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As some of you know, I have been using a Hair Therapy Thermal Turban Heat Wrap for several years now with great success. However, a few months ago I saw posts from my curlfriends and fellow bloggers, RadiantBrownBeauty and AHairStory, about the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap. I loved the look of the cap and both Michelle and Rece had positive reviews. So, needless to say, I was intrigued.

Therefore, a couple of weeks ago, I reached out to the creator of Hot Heads and Etsy shop owner, Sandra, to see if she would send me a cap to review. She graciously obliged and I got a chance to try out my new cap this past weekend.

But first, the deets.

via Hot Head:

The Hot Head heat cap is filled with renewable flax seed which will generate heat when warmed in the microwave. It’s reusable and is the most environmentally friendly way to deep condition your hair with heat at home. There is no need to plug it into an outlet or use batteries to power the heat. With a few minutes in the microwave, Hot Head will produce up to 30-45 minutes of gentle moist heat. The fact that there are no cords and no plugs means that you are free to move about while deep conditioning your hair.

Hot Head is available in multiple styles and is also reversible so that your look can fit your mood. When using Hot Head you can feel good about the way you look while conditioning your hair, and dramatically improve the results of your hair treatment.


As I said above, I used the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap this weekend. Actually, I used it twice. Because, after 3 weeks of not washing this mane (pregnancy fatigue definitely has me doing the least when it comes to hair), my strands desperately needed some TLC. Therefore, I used it for a pre-poo treatment, as well as for deep conditioning after I washed my hair. What did I think overall and how does it compare to the Thermal Turban Wrap?

Packaging: No frills and functional. As this is a smaller Etsy company, that is totally fine with me. I prefer not to spend my money on expensive packaging and cheap ingredients, though I know some appreciate “shelf appeal.” The most important thing was that the cap was accompanied with detailed and simple instructions (plastic caps sold separately). THERMAL TURBAN WRAP: The wrap came packaged in a large, nice box that I still use to store it. It also included two plastic caps some free hair product samples. 

Appearance: I love that the cap is reversible and has a solid terry side and a patterned fabric one. I’m all about animal prints and zebra is in my top three (after cheetah/leopard and giraffe). The cap comes in a variety of prints and colors, so there’s something for everyone! I also like the “quilting” that looks like a big daisy! Very cute! THERMAL TURBAN WRAP: The wrap is made with terry, non-reversible, and only comes in two colors, brown and white. The cap that I have has a tail at the back that you twist and secure to the front with velcro. But, there seem to be other versions that secure in different locations.

Construction/Durability: As I’ve only used the cap one day, I can’t speak to the long-term durability. However, it looks very well-constructed and strong. It is actually a little weighty, in a good way, because of the flax seeds. The fabric on the patterned side appears of good, strong quality and leads me to believe that it will not rip anytime soon. Terry can start to bead, get ratty, and pick up lint, especially with a thicker pile. But, I think that as long as I keep it stored away from other fabrics, it’ll likely be fine. The instructions on the site indicate that a lint brush can be used to remove excess lint, so that is simple enough. And, I also have one of those fabric “defuzzers” that I can use if it becomes too beady. So, not too worried about that. As to cleaning, I haven’t had to do that yet, obviously. But, the site says to just spot clean with warm water and a mild detergent. Seems simple enough. Finally, again, I can’t speak to long-term use of the cap, but I would expect that flax seeds truly are a sustainable source of heat and the cap will heat effectively for years to come. THERMAL TURBAN WRAP: I have had the cap for almost 4 years and, though the heat packs that insert into it seem to have deflated somewhat, it still works effectively. I was initially concerned that the heat packs might burst because they make a popping sound when heated, but to date they have not! The cap is made of a short pile terry, so it really hasn’t attracted much lint nor beaded in an appreciable way. And, though I use it to henna, I have done minimal spot cleaning. But, because the gel packs can be removed, the wrap can be thrown in the wash on the gentle cycle and air dried.

Content: Right off the jump I loved the idea that the Hot Head Heat Cap works via a sustainable and natural heat source. I don’t follow a strictly organic/natural lifestyle. However, I do like to be conscious of the products I use and the foods that I eat. Therefore, I try to incorporate organic and all-natural products to the extent that I can find them conveniently and affordably. This allows me to reduce my exposure to products formulated or treated with artificial or potentially harmful chemicals. So, the fact that the Hot Head uses flax seeds as the heat source is awesome to me! (Is there no limit to the wonders of flax seeds?!?!) THERMAL TURBAN WRAP: Gel packs are the heat source for this cap. I couldn’t tell you what’s in them, but I’m 99.9% sure that it is not natural and is some type of artificial chemical.

Ease of Use: Using this cap was as simple as throwing it in my microwave (with a rotating tray) for one minute on one side, flipping it inside out and microwaving for another minute. Then, I just donned a plastic cap prior to putting on the Hot Head Cap. If your microwave does not have a rotating tray, the instructions do indicate that it should be rotated at the 30 second mark on each side. I was concerned that the cap might be too small to fit all of my hair, due to my length, not thickness. But, I had no problem at all. Of course, I love that I can be mobile with this cap and do stuff around the house while DC’ing. THERMAL TURBAN WRAP: The wrap only takes 45 seconds to heat and, aside from the initial challenge of getting the gel packs into the wrap and getting it to lay flat, it is very easy to heat. As to putting it on, it is a little trickier to get it tight enough and secure the velcro in the right place. But, it is still pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I also have no problem fitting all of my hair under it. And again, since the wrap is cordless, my movements are not limited while I’m DC’ing.

hothead3After heating

Effectiveness: I found that the cap reached an appropriate temperature (not too hot, nor too cool) following the instructions. You could see the “moist” heat it generated as the cap became slightly damp in some areas after microwaving it. I also found that it stayed warm (not hot) for about 45 minutes, which is what I would have expected. The cap felt like it warmed evenly in the flax seed “pockets.” However, I could feel that the areas without the flax seeds were cooler. As the heat is still “contained” to the head by the cap, I don’t know if that would make one part of the hair more conditioned than the other. However, I did want to note that. THERMAL TURBAN WRAP: The wrap heats evenly, but it can get very hot. So the instructions indicate that it should be left to cool for 30 seconds prior to using it. I find that my cap stays hot to warm for 45 minutes to an hour and the heat feels uniform over my head. I usually heat it 2-3 times for a henna treatment, with consistent results. 

