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28 Days/10 Minutes a Day Fitness Challenge



As many of you know, in February 2013, I committed to working out for at least 10 minutes a day for 28 consecutive days (see why here). Upon successfully finishing my first 28 days, I decided to do it again … then again.

After working out a minimum of 10 minutes a day, every day, for 84 days, I realized that I wasn’t tired or burned out or anything. In fact, I felt great and I was making progress towards my goal weight, but I had not yet achieved it. I also wanted to break a cycle of falling off the wagon after 6 months of a consistent exercise routine and yo-yo weight gain/loss. So, I figured, “Why not turn my 28 Days of Fitness into 365 Days?” I love a challenge! Well, not all of them ;). But, having a goal (and a public one at that) always helps keep me on target. So, as of today I have worked out every day for 318 days, completed a 9 week C25K running program, ran a “Superhero 5K” that was my first straight 5K, completed the 12 week Strong Curves At-Home Bodyweight program, did a Warrior’s Dash and a Diva Dash (5K obstacles courses), participated in a Making Strides Walk, accomplished several yoga poses for the first time, reached my goal weight for my wedding, and worked out on my wedding day and every day of my 10 day honeymoon. Now, with less than 50 days to go, I am sooo close to the end game!!! And … it all started with a personal 28 Days/10 Minutes a Day Challenge.

Jan 2013Jan 2013

Day289Dec 2013

Now, although I wasn’t doing this with anyone or for anyone other than myself, I’ve been encouraged, supported, and cheered on by so many of you on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Some have told me they have been inspired to start their own fitness challenges due to my many workout posts (I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some IG followers due to all the boring, sweaty selfie posts though *LOL* ;)). I have received messages/comments from ladies telling me that they have started their own 28, 30, and, yes, 365 Day Fitness Challenges because of seeing my posts and consistency. To all who have liked or commented on even one status, please know that I appreciate you. Your support keeps the fire in my heart to get this done. I don’t want to let myself down, but I also feel a responsibility to reach this goal knowing that someone out there may be inspired/motivated by what I’m doing, even if it’s just to get that workout in that one night that they saw my post.

So, when a young lady named Jasmine on FB suggested that I start a 365 Day Fitness Challenge for the new year, it gave me pause. I mean, I’m not done my own challenge, so how could I start a new one? And, I thought, 365 days might be overwhelming and a lot to commit to doing for someone who is just trying to get off the couch or the person struggling with consistency. But, a 28 Day Challenge is so much more doable. I mean, it’s what I did when I started. So, I thought, that might be a more palatable goal and just the thing to get someone to give it a go. Plus, since I have 47 days to go, I’d be doing the 28 days too.

28 Days/10 Minutes a Day Fitness Challenge

Sunday, January 5th – Saturday February 1st

So this is for anyone who is up to it and willing to give just 10 minutes of their 24 hours each day to get active. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes??? I don’t think anyone can make an excuse to not give that much time to their health and well-being each day.

The physical activity can be ANYTHING! It can be walking, running, climbing stairs, aerobics, abs, yoga, pilates, stretching, weight training, kickboxing, calisthenics, jumping rope, bodyweight exercises, high intensity interval training (HIIT), kettlebell, hiking, roller skating, ice skating, skiing … ANYTHING. As long as its gets your body moving for 10 consecutive minutes, it counts!


  1. COMMENT below with your name, age, and how often/long your work out currently (ex. 3x a week, 30 min a day), as well as why you want to do this (e.g. improve health, lose weight, increase muscle, stress control, self-improvement, etc.). Please feel free to include anything else that you would like us to know.
  2. EXERCISE for at least 10 consecutive minutes every day for 28 days (see above for activities and/or check out my Health & Fitness posts under the Miscell. tab for various the routines, programs, and DVDs I use, if you need ideas!).
  3. UPDATE us with your progress on the 28 Day Fitness Challenge Weekly Update post that I will publish each Saturday through the challenge. List what you did and for how long each day in the comments ( (i.e. Days 1-7; Days 8-14, Days 15-21, Days 22-28). Don’t forget to include your name!
  4. TAG your workouts on IG/FB if you post there (we can only see public profiles): @hairscapades, #hairscapades and #28DaysofFitness!!

Progress: Jan 2013 - May 2013Progress: Jan 2013 – May 2013


  1. EXERCISE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING (or prior to work) – This has been so important as I am often so tired after a long day of work and lose motivation. I think many of us start the day with the best intention to work out (“TODAY, I’m going to start!!). But, by the end of the day, we are worn down and that motivation wanes and/or distractions arise. So, why not capitalize on that energized and focused feeling when it’s immediately present?
  2. EXERCISE AT HOME – With a few relatively budget-friendly purchases (i.e. kettlebells, hand weights, floor mat, exercise DVDs, a jump rope, a computer, internet and Youtube) and a little room, one can easily create a workout space at home. This is not only convenient, but a HUGE time saver (no packing and unpacking a gym bag, no time lost driving to and from the gym, no distractions due to conversations with others, etc.). And it also eliminates excuses (“It’s winter. It’s too cold. It’s too dark. There’s a blizzard out there.” ;)) when you don’t have to go anywhere but a room in  your own house to work-out!
  3. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MINIMUM – Some days, 10 minutes is all you have the time and/or energy to do. So, take advantage of it! I did!! That’s why it’s there!! Oftentimes the hardest part is getting started! Once you do that, you WILL feel like doing more some days! Trust me!!
  4. PUBLICIZE – Tell others what you are doing!! Tell your family, tell your friends, post it on your social media platforms. Post your workouts and see how much support you get and how you begin to inspire others!! Those cheers and encouraging words can be just the fuel you need to get that workout in that day when you aren’t feeling it.
  5. SET A GOAL – Set a physical/athletic goal like finishing a work-out program, running a 5K, getting that challenging yoga pose, losing a realistic amount of weight for an impending vacation, etc.

So, that’s it. Right now, there is no “grand prize” other than your own sense of accomplishment. That being said … I am trying to figure out what I can raffle away at the end of this by choosing a winner from the participants who complete the challenge. I have some hair products for sure, but was thinking that you guys might be more interested in a fitness related prize? Let me know your preference on that in the comment below too (i.e. hair or fitness product prize).

If you’re hemming and hawing, remember …