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shelli announcement


And the radio silence ends. LOL. So yeah, I’ve been a little preoccupied … and fatigued … because this happened. Just dropping a quick line to let you all know that the Hairscapades family is about to get bigger by one naturalista in early winter 2015 ;).

We are so very thankful to God for we KNOW that we are beyond BLESSED!! We are humbled by and grateful to Him for allowing us to be part of this miracle.






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  1. Super duper congrats Shelly!!! Now for baby curl posts!!! Haha! You’re gonna be a super parenting team! Yay for smart people procreating!!!


  2. Hoorah! Great to hear such wonderful news of a little one entering this world to parents that love each other and will provide a protective loving environment. It doesn’t get much better than that!
    God Bless.


  3. Congrats Shelli!!!! I love hearing the great news of women in their forties having babies. It gives me hope that by the time I settle down (I’m 34 now) that it won’t be too late to have the family I desire. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for you and your little one! 🙂


    • @ faith simone, what a lovely name. I remember earlier this year in spring–march, april?– shelli was doing 365 days of fitness(not a full work out every day but a minimum of 10 minutes, even when on her wedding day and wedding trip honeymoon) so I’m sure being very healthy helped.

      Just a start now for down the line drink water! All the time and all day long ( well maybe not before bed because I hate having to get up and urinate).


  4. Posted on IG now must post here.
    YAY!!!! My good friend is 1cm as of yesterday & now one of my fav bloggers is prego!! Talk about a good week.
    CONGRATS to you both!!!!!!!!! Wishing you two a happy healthy baby that is as talented and as nice as both of you seem* 🙂

    *Random weird how you feel you know people from following them on social media.


  5. YOU GO SHELL-STARRRRRRR!!!!!! You do realize we’ll soon require TWO regime updates (yours and the bambino), TWO Holy Grail lists (ditto), and TWO sets of pics each time (ditto – yet again)…. Get that camera READY!!! hehehehe – lol


  6. ahh so that is the reason. I understand, that 1st trimester is hard and now that that safe one has paased you may share your news. wonderful! i hope the pregnancy goes well. You married in winter so imagine if your daughter or son is born on/near your wedding anniversary : )

    i remember earlier this year in spring–march, april?– you were doing 365 days of fitness..i’m sure being very healthy helped.


    • Dang it Tee!! I spammed your post by accident on my phone!! Hope I can recover it!! Yeah, we knew she was a she when I posted this 😊! Newer test. And yeah, I know!! I have to post a pregnancy update soon!! I have few hair ones that I need to do too!!


      • Hehehehe! Too quick on the draw lady! But you two will THOROUGHLY enjoy every tea party (herbal will work for dat henna prep), dress-up days (might as well get her into those Marvel suits early), and just everyday smiles (PRICELESS) – I KNOW we did (2 g/1 b)!!! Mommie-hood – My GREATEST adventure!!!!


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