Health & Fitness Journey Update


StrongCurves_CollageMy home gym has grown a LOT in the last month!! But, that’s a post for another day!

Since I learned that a lot of you aren’t following Hairscapades on other social outlets, I don’t feel like I’m rehashing old news by posting stuff I shared on IG and FB!! So thanks to those who completed the poll!!! It was really helpful!! *mwah*

That being said, I wanted to give you all an update on my personal 365 Days of Fitness Challenge. Although I haven’t updated on here in a while (I update daily on IG, FB, and Twitter), I continue to work out every day, mostly 30 minutes to an hour (but 10-12 minutes when time, energy, and/or location require it). As of this morning, I completed Day 162 (i.e. 23 weeks + 1 day).

On July 1st, I started the 12 Week At-Home Bodyweight workout from “Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building A Better Butt and Body.”  This program provides 3  different weekly, full body/butt training workouts for the first 4 weeks, a second series of 3 workouts for weeks 5-8, and a third series of 3 workouts for weeks 9-12.  The book includes several programs, including ones that can be done in the gym, workouts for beginners and advanced lifters, and lower body only workouts. It suggests incorporating High Intensity Interval (HIIT) sessions for the 3 alternating days a week.


I just started week 5 of the At-Home program yesterday. I do Strong Curves on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (workouts take about 1 hour with warm-up and cool down). The other days of the week, I do what I feel like. I try to incorporate kettlebell, abs of steel, running, and yoga into each week though, if possible.

This is what a typical week looks like for me.

Monday:  Strong Curves Workout A

Tuesday:  Kettlebell training with 20 lb bell and Lauren Brooks DVD (20-30 min.)

Wednesday:  Strong Curves Workout B

Thursday:  Treadmill (HIIT w/six-seven 1 min. sprint/1.5 min. walk intervals, 300 Cal Run/Walk, moderate run, and/or progressive incline walk) (30-35 min)

Friday:  Strong Curves Workout C

Saturday:  Treadmill (S/A)

Sunday:  Hot Yoga (Vinyasa Flow) (75 min.)

As stated above though, if time, energy, or location don’t allow, I might only do 10-25 minutes on my non-Strong Curves days. This is usually Abs of Steel, my short kettlebell workout, or a stretching video (relaxing, flexibity, or power). I even recently did a 10 minute YouTube video workout using my phone when I was away from home for a family reunion (YouTube is an amazing resource for all kinds of workouts)!

via Moms Into Fitness

And then there’s the improvisation to make up for exercises for which I don’t have the equipment at home.

day136(Chin-ups under a table and step-ups on a chair)

Now, I know what you’re thinking … “WELL?!?!?! With all of that, are you seeing results?” Why yes, yes I am!! Although my diet isn’t immaculate (I probably would be at my goal weight of 120 pounds [I’m 5’1″] by now if it were), I’m very happy to report that I weighed in at 123. 5 pounds this past weekend! That’s down 25 pounds from what I weighed when I started my 28 Day Health & Fitness Challenge in February!!!

weigh-in (7-27-13)7/27/13

And, I fit my size 4 skinny jeans!! WOOT WOOT!!


I know it probably doesn’t look like it, but the jeans on the left fit too! Just … very loosely! LOL!! In fact, I wore both pairs of jeans the same day. I wore the low-waist, stretchy, wide-leg jeans to work and changed to the high-waist, non-stretch, skinny jeans for dinner date night. It was a strategic maneuver to prevent myself from overeating!! I knew that I would feel it a lot more in those skinny jeans and would be discouraged from over-indulging due to the pain of the waistband cutting into my gut!! And it worked!! LOL!!

So yeah, I’m seeing progress, even in my most stubborn of areas ,my glutes and upper thighs! I’m not ready to share close-up and personal pictures yet (maybe I never will be?), but I am seeing improvements. And, at 41 years of age, I think that’s pretty darn good for 4 weeks!

