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Rece’s Final GOC Update


by Rece (Fifth Wave) of A Hair Story

Over the past month or so, I’ve done a few different buns. I usually find a style I like and I wear it for the entire week. I must say that, although I’ve been bunning, I fell short this month when it came to moisturizing my hair.

To end the Grow Out Challenge (GOC), I figured it would only be right if I did a length check.

It’s funny because, in the beginning, I was dying for my hair to grow. I would have done a length check every week if I could. Nowadays, I’m not that interested in doing a length check. I think it’s mainly because my hair has reached a length where I have more options.

Before we get to the pics, let’s keep in mind that I trimmed my hair twice (maybe three times) during the GOC. It was so necessary! My hair would have really suffered if I waited until now to trim it. Of course I wore the same melon colored shirt to keep it consistent.

I’d say it looks like about 2 inches of growth. Maybe a bit more.

After I did my length check, I blow dried my hair a little and I trimmed it AGAIN. I am at the point in trimming it where I don’t have to trim as much. For some reason, the right side of my head was very bushy at the ends, moreso the back than the front, which is what prompted me to trim it. Weird, because I sleep on the left side.

I’ve enjoyed the GOC and seeing everyone’s hair progress. Don’t forget about me. I’ll still be chronicling my journey over at A Hair Story.



If you would like to see all of the updates of any of our GOCers, just enter their name in the “Search” box on the right ——->>>>! The results will return all of their updates (and guest posts) since the beginning of the GOC!! See where it all began and how they’ve progressed over the course of the challenge!


Jasmine’s Final GOC Update


Jasmine (Fifth Wave) aka CurlsDivine

Have I made it? To January 31, 2012? The end of Hairscapades GOC Challenge? I did indeed. Committed to doing everything I said I would do, met my hair goals and overcame my hair challenges.

January 16th 2012 was my one year anniversary, so decided to try some new styles. I tried Wash and Go’s. I have always admired how Mahogany Curls could do a WnG and her curls looked fabulous, but have always felt a little insecure about how mine would turn out. You see, I have this kind of S-curl/frizz and then, at the bottom, my curls are met with a coil. I guess we all have some things we could kick to the curb about our hair. I just can’t seem to define the frizz into a nice coil from nap to bottom, oh well! I finally just said to myself, “I’m gonna try it and see.” It had been since my Big Chop that I tried the WnG style. So the results were surprisingly great. I used my Aubrey Organics conditioner to see if I could do the conditioner only route. Well, that particular conditioner works very well with the other styles I do, but it did not agree with my WnG’s. I dug back into my trusty old bag of products I vowed I would never use again and, out of curiosity and budgeting issues, I pulled out the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner and Eco-Styler. My mother has these gorgeous coils, and the Cantu Shea loves her hair. I need Eco Gel, because I need a heavy gel to keep the frizz from surfacing. I was amazed that the two together were like a perfect married couple.

I learned a trick from Naptural85 on Youtube on how to preserve the look. I can’t do the pineapple thing, so I wore two shower caps to lock in the moisture and I had 2nd day hair that looked like first day hair. It was beautiful! I think as my hair grows longer, WnG’s will get even better.

By the end of the month, yes I did, I had my hair professionally blown-out. I researched and found out that Van Davis Aveda Salon and Spa had a natural hair stylist whose hair is also natural. We met and I fell in-love with her personality. She gave me a head massage, a wash and condition, heat protectant, blow dried and flat-ironed it. She said my hair was extremely healthy. I was so happy with the results.

Hair Growth:

August 1, 2011
Top Crown: 8.5-9.0 inches
Sides: 7.5 inches
Back neck: 7.0 inches

January 31, 2012*
Top Crown: 10 inches
Sides: 9 inches
Back Neck: 9 inches

*½ inch trim 1-28-2012

Final Thoughts:
I’m still in this journey to get to mid-back length hair. I will definitely have my goal of bra-strap by the end of the year. I will be checking in and sending progress pictures throughout the year. This challenge has been so great. It has encouraged me to continue on a path of positivity towards a goal that some would have quit on day 1. Thank you Shelli for making my experience with Hairscapades so wonderful!


Here’s a little tip! If you would like to see all of the updates of any of our GOCers, just enter their name in the “Search” box on the right ——->>>>! The results will return all of their updates (and guest posts) since the beginning of the GOC!! See where it all began and how they’ve progressed over the course of the challenge!

