Goat Milk Conditioning Hair Mask



Okay. I admit it. I’ve been holding out on you guys. But, in my defense, I did it FOR you!!! You see … what had happened was …

About a year ago, my girl Dottie of Threadmill (you know, the one who makes satin-lined, crocheted hats for us natural girls … and it IS that time of year) messages me on Facebook:

I have had a hair epiphany! Do you want to hear about it? I’ve been cowashing lately, and added one moisturizing ingredient to it, and WOWEE, my hair is amazing! It was an experiment that actually worked. My hair is the “heat”! I’ll be doing this at least twice a week! (I’m so excited about my new hair discovery… not sure if it’s an approved thing for natural hair…. but it is surely the thing for mine!!!!)
Maybe someone else thought of it before me, but for me, it’s my own discovery…. And if it is truly a new thing, I want you to have it! (if it’s good for you)
Goats milk lotion… made by an etsy friend. I added 1 part of my favorite no-sulfate conditioner with 1 part of the goats milk lotion, and about 4 parts water, shake it up! Added liberally, washed through my hair, and seriously Shelli, this is the best my hair has EVER looked without styling agents, or heat agents!
My hair is soft, yet has definition, and the curls aren’t frizzy but, they’re refined.
I’m literally pingy with my discovery!

Needless to say, I was intrigued. So, started to do a little research! Check out some of what I discovered:

via Black Hair 101

Goat Milk Hair Benefits:

  • Make hair soft and manageable.
  • Good for dry scalp and especially for dandruff conditions.
  • Softens hair and smoothes out nicks or scratches across the hair strand.
  • Makes scalp healthier and less prone to dryness.
  • When added to other moisture rich ingredients can make hair moisturized and pliable and extremely healthy.

Goat milk can be added to shampoos, conditioners or used with other nutritious ingredients as a deep conditioner or with tea as a rinse or added to your shea, mango or cocoa butter preparations for hair and skin.

Now, here is where it gets really interesting. Dottie’s friend had to take a hiatus from making her goat’s milk conditioner, so I wasn’t able to get my hands on any. But, in a serendipitous turn of events, a friend of mine at work tells me that her daughter, who is a farmer, just bought nursing goats and she would give me some milk once the baby goats were weaned. Fast forward to a year later (lol) and I finally got 3 freezer bags full of some authentic, straight-off-the-farm, unadulterated goat’s milk! (But, in the interim, I had started using Curl Prep Sweet Buttah. L. O. V. E. Guess what the fourth ingredient is? Yeah. Goat milk.)

So, back in late September or thereabouts, the experimenting commenced. After the first use, I didn’t notice anything particularly amazing. But, on the following wash day, I noticed less shedding and breakage. The same thing occurred after the second use … and the third. By the fourth use, my hair seemed a bit shinier and definitely stronger, with drastically decreased shedding (or breakage as the case may have been).

And now, we get to why it has taken me so long to tell you about the awesome results I have been getting from goat milk conditioner. You see … this stuff is really watery. And kinda sticky. So, my first three treatments with it were NOT cute, though they were effective.

Experiment #1: Goat’s Milk solo – drippy, somewhat sticky, mess.

Experiment #2: Goat’s Milk mixed with full fat yogurt – thicker, but still a bit drippy AND it left white, flaky residue, even after two rinses.

Experiment #3: Goat’s Milk mixed with Sally’s GVP Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm and honey – improved consistency, no residue, but difficult to mix and still not quite right.

So, finally, I did a little research about cosmetic thickening agents and decided to purchase some guar gum from Amazon. I used it to make a goat’s milk conditioning mask this past weekend and it was LOVER-LY!! After using the treatment as my deep conditioner, I did my new go-to style, the Aloe Vera Gel Braid n’ Twist n’ Curl (BnTnC – I think that I just coined a new natural hair acronym!! LOL!) and had the most AMAZE-A-BALLS results ever on take down the following afternoon!

BnTnC(This was in prep for my wedding day hairstyle trial!! It turned out great!)

So, here’s my easy, peasy, recipe:



  • 1/4 c. goat’s milk (2 ice cubes thawed*)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  • 1 tsp Vatika Oil (Virgin Coconut Oil can also be used)
  • 1/4 tsp guar gum (not only thickens mix, provides AMAZING slip!)


