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Summer Sexy 2013


by Weusi


I am really excited that summer is here.

I LOVE the summer. I love it when it’s hot. Some of you may remember my post from around this time last year when I talked about ways to beat the heat.

While I know that you are really looking for protective styles, you need to go here to find that info.

This is the S.O. corner … and I didn’t really expound upon much in the other post, but I feel like now is the time …

There is a misconception that naked women are sexy to men. Naked women are sexy to boys. Men recognize that a woman can make almost anything sexy! On this note … I would like tell you a few things that I think are SUMMER SEXY.

SO … in no particular order … (but in one sexy package)

Sun Dresses, Shoulder Blades, Ankle Bones, Nice Hands and Feet, Shoulders, Legs, Collar Bones

Jada-Pinkett-Smith legs

and my favorite,



Independently, these things aren’t necessarily  considered SUMMER SEXY. The key is to figure out how to make it look kinda natural … but special at the same time. I refer to it as the, “made you look” style, but not the “Look at me … LOOK AT ME!” style. You know what I mean here. It’s like the difference between … say … Niki Minaj’s “look at me” style versus the “I know you see me” style of Janelle Monae … or Kanye v. Common … Rick Ross v. Heavy D … Diddy v. Jay Z …  Donald Trump v. Russell Simmons … you get the point.

Just be you … know yourself enough to know what you are comfortable with rocking … when you do you and shine your light for the world to see, it’s SO much more attractive than someone who flaunts their assets … but it’s still ok to be different. so yeah, this summer, do what you do …

And ok … some women are sexy naked … like … Taraji posing in an anti fur ad. Part of the reason she’s sexy is that the nudity isn’t really about her. BUT … a larger part is because she’s just a cutie that’s naked! That was the kid coming out in the man! (I’ll explain the multiple personality traits most dudes try to balance in a future post!)

OH … and since we are talking about celebrating your inner and outer beauty … I’m gonna hit you with this …

Treasure by Bruno Mars

(This is the live version from The Voice finale)


because y’all were basically threatening me on here and on Facebook a few weeks ago … I figured that I’d be wise to slide this quick dedication to my ONLY ONE, Shelli.

Only One by PJ Morton

(Stevie Wonder is featured on the harmonica solo.) 

Don’t let of him being on Lil Wayne’s label, Young Money, scare you. This is one for the family cookout … HHMMMM, it might even be good at a wedding reception!