November-January GOC Update: Rece


by Rece (Fifth Wave) of A Hair Story

Composing an update would have been a lot easier if I had just committed to updating regularly. Lesson learned.

Sooooooo … since October, my hair regimen hasn’t changed. I still wash with DevaCurl Low Poo (and Selsun Blue when my scalp is acting up), my conditioners vary, but I ALWAYS deep condition. That was a standard routine from when my hair was relaxed. Most times, I pre-poo’d with coconut oil. I continue to use Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in conditioner and I seal with my EVOO mix.

I’ve bunned most of November. I finally had a twistout right around Thanksgiving and it was cute (pic above). Around the holidays, I experimented with a few styles. I did a Twist & Curl on my fully natural hair. The last time I did one of these, my hair was half and half.

I’ve straightened my hair, which allowed me to discover that my ends were laden with single strand knots. Ugh! This prompted me to trim my ends… twice!

I’ve done mini two strand twists, and vowed to NEVER do them again because they take so long to do (I’m sure I’ll do them again soon though).

Two strand twists into an updo…

I’ve realized that my two strand twists curl like one of my original hair idols, Catrina. Seeing her in July 2011 prompted me to do my big chop.

…and instead of the traditional length check, here’s a comparison of my puff in August, compared to my puff in January. Way to go!!

Who knows what’s next on the list of things to try! I must say, my PJism has subsided.


December GOC Update: Jasmine aka CurlsDivine


Jasmine aka CurlsDivine (Fifth Wave)

December is over and we are slowly approaching the finale. As I look back on my journey in 2011, I actually cannot believe my hair transitioned from a TWA to a cute, curly bob.

Day after BC (Jan. 16, 2011)

I’m sold! Natural hair is everything and more than I could have ever imagined. I regret one thing…”why in the heck did I wait so long?” Knowledge is definitely power. I feel more beautiful than I ever did before the lye!

So, let’s recap December 2011. I did a couple of different styles. My puff fell down like waterfalls; my braid-outs were crazy big and long (my favorite style); and my twist where thick and juicy. My regimen didn’t change. I’m still committed to Aubrey Organics (AO) products. I ‘ve seen major changes in my hair since I’ve decided to stick with one product line (aside from Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie). Since Aubrey’s does not have a thick cream-based moisturizer, and my hair strives on cream-based moisturizers, and Shea Moisture is a certified organic product, I decided to use that also. I usually order AO products in bulk and I take the conditioner add some water to thin it out and use it as a leave-in conditioner. The ingredients are essentially the same in most of the conditioners, leave-ins and stylers. So I try to save money doing it that way.

I don’t really feel like I’ve been in a GOC, but it has been refreshing to drool over all of the curly heads wtih different textures than my own. I will continue to do what I need to do to grow a long head of healthy curly hair. Here I come 2012!!

My Regimen:
It works for me!

  • Shampoo bi-weekly, followed by conditioner rinse.
  • Co-wash weekly
  • Deep condition weekly
  • Spray leave-in conditioner
  • Moisturize
  • Spray extra conditioning spray
  • Seal with oil
  • Style
  • Henna once a month


  • Shampoo – AO Green Tea Clarifying
  • Conditioners – AO Green Tea Rinse, Rose Mosqueta, White Camellia, Blue Chamomile, GPB Ylang Ylang & Lavender, GPB Balancing (pretty much I will use their whole line)
  • Deep Conditioner – all the same as mentioned above)
  • Spray leave-in conditioner – AO Rose Mosqueta mixed with water
  • Moisturizer – Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, AOB-5 Gel, AO Ginseng Moisturizer Jelly Spray
  • Extra conditioning spray – AO White Camellia & Jasmine Shine, AO Primrose on the Go
  • Oil – Grapeseed
  • Henna – Jamilia

I will also be trying Zhara’s hair rinse. Still haven’t tried it but here are some pictures of the herbs.

On January 31, 2012, I will reveal my growth with a blow-out and flat iron. I will treat myself to a new flat-iron and get my hair done professionally! My 1 year natural anniversary is January 16, 2012. My goal was to be APL, the same length I was before the Big Chop. To be continued … !!

October GOC Update: Rece


Rece of A Hair Story

What have I been up to for the past few months? Everything. I’ve tried tons of products and styles. My regimen has been pretty consistent, although the products I used may have changed slightly.

