Warrior Dash 2013 (Morristown, NJ)



Now that I’ve woken up from my much-needed recovery nap 😉 …

The Opening Scene

It was a rainy and unseasonably cool morning as we drove to the parking lot site at 7:15 am for our day of reckoning. As the shuttle (i.e. school bus) transported us up long, winding, wooded hills, our sense of anticipation rose. We arrived 20 minutes or so later to see work friends waiting for others and we joined the group. The last of the crew arrived and we headed over to the tents to get our packets and hand over the waivers that essentially absolved the event organizers of any fault in the death, dismemberment, or disabilities (regardless of level of neglect) that might result from the dangerous mission on which we were all about to embark. We grinned in the face of death!

Then we herded into a holding area to wait 15 minutes for the next wave to begin. We cheered on the prior group as they threw up their Warrior Horns and were released through the gates of HELL (fire was literally shooting up on top of the start line).  Shortly thereafter … it was our turn. With a shout  of … “5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1” … WE ROARED AND WERE OFF!!! Jogging right into this massive, nearly vertical hill immediately in front of us, which kicked many a butt … but, we made it.  We survived the Warrior Dash (you can check out some of the obstacles that we faced here)!!

I’ll let the pics (and some captions ;)) tell the rest of the story.

That was a pretty dang cool way to get Day 167 of 365 Days of Fitness done ;). The muscles will need that hot yoga tomorrow!! Felt a Charlie horse almost kick in a few moments ago when I bent my legs up to take off my socks!!! Ate a banana with the quickness!! None of that!!



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  1. I did a similar obstacle race and it was by far my favorite race of the year besides my first marathon in Paris. So glad to hear you had a great time! Way to go! You rock!


    • Awwww, thanks Stacy!! I did the Rugged Maniac a few years back and it was so much fun, wanted to do another obstacle race!! I liked the course for Rugged Maniac better, but it was so much fun to do the Warrior Dash with friends!! Glad that you enjoyed your race and you go girl with your marathon running self!! I don’t think I’ll EVER do one of those!! I give you guys credit who do them, and then do them again and again! Whew!! I do NOT enjoy running like that!! LOL!


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  3. Wow, I bet that was fun! good for you. We have something very similar in Raleigh but I never participated. I’ll rethink it now. Keep it up!


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