. Well, at least, that’s when I stopped subscribing to the creamy crack club. My last relaxer was May 2002 and I decided that it was time to give it up. My hair was over-processed and I would require touch-ups every 3 weeks, at least, that’s what I thought. See, I had this thing with super straight edges, if there was a wave, I was searching for my relaxer brush!

Did you transition or big chop?
I transitioned. I really don’t remember the transition process too much because, in the summer, I always wear my hair in mini twists or braids. So, the early days of my transition are really a blur.  Plus, I hadn’t embraced my natural curl yet. I was still getting pressed out religiously. Every two weeks, there was a standing appointment with my stylist. It wasn’t until the summer of 2007 that I first wore my natural, non-pressed, non-braided/twisted hair out. And, as I reflect, I treated my hair HORRIBLE. I would comb it dry, have all kinds of breakage and shedding, grease my scalp, etc.

What is/was your biggest hair challenge/obstacle?  How did you overcome it or what are you doing now to try to address the problem?
I think that my biggest hair challenge is trying to style my own hair. I just began to embrace my curly self, so to speak.  Meaning, using products that are sulfate-free/organic, not using heat (or at least, not as much), not over-shampooing, etc.  I’m one of those women that only touched my hair to pin it up or finger comb it out. Lol. So all this ‘hands-on’ styling and moisturizing is new. Add the fact that I’m addicted to YouTube videos and blogs and want to try EVERY style I see, and it poses yet another obstacle.  But, I’m coping well as of late. I’ve stuck to setting my hair in a TnC and styling it however the wind blows … a headband one day, a pin-up another day and, if all else fails, my puff never lets me down. I’ll continue to be patient with myself and try different styles and see what works for me! I’m up for the challenge.

What do you love most about your natural hair and/or about being natural?
Wash and Go’s! And, the versatility that comes with being natural. I must admit, I’m not fully natural. I mean, I still color my hair (not sold on Henna yet). And I’m not against getting my hair pressed. I do that for special occasions and when I get my hair trimmed. I can’t wait until it gets cooler though, so I can try Bantu knot outs and roller set ponytails. They may replace my presses altogether.

What is your current regimen?  Has it changed in any major way since you first went natural?

I shampoo my hair once a week and do a DC. I then massage my scalp with jojoba oil. The next steps depend on what style I’m going for. I still have yet to find the right sealer for my hair.  I’m using the Shea Moisture hair mist currently.

What are your Holy Grail and staple products?
Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk and Eco Styler Olive Oil gel! I like the SM Smoothie as well, but no matter when I use it, I get that flake issue that I haven’t been able to resolve. I think that once it’s gone, I won’t be replacing it. I would like to try some different products, but I haven’t gotten up the nerve yet.

What is your “go to” style?
My “go to” style is my wash and go. My motto is, “the bigger the better.” My wash and go never fails me. I just started protective styles. I only use them because I was watching my product wash down the drain every morning because of a failed style or a style that didn’t come out how I thought it should. So now, I do the TnC and use the pineapple method at night.  It lasts me about a week, depending on how much messing in my hair I’ve done.

How often do you cut/trim your hair? How do you cut it (salon, DIY, straight, curly, in twists)?
I let my stylist tell me when I need a trim and I let her trim it. I’m nervous when it comes to scissors.

Has going natural impacted other areas of your life (i.e. health & fitness, style, environmental consciousness, etc.?) If so, how and in what ways has it affected your lifestyle?
I’m undertaking a full transformation: mind, body and spirit. The process has just begun.

Do you have a “hair crush?” If so, who?
Jill Scott. I know that most of her styles are wigs but the way her hair fits her face is fabulous.  She’s my all around girl crush.

Who do you follow online?
I watch at least one YouTube video per day on hair. Lol! And, I have “liked” tons of people on Facebook whose hair stories I find interesting. I also follow a few blogs. I think my favorites are Curly Nikki and Hairscapades.

Where can we find you online?
I haven’t started my blog yet, but I am on Twitter.  You can follow me @kishkish09.