I pre-poo with coconut oil now. I tried grapeseed oil as a pre-poo and that was a major FAIL! Ultimately, I’ve settled on using DevaCurl Low Poo as my shampoo of choice. When my hairline starts acting up, I use Selsun Blue shampoo (dermatologist recommended). No more shampoo experimentation.

My conditioners have varied the most. I’ve tried a variety of conditioners and my favorites so far are Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner and MyHoneyChild Olive You (with added olive oil). I’m still playing around with different conditioners. I will always and forever use Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in conditioner and I seal with my olive oil mix.

As far as styles go, I’ve tried a roller set, twist and curl, twist-outs, two strand twists, cornrows, bantu knot out, pony puffs, wash and go ponytails and various buns, but my go-to style is either a twist-out or a bun. I go back and forth about which one is the most beneficial for my hair, so I end up doing a twist-out one week and a bun the following week. I recently decided that I was going to wear a bun until my birthday in February in order to achieve the maximum hair growth and retention. I’ve been experimenting with different bun styles.

I’ve been consistent with my multi-vitamins, biotin and MSM. I haven’t noticed that any of these really aid in hair growth. I just stopped taking them and yesterday was my first day taking prenatal vitamins, so we’ll see if that has any effect. I continue to drink water, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t been getting in the 50 oz. a day that I was supposed to, but I’m still trying *takes a sip of water*.

Here’s my 3 month length check. I tried to keep it fairly consistent with the same melon colored shirt, but the earlier pics are taken with my iPhone and the updated ones are taken with my camera. I see the growth! Can’t wait to see how much the next 3 months will bring.




Yo, it was like pulling teeth to get this update for you guys;)! She knows she’s a celeb and was holding out on me;)! LOL! Ya know I love ya Rece 😀 …you and your gorgeous, thick, shiny hair!! Question, what kind of MSM were you using? What it a brand with OptiMSM like I talked about in this post? Just wondering if that might make a difference *shrugs*?

October GOC Update: Jasmine aka CurlsDivine


Okay, y’all are about to kick me to the curb when you see Jasmine’s new Hair Crush and inspiration.


Jasmine aka CurlsDivine (Fifth Wave)

October- Length Check Baby!

This GOC Challenge has been really exciting so far. It has kept me on track to my goal of achieving APL by Jan 31st. So much so that, while doing a length check this month, I realized that I had succeeded in reaching that goal. “OMG! I’ve made it to APL!!” My personal thoughts? I am overwhelmed with joy that I reached the length I had before my Big Chop in Jan 2011. So I asked myself, what is going to be the new goal for January, and will I actually be able to reach it? I took out my ruler, measured from the end of a strand of hair and figured, I could retain 1.5 inches of hair by the end of January. This will put me to right above BSB (Below Shoulder Bone) length. My new goal it is … BSB!

The main reason I went natural was length retention, health wasn’t a big concern. I just wanted my hair to be mid-back length. What I have come to realize is, I like to wear my hair out. Don’t get me wrong, laziness kicks in at times and I’ll throw on my disguises (wigs) every blue moon. But, for the most part, I have found that I can do braid-outs, twist-outs and twist. My hair has proven to retain just as much length as it was put away in a bun or updo. I also account much length to: HENNA treatments. I have seen my hair transform. I don’t experience breakage and I see very little shedding. A 100% organic product regimen has also made an impact on my hair.

I have begun using all 100% natural certified ogranic products. My regimen consists of:

  • Aubrey’s Organics: I will rotate conditioners and use shampoo every two weeks.
  • Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner Rinse: I love both. The shampoo is soft, the conditioner has a lot of slip.
  • GPB Conditioner: Deep conditioner that I’ve been using since 2010. I love it.
  • Rose Mosqueta Conditioner: Just bought. WOW! Ultra soft hair, no tangles.
  • Sea Burkthorn Leave-In: Used once, verdict still out.
  • Blue Camomille Hydrating Conditioner: I really loved this conditioner. Used once, love it so far.
  • White Camellia Ultra Smooting Conditioner: Haven’t tried yet.
  • Blue Algae Hair Mask: Haven’t tried yet.
  • B-5 Design Gel: Like it, but wish it was heavier.
  • Ginko Leaf & Ginseng Root Moisturizing Hair Jelly: Used once, verdict still out.
  • Henna: Can’t live without.
  • Benonite Clay: Haven’t tried it yet.
  • Flaxseed Gel: Love it!
  • SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie: Love it!
  • Shea Butter Mix: Shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil (love it).

