Here We Go … Again!


And so it begins. Post C-section Project Slim Down, that is. My doctor cleared me to start walking 4 weeks ago as I wanted to start 3 days after I got out of the hospital. However, I never actually got around to it. And, I don’t have any excuse since Pops Wei is at home helping, he takes night shift so that I get plenty of sleep, AND we have an angel baby who sleeps 1-2 hour stretches easy. However, I’m not beating myself up because … ya know … new baby. LOL! I know that there is still a new, dependent little person in the house and a new routine is needed. And, since hers is the most important, everything else needs to be worked around it.

All that being said, it is definitely time to start getting it together as I’ve putting weight on after having dropped all but 3 of the 25-26 pounds I gained. In full disclosure, I’ve also been eating horribly, so I’m up 10 pounds from my weight prior to pregnancy. My current weight is 147 lbs at 5’1″.

So, at my 6 week post-op appointment yesterday, I got the all clear to resume working out, albiet with the caveat that I need to start slowly.

My goal is to get at least 10 minutes of exercise daily, to regain my fitness and flexibility levels, and to get rid of the excess weight, of course. Hopefully, this stomach and back fat will go as I’ve never carried too much weight in my upper body (I’ve also been wearing a Bellefit corset and lubricating my stomach daily as I know the skin and abs needs assistance retracting).

That being said, today was Day 1 of another 10 Minutes A Day for 28 Days of Fitness! How apropos that my starting weight is only one pound less than it was when I did this in 2013 and turned it into 365 Days of Fitness. Hence the title of this post, “Here We Go…Again!”

Lata Gatas!


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  1. let me tell you my “baby” just turned 7 and i think your midsection looks better than mine.LOL I was 105 at 5’4″ gained 60lbs during both pregnancies and have stayed between 115- 130 which is appropriate for my height but my proportions is off. My gut is not cute like i said after 7 years bigger than yours. i injured my back and neck and have to find a regimen that won’t irritate them. You are looking great. Good look at getting back to where you want to be.

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  2. GURLLLLLLLLLL – I thought you two SKIPPED the “abstinence period!” BE CLEAR in those titles woman!!!! lol – Good for you – Blessings to the little one!


      • You know, you wouldn’t think it, but it could be!! I was looking up this the other day, in regard to when you start ovulating after having a baby. It can be anywhere from 27-64 days and the average is 45. So, you could actually be preggos this soon, BUT I’m assuming you wouldn’t know for a few weeks because the test wouldnt be able to detect it yet.


      • Yes ma’am – my brothers are called “Catholic twins” bc they are EXACTLY 4.5 weeks APART! This WAS years ago, but I’ve encountered other parallel happenings!!! O_O It is a low chance – not a NO chance.


        • Wait! What do you mean 4.5 WEEKS apart?? Do you mean from tine one was born to when other was conceived? So how many months apart are their birthdays? I also hear that women are very fertile right after having a baby. So, of course, I keep hearing, if you want another, do it right away! Lol!


          • Typing WAYYYYY too fast! Lol – I meant 44.5 weeks apart. They are the same age for almost 2 mths. So – Wyntr showing signs of being a sharer (of Mommy/Pops?) – my parents should’ve checked the same with my bro – Crown Prince ALL-BOUT-ME-CAUSE-I-WAS-HERE-FIRST – Lolololololol!!!!


      • I am a Jersey girl lady – displaced by the U.S. Navy at present, but I go home quite a BIT! We DO need to meet sometime – you’ll have a meet and greet in your future I’m sure – and of course there is the caveat that I ALWAYS say but have YET to do – I’m getting the CurlWhisperer (Tameka) to cut me RIGHT sooooo – it’s bound to happen!!!! Met her at a CurlPrep event, and she SLAYED!!! All I talked about was YOUR WEDDING HAIR, okay, and the dress, the SHOES, your too cute wedding pics, the peacock theme throughout, uhhhhh – that kinda looks a tad “stalkerish” once you write it out, sooooooo, yeah – you were in the verbiage! Yeah!
        SN – Tameka goes to do a quick few twists in/my hair to teach me the rake method, and she goes, what’s this red hair – I turn, smirk, and say, now I TOLDS you I follow the teachings of Shelli!!! She cracked-up! HENNA GREYS BABY – LUVS IT!!!! So, thank YOU for sharing ALL this wisdom lady – you is IT!!!!


  3. are you able to breastfeed? That burn calories!
    You are hardworking and determined so I know you will be successful!
    I remember you were even working out on your honeymoon cruise .

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