  1. Mix together goat’s milk, honey, EVOO, and Vatika Oil (I used a spoon, but a mixer or whisk could also be used).
  2. Slowly sprinkle guar gum into the mix while constantly stirring (“Slowly” is the operative word. If you dump the guar gum into the mix, you will get “cottage cheese” lumps, which can be difficult to rinse out of your hair.).
  3. Allow mixture to “hydrate” for 15-30 minutes (this is when it thickens).
  4. Pour conditioner into an applicator bottle (optional).
  5. Go for yours (massage into scalp and smooth through hair)!!


  • Freeze milk into ice cubes to extend shelf-life and create convenient, “serving size” amounts that can be thawed quickly when ready to use.
  • If you don’t have your own personal “farm fresh” supplier ;), you can use store bought goat’s milk, including the powdered kind.
  • Add essential oils and/or herbal extracts that are beneficial for hair. I have been adding an eye dropper full of nettle leaf and marshmallow extract, both touted to have benefits for scalp heath and hair growth!
  • Not a mixtress, but still want to try this? Add goat milk to your regular/deep conditioner and let it do what it do ;)!
  • This recipe has no preservatives, so refrigerate any leftovers and use within a week. If you opt to add a preservative, still store the product in your refrigerator, not the bathroom, to extend shelf life.

goatsmilkconditioner2You can see the conditioner like consistency given by the guar gum.

I applied the goat’s milk mask after washing, conditioning, and detangling my hair. I left it on for about an hour with my thermal heat turban, cooled and sealed, and then damp styled. The next day …


So yeah … goat’s milk is, like, my newest holy grail.


Have you ever used goat’s milk as a hair treatment? How do/did you use it? What benefits, if any, did you see from using it?

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  1. Did you ever think you would see the day when you would say goat’s milk and hair in the same sentence? Nevertheless, I’m intrigued. I wonder if powdered goats milk would have the same effect? ***heading to amazon.com to investigate…


  2. Oh Shelli! I am in awe of your intense search for the “holy grail” of hair products… How I love that term! I’m glad I started you off in that direction. ❤ And OMG if I didn't love you so much, I would have to hate you for such gorgeous hair (not to mention, beauty, personality, intelligence, wit…) Ok I'm going to go cowash now!


    • LOL!! You are too funny Dottie :)! And you are the BEST! I am sooo happy that you told me about this, though it took me FOREVER to finally try it! It really has been a game changer in regard to my shedding/breakage!!


  3. Never heard of goats milk for hair before! Pretty interesting, I think I’ll give it a try, thanks! I also love using argan oil, especially the pro naturals brand…it’s my current holy grail.


  4. I used to use Goat’s Milk Lotion on my skin but never thought to put it on my hair. Ummm you need to just be a mistress so we don’t have to buy all these ingredients. We could just get it from you LOL.
    I may try this but i’m way overwhelmed with all the stuff I have. I will have to print this out and save it for later.


    • LOL! You always trying to get me to sell my mixes ;). I’m barely “unlazy” enough to make my own ;)!! Also, given the shelf life, until I find an easy, in the house preservative, it wouldn’t make the shipping voyage ;). And, I do know what you mean about being overwhelmed with stuff you have! I feel another product drop/swap at work coming myself!!


  5. I have everything except the guar gum, but I think I can skip that for now because wash day is tomorrow. I’ve been making goat milk soap for years and never thought about using it for my hair. Thanks for this, Shelli! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.


    • Hey Te’Ata!! How’d it work out for you? The GG definitely isn’t a necessity, I just liked it b/c it made it thick like conditioner (and, forgot to mention that it gave it some nice slip too!!). And thank you so much :). The big day is fast approaching and I’m very excited to take this next journey in my life :).


  6. Wow! Your hair looks amazing! I’ve been wearing a ton of twistouts but suffer from that dreaded frizz also. I was just using Moroccan oil but I think I’m going to give this one a try.


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  8. I read this post on CurlyNIkki and you inspired me to give goat’s milk a try. However, I’m entirely too lazy to go mixing things up on my own, so I searched until I found someone who was kind enough to do it for me. 🙂 I found an Etsy seller who makes Goat’s Milk Conditioner: http://www.etsy.com/listing/78550597/goats-milk-conditioner-8-oz-custom-scent?ref=shop_home_active

    I considered the Brazilian one, but did not want to commit to such a large amount without knowing how it might work for my hair. My Etsy order should be arrive today and I can’t wait to try it!