My change in hair routine is due to finding Zhara on Fotki*. She inspired me by her hair and how, if you invest in %100 organic products, it will prove it’s worth.

Side note: I messed up a little on my t-shirt (pretend the blue block- out isn’t there). I decided to copy this Length Check Chart because I liked the BSB (Below Shoulder Bone), which in most charts would be consided APL.

It seems that on my t-shirt, my bra strap is way low, but that is the very tip of where it is located. Oh … if you can see the “BLUE DOT” on my T-shirt, that is my new goal for the GOC challenge, WISH ME LUCK!


Jazz, you’ve had some amazing growth and your hair is so shiny, thick and healthy looking! Congrats on achieving a milestone before the challenge is even over!  

Okay, now let’s talk about Zhara (*you have to be a Fotki member to see her profile/albums). Can you say hair lust?!?!? OMGosh!! This is making that Terressential Mud Wash look even more appealing if that is what natural and organic does for one’s hair!! LOL!!

September Update: Viv


Cutie pie Viv of the Fifth Wave gives us an update with a fancy photo montage;)!!


These past three months during the challenge have been especially fun for me in regard to my hair. At 13 months post BC, one would think that my hair care regimen would be set. Not so. Every month my hair presents new challenges and new discoveries requiring me to re-examine what I did before.

When I first started this challenge, my greatest concern was the single strand knots, which seemed to have popped up from nowhere overnight. They plagued me and seriously caused me angst as it meant to me that the meticulous care I had been applying to my hair was amiss. So, during these past few months I have been on a mission to eradicate them.

I received some helpful advice from various women here on Hairscapades who suggested ACV and oil rinsing. I purchased a bottle of ACV, mixed up a batch and brought it into the shower to rinse my hair during my weekly wash session. Mind you, I was gagging the entire time from the odor. When I say I tried to put that stinky concoction in my hair, I mean I really, really tried. But, I just couldn’t do it. My nosh is super sensitive, and I love having my husband cuddle with his face in my neck at night. I was not about to relegate him to the couch because of my hair!

I then figured I would straighten my hair for my one year anniversary and get a simultaneous trim instead. After all, that’s what many naturals do, right? Well, after I made my appointment with a stylist, I started experiencing random moments of anxiety from a fear of heat damage. Nothing but heart palpitations right and left. It all came to a head the night before my appointment after I had a sweat-inducing, frightful dream. I’m sure many of you have heard of naturals having the dreaded “relaxer dream.” My dream was a little different in that I had a “hair shedding” dream. I dreamt that tennis ball sized clumps of my hair were falling out of my head until I was nearly bald! I woke up from that dream clutching at my hair and babbling exclamations of gratitude because it was still intact. (I don’t need to tell you I never made that appointment, do I? Nor that my husband thinks I’m out of my freaking mind!)

In the end, the solution was quite simple … I dusted my ends myself while in twists and it made a WORLD of difference. I tried oil rinsing as well, which was also very helpful, and I no longer do wash n go’s, which contributed greatly to tangling and knots. I find it’s easier to keep my hair moisturized in stretched styles like twist-outs and braid-outs. So I think the key to reducing SSKs is to dust more frequently, reduce tangling and to moisturize my ends nightly with love and tenderness.

What have I learned? Slapping on some oil haphazardly just won’t do. Nor is it wise to fear the scissors for the sake of a little unhealthy  length retention.

During my next update, I’ll tell you about some shocking revelations my hair revealed to me that made me come to terms with what I have on my head. (She and I were on the outs for a minute.)

As far as my exercise routine … yeah, that was a fail. I hang my head down in shame. I must, and I shall do better for the next update.


Can’t wait to read what else you’ve learned Viv! And, you and your hair both look fab!! I’ve done an ACV rinse or two with Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It didn’t bother my nose (by I’m not too smell sensitive), but I found that it was drying to my hair even highly diluted with distilled water. However, many experience great results with ACV rinses and I’m not entirely opposed to trying one again on hair that needs a little clarifying.

Have you tried or do you use ACV rinses? What kind of results did you expect and receive?

