Ready, Set … GO!!




Hey ladies!! Just coming on here really quickly to OFFICIALLY kick-off our 28 Days/10 Minutes a Day Fitness Challenge and to let you know that I created an Event Page of Facebook!! So now you can join the “event,” share updates, progress, pics, workouts, information, links, words of encouragement, inspirational stories, etc. with your co-participants all in one place!! Just click the pic above to go to the page!!



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  1. Hi my name is Nikki, I’m 40 and I’m working out for a more healthy lifestyle and to lose a LOT of weight.

    I did Circuit Training A of Jeanette Jenkins’ (The Hollywood Trainer) 21 day total body circuit training DVD. This workout was 25-30 minutes.


  2. Hi Shelli! You were such a beautiful bride! You looked amazing in your wedding dress! I’m so happy for you! Your arms and back were so toned. Can you give me tips for defining my core? What did you do? Thanks.


  3. Day 2 in the books! My coworkers and I walked the stairs of our office for 10 mins. We started at the first floor and reached the 5th. Did that for 3 rotations. Whew chile!! Baby steps!


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