Goat Milk Conditioner Video Demo



A little over month or so ago, I shared a DIY Goat Milk Conditioning Hair Mask Recipe. As I mentioned then, and I’ll reaffirm now, I LOVE this stuff!! My hair has been amazing since I started using it and I’m about to apply a batch that I mixed up this past Sunday as soon as I post this!!


Anywho, I know that some people are more visual and want to SEE things demonstrated. But, this is the thing. I struggle with videos and they take me hour upon hour to tape, edit, and figure out how to upload properly. So, I haven’t done any “real” ones in FOREVER!! But, I was very pleased to see that Sawah of DiscoveringNatural tried my goat milk recipe and filmed it!! So, I’m sharing her video for those interested in seeing the recipe “in action.” And, I love that she has a different texture than me and can demonstrate its effectiveness on tighter coils!! Thanks Sawah!!

via DiscoveringNatural

(p.s. I have since added an eye dropper full each of Nettle Leaf and Marshmallow Root extracts to my recipe. I got them for something else that I never made, because both herbs are touted to have benefits for hair. Can’t say for certain that they improved the efficacy of the conditioner. But again, my hair has been behaving WONDERFULLY since I started using this and my shedding/hair loss has been dramatically decreased.)


Have you tried a goat milk hair conditioner? If so, how would you describe your hair texture and what were your results?


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  3. Shelli – In the original post on goat’s milk, you said you add it to styling products as well – So spill!!! Now, of course I have not been able to snag fresh goat’s milk since it apparently only flows abundantly in NJ O_O, butttttt, Walmart has it in canned condensed form, so I gots da goods! : ) I’m also a henna girl, so I’m wondering if you add it in there somewhere besides the final cleanse and such AFTER indigo. I’m probably doing henna this w/end, so just thought it’d be good to ask.


    • Hey lady. I haven’t added it to anything but the other conditioner when I was trying to thicken it. I use a styler, Curl Prep Sweet Buttah, that has it as the first or second ingredient. I was wondering about how it would work in henna as some people use coconut milk with great success. However, I’ve never tried either. I still just use green tea, honey, and Sally’s GVP Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm in my henna mix. If you do add it, definitely let us know how it works out!!!


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