September Update: Kendall


Here’s my star pupil* :), Kendall with her September update!

*Kendall was number one in the GOC First Wave and has been the first to send me her submissions each month since we began the GOC! I realized last night that I never posted her September update! Sorry Kendall!


Hello Hello!

September flew by without me really having time to focus on all the things I wanted to try! I’ve largely been considering Henna treatments, but I wonder if I should, since so many people report that it loosens your curl pattern? Since I’m transitioning, I’m trying to avoid things that will alter my curl pattern before I even see what it is. So maybe this is something that I will incorporate into my regimen once I am fully natural. All month I stuck with my new go-to hair-do, Twist ‘n Curls and then pulled up into a loose bun with the ends hidden away. It’s gotten a little boring, but it keeps me from playing with it all day. One positive change that I’m sooo excited about is that my hair has started curling on the ends! I think it’s because of my weekly deep conditioning, which is helping to keep my hair shiny and moisturized. In certain areas, the ends of my hair don’t look like they’ve been relaxed for years and years and I don’t have to put magnetic rollers on the ends when I’m setting my twists. They just curl on their own! Miracle of all miracles! You can see the natural curls in the picture kind of spiraling out and doing their own thing! Just makes me more and more excited to be fully natural and see what my hair can do on its own!

So long September!


That’s awesome Kendall! I agree that you should probably hold off on henna until you let you hair do what it do! You and it are both absolutely gorgeous!! 

Stay tuned for Kendall’s Transitioning HairStory … coming soon to a Hairscapades near you;)!!

September Update: Ky


Remember Ky of the Fifth Wave?

Well, we’ve been had … took … hoodwinked … bamboozled … led astray … run amuck. Doubt me? Just keep reading …


M o n t h  2  R e c a p 

by Ky of Hair Today Healthy Hair Tomorrow

congratulations to me for not damaging my hair this month!
  • i eliminated all SheaMoisture products, so now i’m itchie free.
  • did my first true henna application and loved the results.
  • kept manipulation and loose styles to a minimum. all twistouts i planned eneded up just being twists.
  • started taking a multivitamin/eating better.
plans for next month:
  • henna every two weeks starting next week.
  • keep my hair in simple twists.
  • actually buy shea butter. i’m nervous because i’m suspicious i might have an allergy.
  • strain and bottle the ayurvedic hair potion at some point.
  • use said potion for oil treatments, pre-poos, butter mixes, and henna applications.
  • train myself to stop scratching my scalp. lately i’ve been using the pads of my fingers, but every so often i slip up.


What the hizzay?!?! I call foul! Foul I say!! LOL!!! Yo! Ky was hiding a head full of hair from us!! LOL! Now, I dare some of y’all to say you have the most shrinkage ever! I had to go back to Ky’s original submission to realize that she never pulled a strand to show length, didn’t mention her current length and didn’t set a length goal. But, seriously, she could sooo pull a slim shady on people by marketing a growth formula and using her August pictures as her before and September as her after:)!

September Update: Jasmine


Here’s our first September update from Jasmine of the Fifth Wave!!

Jasmine AKA CurlsDivine

August just went by like nobody’s business and now we are at the end of September. My goal is still to have APL hair, and so far so good. So here’s some new stuff I’m doing this September.

My Routine: 

  • Pre-Poo with Vatika oil Fridays (new).
  • Wash & Deep Condition Saturday (new: I skip the regular condition, rinse and just keep in the conditioner I’m using for my deep conditioning.)
  • Apply leave-ins & moisturizers. Allow hair to dry.
  • Style: (mini-twist-new) and seal with coconut oil.
  • Wear style from Saturday – Thursday.
  • Release twist Thursday or Friday and Repeat steps.
  • Henna once a month

I love this hairstyle. I wake up in the morning and go. I mean, of course I have on my silk bonnet, but to do nothing to your hair all week is great. This is my secret to attaining that length I want in January. I do have a wedding to attend in October, so the style is still to be determined. I’m thinking my flat-twist out or a braid-out. So yeah, we’ll see how much growth I will have in October. Wish me luck!


Y’all already know that I’m jealous of her lush twists!! LOL!! Gorgeous Jasmine! And Rece, don’t worry, I told her that she’s going to have to tell you what she used for her WnG! Can you believe she said that she hates IT? You’re crazy Jazz;), because you curls are LUSCIOUS!!