4 Roll faux hawk 2

at 3264 × 2448 in About Me

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  1. i absolutely love love love your hair!!! i think we met before through your sweetie Weusi in passing. i found your website through the blog post from CurlyNikki.com and i love it! Very clean and informative. My question to you is about the color in your hair. is that all from henna treatments or do you color it at all? i know if you have gray, previous highlights or light strands of hair, henna will turn it red. but i have to ask because the red looks amazing! 🙂


    • Oh wow, thank you Niah!! I’m so happy that you like the site! The color is from henna. Yeah, I have a ton of grey, that I now love because I get this fiery red when I apply henna on it!!! Easy, peasy non-damaging highlights! I was going to tell you about the meet-up in DC, but I saw that you also commented on the re-post from my blog!! Just in case you don’t have all of the info, it’ll be at The Caverns on 8/27 from 2-5! So happy you’ll be attending (please let me know who you are as I doubt that I’ll be able to put a face with a name as Wei’s DC circle is too massive for me to keep up with!! LOL!).


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