A Kinda Big Announcement!



Okay, so some of you may remember that one of the reasons that I started my personal 28 Days of Fitness Challenge, which turned into 365 Days of Fitness, was because I said I wanted to get married this year and refused to shop for a dress fat. LOL!!

Welp, yesterday morning was Day 237 (I still have to workout today) and I’ve lost 25 pounds so far. Yup, I feel good (despite all the junk I ate at NY Comic Con over the last two days! Bleh!!).

So, all that to say …

I’m getting married guys!!!

Yup!! We finally set a date!! LOL!! And, it’ll happen by the 2nd anniversary of our engagement!! So, it really won’t have been that long ;).

It all just came together in the last couple of weeks. We decided to have a small private ceremony followed by a reception with a bigger group of our families and friends. But, there is something a little different about our locale. It’ll be shipboard on our boat at port prior to leaving on a 10 day honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean :)!!! Yeah … no. Not a destination wedding. The only ones “destinating” are Wei and me. LOL!!!


Anywho, can’t wait to share the full deets!! But, because you never know who is reading/watching, we’ll have to wait to do that until all is said and done! Plus, though I would love to share everything as I’m so excited about the concept, the dress, the hair, the shoes, the locale … I’m trying to curb my diarrhea of the mouth so that I can have a big reveal!!  But, needless to say, we are very excited and busy planning, but trying to stay as stress-free and low key as possible :).

Welp, that’s it. Just felt like sharing as I know some of you have been waiting for that announcement :)! Thanks for all your support, well-wishes, and encouragement!!

Lata Gatas!!!

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  1. Congratulations Shelli! I am very happy for you and may God bless the two of you! I hope one of your stops in the Caribbean will be St. Maarten.


  2. You know what, I have never been to a wedding and I always wanted to go! Please invite me. I dont mind sitting waaaayyy at the back, by the exit ya know. Shoo, I’d even bring my own plate of food to the reception. I’s cheap. LOL. Anyways, congrats!!


  3. Congratulations . . . on everything!!! I can’t wait for all the deets! Wishing you nothing but smooth sailing (pun intended) with all of the wedding plans. I am sure it will be uber fabulous!!!


  4. Congratulations, Shelli!!!
    You are going to have such a blast and you are certainly planning things right! I loved our wedding, but I remember on our honeymoon, I saw a couple who was heading out for their wedding on a small boat with some family and friends and thinking, “wow, we could have done all that a lot simpler and with a lot less stress!”

    I think you have the right idea! Weddings are beautiful but marriage is definitely about everyday AFTER the wedding day than it is about the wedding! Keeping it intimate feels, to me, like it is a reminder of that.

    You guys are such a cute and fun couple! Praying all the best for you and CAN’T WAIT to see how it all pans out!



  5. Congratulations Shelli!!! God bless you and Wei to have a wonderful life together. I love the picture of you two displayed here and can’t wait until you share the details of your wedding.


  6. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great way to do it. keep ceremony w/ those near and dear then throw big party with everyone. So happy for the two of you and your families as I know they are excited to see you two take your vows


  7. thank you for all the blessing and well wishes … in a time where there is so much focus on individuality and personal freedom i love that there is still a community that appreciates a commitment to love by two people. PLUS … i’m getting more and more excited with each day! it seems like i get a comment or message about it daily and the word gets out to friends far and near. We still have some time before the wedding occurs, so for now i’ll play it cool! OK … who am i fooling!?! on wedding day i’m gonna laugh and cry and act a fool in celebration! hopefully, for Shelli’s sake, there won’t be too many embarrassing pictures!


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