Serious … For Real This Time.


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I am a regular dude. I am kinda not telling the truth. I’m really more like a super-powered mutant in human form. Yep. I have super powers. But, I stay in my incognito, “Clark Kent” mode so that my secret super powers don’t attract too much attention.  No … I’m not telling you my power! I just said that it was a secret! Would Clark Kent tell!?! Anyway … With this being said, I am not from Krypton and super strength is not my secret super power. So, if I was attacked by a large group of individuals, that would not be good. Not good at all. 

Now, some of you may already know that Cipriana from Urban Bush Babes has been writing about the beat down that her boyfriend and his twin brother took from a cowardly group of 10-12 individuals over the Memorial Day weekend.

It was serious. In addition to the abuse incurred due to the racial epithets that were hurled at them as they were getting jumped by this mob, there were facial bones fractured and internal injuries sustained.

Cipriana and boyfriend

Due to Cipriana’s diligence, not the NYPD’s, there was actual footage of the attack obtained on video

I am writing this not only as a show of caring and support for a Significant Other within our natural hair community, but  also so that we hold the NYPD accountable for making sure justice is carried out against the perpetrators of the crime.

The more people that are looking at the video and know about this tragedy makes the entire community accountable because now you know … and with knowing comes a certain responsibility.

There is a petition to put pressure on the NYPD to see the case through here. And here is the most recent update on the case.

cipriana's boyfriend and his brother after recoveringA recent picture of the brothers (Cipriani’s boyfriend cut his hair after the incident).

If you didn’t know about it NOW YA KNOW …

Speaking of knowing …

  • Are you aware that they have started the jury selection for the Trayvon Martin case … more info here and here
  • AND on a brighter note, although I’m not going to tell you my super power … you can go see SUPERMAN/MAN OF STEEL this weekend and learn all about his!


Be Safe! Have a great weekend!


*** Cipriana & S.O. … We got your back!***








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