Welcome Wyntr Abrihet!!


WyntrDay4by Shelli and Weusi

The world’s newest superhero is here …

At 9:11 am on Friday, January 16th, the worlds newest superhero emerged to bless the planet in the form of the daughter of Shelli and Weusi. Her super powers have not yet been revealed, but her eyes seem to be hinting at something extraordinary!

Her bio …

  • First Name: Wyntr
    • a “W” name like her Pops
  • Middle Name: Abrihet
    • pronounced: Ah-bri-Het
    • origin: Ethiopian
    • meaning: “She Shines”
  • Weight: 6 lbs 1 oz
  • Length: 18″
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Code Name: Classified


LOL!!  Wei put together most of the above announcement before Miss Wyntr entered her new world! I stole it to try to do this quick post while baby girl is asleep.

Just wanted to let you all know that the C-section went off without a hitch and, after Wyntr spent a 2 day stay in the NICU due to low glucose from sleeping rather than eating, all three of us came home last night as planned. Our first night went pretty well in that we all got a nice little extended four hours of sleep (should have been three though). This was appreciated as the prior night in the hospital, Miss Wyntr decided she wasn’t going to sleep from 2 am to 8 am. Sooooo … needless to say after a busy discharge day, I think we all needed the rest to recover. However, I know not to expect that on the regular … at least not for a few months!

Okay, here are a few more pics before I get out of here!!

We feel beyond blessed and favored and can’t help but fall more in love with her each day that passes. As always, thank you for all of the love, support, well-wishes, encouragement and, most importantly prayers. They are beyond appreciated.



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  1. Awwwww – Welcome Princess Wyntr and CONGRATS Dad & Mom!!!! Now, be sure to let your loyal subjects (I’m referring to the Wyn-Atics) know when and where you’d like the goat delivered for those FRESH DC’s, and Shelli, AWESOME JOB on the in utero twistout – her hurr is GAW-GEOUS (as expected)!!!! ✨👑💅💫💥


  2. Now how could the President and Founder of the Wyn-Atics forget to mention – HER HAT GAME IS ON POINT!!!!!! Yassssss!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


  3. Congrats on the new addition to your family! Your are now embarking on an imperative expedition filled with amazing adventures! Taking on the challenge to raise a well-rounded, complex, and confident human being that will make positive contributions to her society is a challenge in which you will embrace with success! Enjoy and cherish every moment!


  4. She’s so beautiful! She looks a lot like Wei! My 3 1/2 year old just told me tho other day she wants to be a superhero police princess! I think it’s time to introduce her to the ol’ Wonder Woman!

    You guys have so much to look forward to!!!

    God bless you three and congratulations!!!



    • @Jesus in the city ??? What do you see? I never understand when people say ‘newborn looks JUST like you”…they all ae mushy and red and pink and wrinkly…they don’t look like anyon IMO.


      • Please pray that she does not look like me. She has th gene pool of her fly mother to pull from. God is funny, but ima grown man with a full beard, let’s not have her looking like me. And … I hope that I don’t look like her. I mean, I’m a grown man. LoL


  5. Wyntr is absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy things went well. God is good beyond measure!!! Shelli, I know Wei is going to take good care of you during your recovery. Don’t try to do too much. Take it easy. I wish you, Wei and your newest Blessing much love, peace and Blessings beyond measure.


  6. Congrads! What made you two choose an Ethipian name? I know Weusi is Swahili.
    I like name but no spelling. Why no ‘e’? You don’t want her prejudged on job applicatins/resumes.
    But hey you did not name her shanicka or aquanetta.


    • My name was given to me to keep me connected to the angels and ancestors that came before me. Wyntr Abrihet is named such for similar reasoning. And as far as the spelling of her name … 1) We liked the name and with the rising popularity of the name we wanted her to stand out as an individual and someone who is special. 2) Shelli and I are creatives at heart so why wouldn’t we be creative with the name. 3) If my daughter is worried about a bias because of her name then she shouldn’t apply for the job because that’s not where she wants to be working and/or she needs to be more prepared in order to dispell of any preconceived judgements. 4) Creative names speak to the principles of KUJICHAGULIA and KUUMBA so I support all names. The values and personality of the person that holds the names give the name power … or makes it a joke.

      5) My name is Weusi Baraka … and I am Wyntr Abrihet’s father. If there are issues she has wIth her name, I am sure that i will speak on them from the perspective of experience, well before she is applying to jobs.

      6) Having a name with no fulltime vowels is fresh!

      7) I can spell my daughter’s name however I want

      *the tone of this reply is in part because I am tired and because I find it disrespectful that you even made that statement. This is not an apology this is a statement of clarity.

      And Shelli may remove this when she awakes but … hey … I spoke my peace.

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