Dry Two Strand Flat Twist-Out: Blown Out Hair



Yup. I’m at it again. Still trying how to figure out how to two-strand flat twist correctly, and still not getting it quite right. But, even with my less than stellar installation, the results were pretty good!! I know that I didn’t do them right because I didn’t have two clean sections when I removed them. But … good enough.

Anywho, the weekend before last, I was going for a wedding day hair trial with Jaded Tresses. So, I blew out my hair and she lightly flat-ironed it. A couple of days later, I decided to try another NaturalNeiicey (aka PGneiicey) twist out tutorial I’d watched weeks earlier. I was just hoping that my hair would look HALF as gorgeous as hers.

I had blown my hair out over the weekend and used a leave-in, heat protectant, and smoothing cream for that purpose. So, when I set it in the twists, I didn’t want to add any additional products to the length of my hair. Instead, I just spritzed the twists lightly with water after they were done. Then, I did use a little Deva Curl Set It Free (my unsung hero) on my ends before setting them on rollers. And, on day 2, I used my good ol’ Soft n’ Free Mold & Hold Wax for edge control.

(Click pics to see captions.)

Day 2 (better than day 1!)

End of day 2 (better than day 1!)

Okay, gotta go get in Day 258 of 365 Days of Fitness (it’ll be a short one because it’s late now). Oh, and I completed Day 58 of 365 Days of the Word earlier this morning. Update on both challenges coming soon!!


Do you do blow-out styles? If so, which styles do you prefer the most on blown-out hair (i.e. twist-outs, braid-outs, buns, etc.)?


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    • Thanks Lisa!! And guess what? I used Mold & Hold Wax on my edges on Day 2 and it worked great :)!! I updated the post to include the minimal products that I used. Realized I forgot to include that info initially!


  1. I was just watching her videos yesterday since my hair is still straighten from th wedding I was in. I tinkered around yesterday with flat twisting but I still couldn’t get the hang of it. Your results are gorgeous (as always).


    • Awwww, thanks! Your hair would like AMAZING styled like this. Even though I didn’t do it well, it still came out nicely. So, you should definitely give it a try, even if they aren’t perfect.


  2. Your hair looks great! I haven’t blow dried my hair in years. Not necessarily because I’m afraid of heat damage or anything….I just don’t like it for some reason. Looks great on you and others, however. I use rollersets and the hooded dryer to stretch my hair. Flat twists? Yeah, they are tricky. I stick to braid outs mostly because twists are too hard to do. LOL!


    • Thanks Nancy!! I want to do a Curlformers set soon and that stretches my hair well too. I don’t think I could manage a regular roller set anymore. I’d probably have hair sticking all off the rollers, getting snagged by the clips, and it would take FOREVER AND A DAY to dry!! LOL!! But, yeah, rollersetting is a great way to get stretched hair without the blow dryer or flat iron!


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    • No. The red in my hair is henna. I haven’t used a commercial dye since I started using henna about 4 years ago now! Most things I read suggest waiting about 3 months to use a commercial color after henna. But, the henna will impact the color as it bonds to hair. It can also cause splotchiness from what I’ve read. That being said, I know people who have used henna and then have successfully colored afterwards! I would suggest going to a professional or strand testing if you want to color at home. HTH! (Oh, and this is ONLY as it relates to BAQ henna. I you have used a commercial henna with metallic dyes, everything I’ve read has said, “DON’T DO IT!” Those non-BAQ hennas can react VERY badly with commercial colors)


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