What advice would you give someone who is contemplating going natural and/or becoming discouraged with their natural journey?
Research Research Research!!!! And be sure that you have the time and patience to devote to this life altering change.

Anything else that you’d like to add?
I’m thankful for the opportunity to share!


Have a HairStory that you’d like to share? Check out this page, select an interview category and send your story and pics to!

Big Chop: Rece’s HairStory


Check out the HairStory of Rece, one of our Hairscapades GOCers, who just recently big chopped!


Describe yourself in 20 words or less.
My name is Sherece, Rece for short. I’m a Registered Nurse by day and natural hair junkie by night.

What prompted your decision to go natural?
I was the girl who said I would never go natural. I was addicted to the creamy crack. Even before my hair was relaxed, I loved straight hair. I would always beg my mother to blow dry my hair straight as I was growing up. Ultimately, I decided to go natural because the relaxer was killing my hair. It had gotten so thin, it was unrecognizable to me. Yeah, my strands of hair looked healthy, but there were just so few of them.

I originally didn’t decide to go natural. I just said I was taking an extended break from relaxing. After about 6 months without a relaxer, I decided (in my mind) to go natural. I didn’t tell anyone, just in case I decided to go back on my word.

I’m super happy with my decision to go natural and now I still have the option to straighten my hair or wear it curly. The versatility is everything to me!

How long did you transition before you big chopped?
16.5 loooonnnnggg months.

When and how did you big chop?
I just big chopped on July 22, 2011. I did it myself, in my bathroom with a pair of scissors. My natural hair and relaxed hair were so defined and completely different that it was easy to see exactly where to cut. I consider it a big chop because I cut off almost half of my hair. I know many people only consider it a big chop if you’re left with a caesar when the cutting is done, but let’s be real… it wasn’t a trim.

How did you feel immediately before and immediately after your big chop?
Immediately before my big chop, I kept trying to imagine myself with short hair. I tried to imagine the styles I would have. I’ve never had short hair before, so not only would I be adjusting to my natural texture, but I’d be adjusting to a new length. Once I made up my mind to big chop, I was ready for it.

I expected to miss the length of my hair after I cut it, but I can honestly say that I don’t miss it. I absolutely love long hair and I’m not planning to keep my hair short, but I’d rather have short hair for a period of time so that I can have long, HEALTHY hair. As soon as I put the scissors down, I thought it looked great. It was standing up and it was wild.

How do you feel now?
No regrets! I feel fabulous. I’m still working on short, natural hairstyles. I’ve always been a big hair person, so it’s only a matter of time before I come up with a style that’s cute.

What is your current regimen? Go to products?
I wash my hair with a sulfate free shampoo. I’ve been using DevaCurl/DevaCare No Poo or Kinky Curly Come Clean. I condition my hair with either DevaCurl/DevaCare One Conditioner or Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner. I rinse the conditioner out completely under cold water. I apply Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in (if you haven’t tried this product yet, what are you waiting for?). I seal my hair with extra virgin olive oil or castor oil. I always sleep with my satin bonnet. I’ve learned that for my hair, less is more. My hair doesn’t need a ton of products and oils. When I start to do too much, my hair reacts. When I keep it simple, my hair feels its best.

What are your hair plans/goals?
Now that I’ve rid myself of the relaxed ends, my goal is “Waist length or bust!” like you! I can’t wait to have long, full, healthy hair. My short-term goal is shoulder length hair all around.

Do you have a hair crush? If so, who and why?
I have so many hair crushes, it’s hard to name just one! My celebrity hair crush is definitely Jill Scott. Her hair is amazing! Do you see how BIG it is?!

Who is your favorite natural blogger, youtuber and/or fotkier and why?
My favorite natural blogger is you Shelli! I love that you update daily. I feel like a stalker because we’re both up early and I usually comment right after you post. LOL.

My favorite YouTuber is TiaShauntee. She creates unique styles and has beautiful hair.

My favorite Fotkier is ForeverCurlyCatrina.  After I saw pics of her hair, I was inspired to cut off my relaxed ends. Her hair is just gorgeous no matter what she does with it.