Pricing: The Hot Head Cap is $29.95 plus $6.50 USD shipping (plastic caps sold separately). So, it’s not cheap, but it’s not crazy expensive either. I am definitely a frugal person and won’t give up my money without some thought. However, given that I tend to deep condition with heat weekly and henna with heat every couple of months, the mileage I will put on this heat cap would definitely justify the cost (reminder: this cap was gifted though).  THERMAL TURBAN WRAP: The wrap is $21.95 on, but I paid $16.47 for it because I had a 25% discount code at the time. As I write this, the cap is not available there though. It is available on for $29.99 with free shipping. It seems like it can also be found on eBay, Amazon, HairEnvy, and a few other sites for prices in the the $27-$32 range. Again, for me, the price is worth it because of how frequently I use the wrap.

Conclusions: I LOVE the Hot Head Heat Cap. In most ways, it is very comparable to the Thermal Turban Wrap. The quicker heat time and more uniform heat distribution of the Wrap are bonuses for it. However, the wider variety of patterns/colors, reversibility, simplicity of wearing, and, most importantly, the use of flax seeds as a natural and sustainable heat source, gives the Hot Head Cap the leg up in my opinion. So, I’ll definitely be using the Hot Head Cap going forward and will update you guys on whether it holds up for the long haul!


 Have you tried the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap? If so, how do you like it?


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  1. YASS! What I do is treat myself (but save $!) by going to my local beauty school. I get my hair washed and d c’d for $17 every other week. But to pay one time $30 + $7 s&h this is much cheaper.
    However I love, I do like the feeling of lying back and getting my scalp massaged.
    Thanks for this !

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  2. __So, I’ll definitely be using the Hot Head Cap going forward and will update you guys on whether it holds up for the long haul!__
    Really, ok since you will use HHCap going forward, where should i email you my address so that I may take your old Thermal Turban Heat Wrap cap off your hands. 😉


    • Hahahahaha!! Hey, I gotta keep that as a back-up for a little while longer ;). LOL!!! And yeah, one of these caps is totally worth the investment for the days you feel like saving some money and in between salon visits ;).


  3. I love the Hiot Head cap! I have used it for several years and have purchased another. Actually I had thought about purchasing the Thermal Turbal wrap until I discovered these. (Didn’t like the idea of taking the heat packs out and possible bursting). Hot Head Caps definitely lasts a long time, beautiful patterns, holds heat well and the portability can’t be beat. I am glad you had positive results. Sandra offers excellent customer service which is always a plus.

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    • Margaret, I NEVER take the heat packs out. Once they’re in, you just heat the whole cap. But, regardless, the flax seeds are genius and I agree, no risk of popping (because I worried about that happening IN the wrap, but it never has). So happy to hear that you have had yours for several years and it still works great. Are you getting another one just to have a different pattern or because your old one doesn’t get as hot anymore? I’m just wondering how long the seeds will sustain re-heating.


  4. I’ve always considered giving one of these types of caps a go because I never deep condition for more than a few minutes. You’ve definitely given me something to think about!


    • You know that I am a fan of the heated DC. Scientifically speaking, it does make a difference. Natural Haven has a really good article on the effects of DCing with heat. But, anything over an hour only leads to softening of the keratin, not additional uptake of conditioner. So, I generally DC for 30 min to an hour now. If I remember, at 30 minutes, you reach just about maximum uptake.


  5. I LOVE the Hot Head heat cap! I’ve been using it now for about 6 months after reading the review from Reece (A Hair Story). I made the switch from the Thermal Turban Wrap because I found that all of the heat would be concentrated to the top of my head because the back of the turban wrap had no heat source (no gel pack in the fabric used to wrap it) and thus I felt that the back of my head never got the deep conditioning it needed like the top and sides of my head. The Hot Head cap does a good job of heating my entire head.

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    • Thanks for the feedback about the long-term use of the cap!! The way I wrapped the wrap, I think the sides and top covered around the back, so I got the coverage. But like just putting on the cap like a shower cap!! It’s way easier. LOL!


  6. Oh you got it!!!! I’m glad you like it as much as I do. You know I wasn’t deep conditioning with heat before it because I couldn’t be bothered to take out the hair dryer. This was a total life saver!

    We have the same print too. Twinsies! Lol

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    • I did NOT know you weren’t DCing with heat. LOL!! Why didn’t you ever get the turban wrap? I used to use a soft bonnet dryer for DCing, but once I saw the wrap on CurlyNikki, I got it quickly!! So much more convenient! And for henna?!?! I don’t think I would have continued to henna if I didn’t have the wrap!! But yeah, the cap is great too!! And yup, same print. You know that we love our animal prints ;). I have brown/cream zebra print accessories in my bathroom, a hot pink robe with a subtle animal print created by the texture, and pink tiles … so this coordinates well :).


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