    • I did find that one too MrsT, when I was looking for a recipe! LOL!! Since I had my own goat’s milk sitting in the freezer, I passed on the Etsy. But totally understand! Hope you let us know how that one works out for you!!!


  9. AMAZING…SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! I must admit. I had to double up because the amount you gave was not enough. ANDDDDD I added tea tree and rosemary simply because I am working with scalp issues. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! when I say I loved the results….I can’t even put into words. I lucked up on all the ingrediants while doing my Thanksgiving shopping. I was able to find can goat milk and while getting my seasoning…Guar gum next to my parsley. It was meant to be that I try this. The slip was EXCELLENT…normally detangling is a mess…but not this time. This is my new deep conditioner. I have a question…do you think doing this weekly will be too much ????


    • Yesssssss!!!! Oh my gosh Daphne! Thank you so much for coming back here and giving feedback! So, ironically, I have been making bigger batches too (I made a batch yesterday, but added to more thawed milk ice cubes as it didn’t look like I had enough, it was thick, and I didn’t want to add any more honey or oil) and added Nettle and Marshmallow Root extract to my mix the last two times!! LOL! But yes, this has sooo much slip and I totally attribute it to the guar gum as when I just used the milk and tried it added to yogurt and conditioner it didn’t work anything like it did when I added the guar gum! I think the honey might help with slip too. And, I have used it EVERY week except the weeks that I hennaed and I even used it after my last henna treatment last week and my hair just gets better and better!!


      • This is great to hear since I will be doing my Henna this weekend. I have been looking for a simply yet great conditioner and I have found it. This is will be go to weekly conditioner. I can’t wait for the Goat Milk Hair Mask remix with Marshmallow root…LOL!!!! I have been trying to find a way to use marshmallow root due to the wonderful slip I heard it gives.


  10. Thank you for the goal milk recipe. I am so ready to try it this weekend. But I have everything but the guar gum. Do you know what I can use as a substitute?


  11. Hmmm….sounds interesting. What if one used goat milk yogurt? Might solve some of the drippy issues as well.
    [*heads out the door to grocery*]


  12. Shelli I cannot thank you enough for suggesting using goat milik as a conditioner. Although I was lazy and decided not to make my own but did some research on the Internet and found a company called HeartJCreations that makes a goat milk conditioner combined with olive, jojoba, argan and castor oli. And you can even order the scent you want it in. I ordered butter cream. It arrived the next day and all I can say was WOW. After using the conditioner with my hair therapy wrap my hair was so soft and detangling was a breeze. It was so easy to do my two stand twists. I am a true believer in goat milk as a conditioner. Here is the link to the website:



  13. Thank you for this recipe….it’s amazing. My hair is smoother than ever and soft too even with gel in my hair….my sets (twists) turn out so sleek now….love it!!!


    • You could just add the goat milk to another conditioner. But, as to a single ingredient to add, I don’t have any suggestions other than what is noted in the article. The guar gum adds amazing slip and I don’t know of another ingredient that would do that. Maybe marshmallow root? But, you would have to boil that first and not sure if the mucilage from that would mix well with the goat milk. The guar gum is powder, so it mixes relatively easily.


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  15. GURRRLLLLLLLLLL, I have been wayyyyy too busy MOLESTING my hair to comment w/an update! I did the dang thang (goat’s milk DC recipe, but w/4 cubes) this past weekend, and I did not want to even set it bc it felt soooooo “LOVERLY” to coin your phrase!!!! I’m transitioning (over 1.5 years now w/9″ of all me), and the line of demarcation was softened, my twist out was elongated, the 7-8″ of relaxed ends left were NOT as “crunchy,” and the staying power of my hair has been increased! Now I will admit, I was a skeptic, but this is now IN THE REGIME! Thank you – thank you – thank you for this tip!! It inspired me to start my own 10 min daily exercise commitment bc I know my hair will be THAT much easier to deal with! I’m on day 4 of a twist out, & it still lookie soooo goodie!!!! All hail the mystically unattractive, yet tremendously beneficial GOATTTTTT! ERRBODY say bahhhhh, or WHATEVS they say! ; )

    PS – Now, you know I’m ready to wash again…..O_O — I just wanna do more STYLES!!!!!


    • OMGosh Tee, I forgot to reply to this, but you had me cracking up laughing as usual!!! So glad that you are loving it!!! It makes my day EVERY time someone tells me that they tried this and are in love with it!! Just awesome!!