Where can we find you online?

Anything else that you would like to add?
Thanks for the opportunity to share my stories and pics. Also, thanks for the encouragement and support over the past few months.

Transitioning isn’t easy, but it’s sooooo worth it.

GOC Contenders – The Fourth Wave

T i f f a n y   N.

Current State: Hair – Chin length (front), Shoulder length/SL (sides), armpit length/APL (back); Weight – 147 lbs

Goals: Hair – Shoulder length/SL (front), armpit length/APL (sides), bra-strap length/BSL (back); Weight – 125 to 128 lbs

Hair Regimen:

Daily: Rinse hair or co-wash with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Suave Coconut Conditioner

Weekly:  Deep condition

Bi-weekly: Shampoo with Burt’s Bees baby shampoo except when I go swimming.

Styling: Bun a minimum of five times a week, except the week of October 16-23 when I will be on vacation and will bun two times. Use a moisturizer such as Cantu Shea Butter and IC Olive Oil styling gel.  Baggy at night three days a week with olive oil or coconut oil and conditioner.  Other days, wash and go (WnG) with Kinky Curly products or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (HE HH).

 Weight Loss Regimen:

  • Strength train twice a week for an hour each time
  • Run/walk for 30 minutes to an hour four times a week
  • Moderate my portion size by eating from smaller plates
  • Increase vegetable intake
  • Increase water intake
  • Limit fast food to twice a month

Reward: For every five pounds I lose, I treat myself to a massage or a mani/pedi at Bliss Spa.  When I reach my goal weight, I will buy a new wardrobe (which I’ll need anyway).

Journal: I will keep track of my progress in a paper journal on a weekly basis.

M i s s   L e a h

Current State: Hair – Armpit length/APL (front & sides), between APL and bra-strap length/BSL (back); Weight – 183 lbs

Goals: Hair – retain FOUR inches to achieve full BSL; Weight – 160 t 163 lbs (lose 20 lbs)

Hair Regimen:

Weekly (Friday or Saturday):

  • Wash with Aussie Moist shampoo and olive oil (I just bought Mixed Silk, so might change to this depending on how it works.)
  • Condition with Aussie Moist conditioner to detangle
  • Deep condition overnight with Henna Placenta and raw shea butter on the edges with a plastic cap (overnight)
  • Rinse in the morning and “silk” coconut oil through along with tea tree oil.
  • Saturate hair with homemade “cream crack solution”: raw shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, t tree oil, honey, and a dollop of Cantu leave-in conditioner (I occasionally use Shea Moisture Deep Condition Masque or Curly Pudding)
  • Style: Cornrow/twist hair, put a little Eco Styler on the ends and roll with straws so that ends are curly.

Mid-week (Wednesday-ish):

  • Wet hair with water and re-oil ends
  • Style: Bun or pony tail for the week.

Weight Loss Regimen: I had been doing the following, but have been slacking and consuming more food since I stopped tracking what I ate (due to laziness and my love affair with ice cream).

  • Chart food intake with My fitness Planner tracker app on phone (this will give an allotted amount of calories per day)
  • Increase water intake
  • Increase natural, fresh veggies intake
  • Eliminate all meat except fish and chicken
  • Continue to consume whole grain foods.

Reward: My milestone reward shall be ICE CREAM, in small portions of course. JK!! I will buy new fabric for my sewing hobby for every 5 lbs lost. If I reach both goals, I will do a photo shoot (I have to get back to my model size first! lol!).

Follow me online:

L a k i s h a   a k a   K i s h  K i s h

Current state: Hair – Thirsty; Weight – 264 lbs

Goals: Hair – Quenched; Weight –  214 lbs (I know that inches count more than pounds, but for the sake of the challenge, my goal is to lose 50 lbs.)

Hair Regimen:

  • Moisturize as often as needed
  • Increase water intake as I know that hydrating my body also hydrates my hair.
  • Commit to covering hair with a satin scarf NIGHTLY! This is a trial b/c the scarves tend to give me headaches and I loathe bonnets.
  • Shampoo every other Sunday night, if needed
  • Deep condition
  • Wear more protective styles (twists) as opposed to usual WnGs.

