Twist Updo

at 3264 × 2448 in About Me

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  1. Hi Nicole! I did this style when I first started blogging during the CurlyNikki Presents Kim Coles’ GOC!! I didn’t indicate what I used on that blog, but I had documented it on my personal FB page! This is what I wrote:

    “Products for twist: A little kimmaytube leave-in. Then, on almost dry hair, I applied Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter for moisture and then Murray’s Loc Lock gel for hold to each section before twisting. I used the Senegalese twist method at the root and on the first inch of hair to get the twists as tight as I could and then twisted normally the rest of the length of hair. I set the twists on small flexirods using DevaCurl Set It Free. Went to bed. Took the flexirods out in the morning, sealed the ends with JBCO and twisted into an updo. Think I’ll be throwing in some hair accessories all week to “pretty” it up=).”

    Also, if you’re interested, this is the link to my blog on That’s where it all began:)!!


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