  16. I should be sleeping but I’m up reading your blog and ordering goat milk conditioner from etsy cuz I’m not a mixtress lol. Congrats on completing your workout challenge!


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  18. Shelli!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. I tried this on Friday. It was AMAZING. My hair cried tears of joy. The slip was ridiculous. The moisture was out of this world and, when I took down my braids….shine galore (*kids cheer “yay”)! My hair is normally extremely dull so this was an unexpected benefit and a great surprise. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I am happy that I can make such an excellent conditioner right in my kitchen. Next time I would probably mix this conditioner in a blender so that I could get it very smooth. I had chunks of gaur gum in the mix resulting in a piece getting stuck in my hair and having to rinse out the next day. But overall, this is my new holy grail! THANK YOU!


    • CC, thank you so much!! I shared your comment on IG and FB because I washed my hair yesterday, but didn’t have time to DC, so I was getting up today to apply my GM conditioner. I love it so much that I hate to skip that step AND I hadn’t washed my hair in two weeks and it was desperately in need of some TLC. Anywho, I got your comment and just had to share it!! With the guar gum, you DEFINITELY have to add it slowly and constantly stir. It’s also a good idea for the mix to be room temp. I have made the mistake of adding the honey and guar gum to cold GM and it definitely made the mix chunkier. And even then, I still have to make sure that I rinse well. I have made a henna gloss with the GM conditioner too and then I REALLY had chunks left in my hair when it dried. But, I’m too lazy. They weren’t highly visible, so I did NOT rewash/rinse. LOL!!! Anywho, using a blender isn’t a bad idea though!!

      Thanks again for sharing your results!!! It makes my day to know that something I’ve shared worked well for others! And, when people post their “reviews” here, I think it helps others who come across this post to know that it worked for many people and not just me! So, thank you again!



      • Shelli, I would have loved to be lazy and leave in the guar gum chunks, but one piece was so big I literally couldn’t undo one of my braids and I didn’t want to risk damaging my hair to get it out. lol Thank you for the suggestion on adding the guar gum slower while mixing. I will try that again next time. The conditioner is so good and I was happy to see my hair detangle without much effort almost instantly upon application. Hope that sharing my comment on your other social media sites helps someone else too. Have a great week!


    • Hi Tawnya, several people have told me that they’ve found it in grocery stores. But, most people seem to find the evaporated kind (with the other evaporated milks and/or in the baking section – that’s where my Shoprite has it) or the powdered kind. If all else fails, you can probably find it on Amazon.


    • Walmart sells a canned one by Meyenberg in their baking aisle. It’s condensed, and when I did my ice cubes (a la Shelli’s suggestion), I added less distilled water (just my preference) than recommended to have it a tad more stronger. GREAT results!


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  20. Goat milk? Where the heck is anyone suppose to buy that? o.o I’ve never seen goat milk anywhere….I’m gonna check Walmart though like Tee mentioned…and my favourite Korean grocery store maybe. ^^

    I already have some guar gum since I mix my own DC already …and got sick of the watery DC life. I had to upgrade. LOL


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  22. Tried the goat milk & honey hair mask & I have to say i’m pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have guar gum laying around so I substituted it with fresh flaxseed gel & instead of coconut or olive oil I used cold pressed castor oil. I’m so grateful to you for passing this knowledge along. This is now my new weekly treatment.


    • Niiice!! I imagine flaxseed gel provided some slip too! The guar gum provides amazing slip!! And you are so very welcome!! Thank YOU for letting me know how it worked out!!


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    • I freeze it as I suspect it has the shelf life of any other milk, a week or two. That’s why I always freeze it. I’m sure you can find some info about it online though.


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    • Hi Lauren, I have used the GMC after henna, but not with henna mixed with coconut milk. I do think that would be too much protein/strengthening. So, I would suggest using the coconut milk and following with a thick, moisturizing DC sans protein or use the thick, moisturizing conditioner in your henna and follow with the GMC as a deep conditioner. And thank you so much!


      • You’re welcome!!! Your blog is hair porn..Lol sorry..I just really like your blog. One more question. I’d love to try the GMC..how long should I wait to do the GMC after the H&CM? Like a month? Okay, I’m done. Idk how late I am CONGRATULATIONS on the marriage and baby. I’m probably all late..Lol Happy New Year!!!


        • You don’t have to wait that long as the GMC is a light protein and has moisturizing ingredients too. I’d say you can try it your next wash day or the one following that. And thank you!


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