Puff Cuff Review


I used to be the banana clip queen. It helped me achieve many styles, especially my big bun (hmmm … haven’t used it in a while, I need to dust if off and play around with it again). Anywho, I just had to share this PuffCuff review by YoungFabulousandNatural.com, because I would often get asked about banana clips for those with thick hair. Many of my dense hair comrades would lament that their hair broke all banana clips. Well, I think this may be the banana clip for you!!!!


Puff Cuff Hairclamp Let me start this review with an overwhelming apology for my recent absence! But, never fear, I am back with lots of greatness planned. Now, on to the review:

The Puff Cuff is the brain child of the ever creative Ceta Lash and she was kind enough to send one my way to review for you all. This curl friendly product is made to hug and lift our curls into the perfect, iconic puff. And it does just that. Designed with a contoured fit and short rounded teeth, this product is gentle enough to create sturdy puffs without ripping out my kinks. Usually pony tail holders, that are designed for women with straight or thinner hair, are not wide enough to fit all of my curls at once without a few sprouting out awkwardly. This product has the wide mouth feature that is essential for a smooth and sleek puff.  I…

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  1. I got mine on Sat at the Hair show in ATL and I love it already! It makes my hair look more voluminous than it actually is.

    I’m going to do a video on it once I get my dang camera back from Best Buy!


  2. I bought one, and sadly do NOT adore it. I use it as directed, but I am at 17″ now, have Shelli-like texture, and it makes a puff BIGGER THAN MY HEADDDDDD!!! I kept it, but RARELY use it. The concept, however, is good, so I’m checking back OFTEN to snap-up her smaller versions of this product. Til then, if you’re at the movies and can’t quite see transformers bc of a mushroom-shaped bun the size of a nuclear explosion, that’ll be me – just ask me to tilt, and you’ll enjoy your cinematic adventure. ✌️


    • Let me clarify – it’s not really a “puff” per say, but more like a GIANT bun since I tuck it at the back or it would just be medusa-like w/the wavy-curly part erupting from that large circular middle. It’s just a bit MUCH.


    • Tee, you are heelarious!! And now I want to try b/c my bun goal is always for it to be bigger than my head!!! I want it obnoxiously huge and wish i had hair that puffed for a massive puff too! Glad you clarified the fold because I was trying to figure out how you got a puff if your hair texture is like mine.


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