And that’s where I’m at with my 365 Day Fitness Challenge. Oh!!!! And almost forgot! This Saturday, August 3rd, is my Warriors Dash!!! Oh. Em. Gee!! Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading and for all of those on Instagram and Facebook who root me along, you ROCK!! Your words, likes, and ♥ encourage and motivate me every day!!!! And I hope that my posts do the same for you!!


So, how do you guys feel about a “regular” Health & Fitness Spotlight ? I came up with the idea a few months ago and there was a lot of interest, but never executed. I feel like it would be encouraging to see the health & fitness journeys of other readers.

Whaddaya think??

(BTW: Already have my first spotlight lined up … *hint, hint*)


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  1. Ive been so neglecting this site. But Ive been following you on FB and the gram. And I love seeing you on our ramdom meetups.glad your doing well. The weight loss is wonderful. Hope all is well with Wei as well. Time to go shopping , I recently stuck my butt in a 2 piece swim suit and felt pretty good about it. I will be cruiseing next week so Im looking foward in sporting my fashion finds. Hope to see you soon.


    • Girl, I’ve been neglecting the site too! LOL!! Love seeing you as well hun!! Thank you, thank you!! Wei is good! He’s away for the week at the Black Theatre Festival in NC. He organizes/manages the Midnight Poetry show that runs all week. How are you doing on the weight loss?? I’m taking it the shopping is necessary because your clothes are getting too big??


  2. Congratulations on your weight loss!!! You are very dedicated and the results speak for themselves. Shelli you look fantastic!!! I love the way you alternate the exercises, however are you using a video to do the Hot Yoga?


    • Awwwww, thanks Margaret! As to hot yoga, no, I take a class at a studio. However, I did recently pick up Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown for days I want to do Vinyasa Flow at home. I’ve only done it a couple of times, but it definitely gets you warmed up and I got a good workout with it! Definitely has plenty of chatarungas to get up that upper body strength!!


  3. I love the health and fitness stuff! These posts help keep me motivated and give met good ideas. Have you ever visited He also has a YT page. There are some really good bodyweight workouts.

    Good luck on your WD! I did the Ontario WD on July 20th and ours was so much more challenging than last year.


    • Never heard of NerdFitness Smlisley! I’ll have to check it out!!! And thank you!! I need to look up what obstacles are at my WD as I have no clue!! I did a Rugged Maniac 2 years ago and I assume it’ll be similar. I’m just hoping to avoid a mud bath this year … ughhh … that was the only thing that I really hated!


  4. Yessss please keep giving us health and fitness posts(and a spotlight), I love it! It motivates me so much, I think your site is the perfect combination of how to live healthy + naturally!


  5. I would love this!! I’m getting married in 45 days then going to mexico the next day so I need all the encouragement I can get! Changing food habits not so bad. Changing eating habits not so bad. Changing both at same time is hard as all get out!! So seeing other people’s stories of triumph would be awesome. Oh yeah I think I received my jump rope but my apt lost it -_- so I’m saying thank you because I think I received it a while ago but they misplaced it and are saying it never came in yet I had the slip from the post office in my mailbox…


  6. Great Job Shelli! You look ah-mazing I pray at 41 I’m looking just as Fab.

    As for a regular health and fitness segement I think that would be awesome. As more black women begin to focus on healthy lifestyles its imperative that we support and motivate one another.


  7. Thanks to you I have purchased this book and I can wait for it to come in the mail!! I need to get on real fitness journey for my health and Im only 25 I have to do better and be better. I am researching different protein powders and found a brand called ABOUT TIME, have you heard of them? Or use protein powders? Looking forward to getting started on this fitness journey, love your daily instagram post 🙂


    • Awwww, thank you! I hope that you love it and it works!! I’ve never heard of About Time, but I do use protein powder. I used to be a Met-Rx user (back in my bodybuilding days). But, currently, I use Nectar protein. I LOVE it!! The vanilla bean torte and strawberry flavors are DELISH!!


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