Weight Loss Regimen: 

Aug. 1 – Aug. 31:

  • Fish/only diet (no other meats for the entire month)
  • Hip Hop Abs Workout.

Sept. 1 – Sept. 30:

  • Rotate Hip Hop Abs and Walk Away the Pounds
  • Healthy diet

Beginning October 1:

  •  Try Insanity again

Reward: I’m sure that if I reach my goal I will need an entire new wardrobe so that will be my reward.  Even if I don’t make the goal of 50 pounds, if I stick to my routine, I will reward myself.

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T i a n n a

Current State: Hair – Between neck length/NL and collarbone length/CBL (sides), shoulder length (back), upper lip (front); Weight – 290 lbs (Soooo not happy =(. But, I will be completely honest and candid for a lie would be one told to myself.)

Goals: Hair – Armpit length (APL); Weight – 225 lbs (Lose 40 lbs by Nov. 1st [I’m going on a cruise!] and a total of 65 lbs by Jan. 31st)

Hair Regimen: My ends were trimmed June 23rd (I keep a calendar). For the past 4 weeks, I have been doing henna, deep conditioning and wearing twists (one of my least favorite styles) weekly. Since I have been back in the gym, I have to wear something that has longevity. I want to take an oath that I will NOT buy any new products without using what I already have at home *pinky swear*!


  • Wash (currently using about 5 different shampoos, none of which I’m lost in love with)
  • Deep condition
  • Apply leave-in conditioner (Kimmaytube leave-in w/aloe vera gel)
  • Style:  Depends on what events are happening that week; If twisting, Apply mix of essential oils, shea butter(melted) and aloe vera gel.

Bi-weekly (Every 2 weeks):

  • Henna

Weight Loss Regimen:

  • Lean meat
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • 100% whole wheat
  • Water
  • Only indulge in bad carbs, sweets and vino lightly on the weekend as a dinner or lunch option (like Saturday & Sunday)
  • Minimum of 7 hours of exercise weekly
  • Weigh in weekly

Reward: Paying closer attention to my hair will not only strengthen it but will also be a way to pamper, discipline myself and create some healthy habits. As far as weight loss, this well decrease the chances of being at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, which run in my family. Also, a Huetiful Hair Steamer or maybe a Hairscapades GOC Meet-Up in a fun city (p.s. My birthday is February 2nd, so it’s a “twofer!” lol!).

T W h i t e

Current State: Hair – Armpit length (APL)

Goals: Hair – Bra-strap length (BSL); Weight – Lose 3-5 lbs and maintain weight and healthy lifestyle
Hair Regimen: I am currently transitioning – 13 month post relaxer. I got my end trimmed on 7/28 for the challenge. I am still trying to find those Holy Grail or “go to” products and styles. I am somewhat of a PJ and it’s all YouTube’s fault (you gotta blame someone or something;). However, my husband told me that I could not buy any more products until I use what I have. So with help from him and my 3 boys, every time they run out of conditioner, I give them a bottle from my stash.


  • Wash – Giovanni
  • Condition – Giovanni, HE Hello Hydration
  • Leave-In Conditioner – Kimmaytube Recipe


  • Moisturize and seal – shea butter mixture


  • Hot oil treatment

Every 6 weeks:

  • Protein treatment – Aphogee

As needed:

  • Strengthen/Deep Condition As Needed – Aussie 3 Min
  • Ends & Edges – HELTR (Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship)

Fitness Regimen

Spiritual Goal :

  • Continue to read/study the Word of God and pray more
  • Worry about nothing and pray about everything

Reward: Not sure if you would consider this a reward but depending upon the about of hair growth I gain during this challenge, I would reward myself in cutting off the reminder of the relaxed ends.

Journal: I do not have any links to post at this time, but I do keep a journal.

(p.s. I currently attend monthly Natural Hair Meet-Ups in Charlotte, NC, held the 4th Saturday of each month.)

G r o w   B a b y   G r o w ! ! !