28 DoF Check-In: Week 1



It’s that time!!! Time to update us with your 28 Days/10 Minutes a Day Fitness Challenge progress for Week 1: Days 1 -7!!

Now, a lot of you have been updating our FB Events page and that has been absolutely awesome to see the variety of things everyone is doing to get in their 10 minutes!! If you haven’t checked it out, please do!! The variety of home, outdoors, YouTube, DVD, app, and gym workouts is great!! And, if you aren’t on Facebook and/or want more ideas, check out the new Fitness Playlist I created on my YouTube channel to share fitness videos that I like!

Okay, now let’s get to my update! But, before I do, let me preface this by saying that I was oversleeping this week, because what I thought was my 5:30 alarm was my 6 o’ clock alarm!! And then, when I figured it out … I still slept in a couple days. Ummm … yeah, so, I ended up just barely getting in my 10 minutes several days this week. And, when I got them in, I didn’t want to do anything that made me sweat because I didn’t want to have to take a shower late at night and have to take another one the next morning. Because, the plan was always to workout in the morning … ended up being the failed plan most days last week.

Anywho … here’s my quick run down … remember, I’m doing this concurrently with my 365 Days of Fitness, which I haven’t yet completed.


Day 1/321:  10 Min. Fat Burning Kickboxing with KeairaLaShae – I got this one from one of our challenge ladies who posted it on my FB page on Day 1!! It’s not the most polished of videos, but it got the job done! I broke a NICE sweat!!

Day 2/322: 60 secs x 2 sets of bicycle for abs in the morning;  20 min walk on treadmill (5 min warm-up; 5 min @ 3.8 mph w/4% incline; 5 min @ 3.8 mph w/8% incline; 5 min cool down).

Day 3/323: FitSugar Treadmill Pyramid Intervals workout (as pictured above) (30 min). I got this one from my sister who was a varsity runner in high school and just did a half marathon in December! She was impressed with how it improved her performance. I was fine the first half, but once those “rest/recovery” intervals picked up to 5.5 mph, I had to take them down to 4.0 in order to recover from the 7, 8, and 7 mph again sprint intervals!! And, I added 5 minutes of additional cool down to the end! 4.0 mph is a cardio walk pace! It is NOT a cool down!! LOL!! And, anyway, I did the first minute of the program cool down at 5.5 mph and the second at 4.5 mph. You can always increase or decrease the speed to accommodate your fitness level when doing any High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Day 4/324: Tamilee Webb’s Abs of Steel (10 min)

Day 5/325: The Biggest Loser Cardio Max Level 2 Workout (40 min)


Day 6/326: Tamilee Webb’s Abs of Steel (10 min)

Day 7/327: Tamilee Webb’s Abs of Steel (10 min)

And that was my “Week 1!” Started week 2 pretty well with a 75 minute hot yoga class this morning! So, hopefully, that will be the kicks I needed to get back into waking up in time to exercise in the morning, before going to work!! Wish me luck!!


Okay folks!! How did your Week 1 go? What did you do Days 1-7?

Most importantly, how are you feeling? I hope great :)!!


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  1. I consider week 1 a success as i did something everyday and I’m watching what i eat more closely. I still need to do better with eating, but this is a marathon and not a sprint so i consider it all part of the process.


  2. My days 1-7 consisted of:
    -5-10 minute stretches
    -5-10 minute jogging in place
    -5 minutes of “sit-ups” (I lay flat on my back with arms stretched out behind my head and I roll all the way up until my fingers touch my toes then roll back to the starting position)
    -lunges with weights and other random exercises
    My plan for the next seven days is to incorporate JM’s 6 week six-pack dvd and some of the Insanity videos if I can get them off of my old laptop 🙂


  3. Day 1: Lauren Conrad’s 30 min workout from tumblr + 10 mins of yoga stretching from YouTube.
    Day 2: 10 mins of abs in the morning + 30 min run after school *made my first green smoothie*
    Day 3: 30 min jump rope-abs routine from tumblr + 10 min HIIT cardio after school
    Day 4: 30 mins of Zumba on Xbox in the afternoon
    Day 5: morning lacrosse conditioning for 1 hr. Plus weight training class at the end of the day (30 min)
    Day 6: 40 mins of Zumba for Xbox in the afternoon
    Day 7: late workout at 10:30…strength training on the NTC app for 30 mins

    I feel good so far. Some days I didn’t feel motivated but I pushed through by remembering why i started and looking at videos and pics on YouTube and tumblr. I also baked blue berry muffins and kale chips which were both delicious…not necessarily on a diet but eating better.
    Starting this week with a morning routine (done) and a run!


  4. This week was a blur….

    Day 1: Kieara Lashae (sp?) walk/dance 1 mile – approx 10-15mins
    Day 2: Zumba Rush – 20 mins
    Days 3 & 4: Wii Zumba World Dance Party – 19 and 21 mins
    Day 5: Wii Zumba Core – 46 mins
    Day 6: Afrobeats workout – 12 mins (Scola something on you tube…meh)
    Day 7: 3k Walk/jog – 30 mins (slow going due to icy rivers on the road) + 5 mins stretching after
    Day 8: About to do this right now with my DC in my hair. Probably going to be Wii Zumba for 45-60mins. Who says you need a steamer? lol.

    So far so good. I’m starting a temporary assignment in a different division so my commute is going to change. I’ll have to see how I’ll do with my evening workouts. I really want to be a morning exerciser, but it doesn’t always work out….I will be trying to increase the intensity as the weeks progress however as I need to work on my strength.

    That’s all for now!


  5. Week 1 was HARD…after day 5 I sooo wanted to quit but I couldn’t. I’m tired of quitting, of giving up. I finally have a goal that I want to reach and the end result will be so rewarding. I write everyday on FB as a reminder that other people are in this journey as we all have a goals we want to reach. Week 2 I’ll be back to the gym after not going and paying faithfully for a year. Week 2 will be better than this past week. I can do this!!!


    • Donna Girl, you hit the nail on the head when you said “I’m tired of quitting, of giving up”. I can’t tell you how much that resonated with me. I feel the same way. We can do this, one workout at a time! Rock on Queen!


  6. Week one went better than I thought it would. Even though I was tired I worked out. Mostly did Walk Away the pounds. Easy yet very effective workout. I’m feeling great and I think I may now enjoy working out lol.
    I’m also getting married in 68 days and I want to look my best.
    Heres to Week 2!!!


  7. Hi Shelli! –

    I’ve been AWOL for a minute. I am definitely down for the challenge. I have worked out 5 days this week after work. I work early in the day so early morning workouts are not an option. I have been doing Fitblender videos on YT and I really like their workouts. Today starts week 2 for me and I worked out this morning. Like you, I have to work out AND watch my food intake, no option. I’m 5’2 with hips, butt and thighs for days! Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I’m checking out your playlist to plan my workout schedule for this week. You are a Godsend. Your enthusiasm (and results) are so motivational!


  8. I’m still in!! Week one was pretty good,maybe because I started a week earlier. I have been combining a mis of power walking, fitness blender,kettle bells,and yoga. I have managed to aim for at least 15min and end up with about 45min. Trying to stay constant and keep the dream alive.


  9. Day 1: Tara Stiles’ This Is Yoga – Daily Flow (30 min) and Cardio on the Elliptical (20 min)
    Day 2: Jessica Smith Cardio Quickie (10 min) and Tara Stiles’ Yoga Flexibility and Range of Motion (10 min)
    Day 3: This Is Yoga – Relaxing Flow (30 min)
    Day 4: Cardio on the Elliptical (20 min), TS Beach Bod Yoga for Balance (5 min) and TS Core Work for Inversions (5 min)
    Day 5: Cardio on the Elliptical (20 min) and Practiced various Asanas (15 min)
    Day 6: I was super sore!!! TS Full Body Yoga Routine (9 min) and TS Core Work for Inversions (5 min)
    Day 7: I actually did nothing. But, I am not going to beat myself up about it. I’m still dealing with issues from my surgery on my achilles tendon AND I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so exercising 6 days in a row (well, actually 9 because I started before the challenge) is a miracle for me!!

    Week Two is definitely going much better and I feel more energetic and have more mental clarity!


  10. Week one was awesome. Working out EVERY day is a huge challenge for me and it’s so rewarding when I fit the workout end each day. I’ve even challenged the hubby and BFF and they are also on board. I’m looking ahead wondering what my next challenge will be….maybe another 28 day?? Thanks so much Shelli for inspiring me. You are so right, 10 minutes a day is not a huge sacrifice and very attainable.


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