Kinda Serious Confession


weusi crazy faceby Weusi

I am not proud of myself right now, so I am going to try to make this a little funny.

We have been pretty carefree about sharing things about our relationship with readers. When things are good, we have no problem letting people know. So … what do we do now? Since Shelli has just allowed me to post my own blogs and since she spends more of her time and energy with you through her online presence via the blog, Facebook and Instagram, I figured why not communicate with her here. I’ve kinda cheated … and my reason why is confusing.

A quick troll of the internet and these are some of the things that come up as reasons why men cheat …

They’re avoiding intimacy. They crave intimacy. They want to know that they still “got it.” They want variety. They are not in love anymore. They are not “getting any.” They didn’t think it was cheating. “My significant other encouraged me to do it.” They lack willpower.

These are interesting excuses, because it seems that there is a sense of opposition and duality in some of the logic. This is also known as two-faced BS. There were two answers that kinda made SOME sense to me. One … they lack willpower. The other … She made me do it.

As for me, since connecting with Shelli, she gets most of my focus. When she is not with me, I walk around with the mindset of, “Shelli is my wife and my actions should be the same as if Shelli was right here.” Now, I think like that all of the time … and, in part, because of the fact that I have been blessed to almost always have a circle of beautiful women around me. And I mean FINE sisters of all shapes, shades, styles, backgrounds and of course … hair textures!

The kind of circle of friends that not only makes other people jealous, but also makes strangers start all kinds of rumors. Because of them, I have been able to develop one of my superpowers: the ability to not fall prey to the smiles, curves and feminine delights that others see as temptations.

(Check out the homey Whitney Mero’s fashions
ONION by Whitney Mero)

Well actually, not all of them. Here is my confession … I have strayed.

And, although this is a lack of willpower that has broken me, I can and will not take the full blame for this. Shelli is to blame … and you too! I know this sounds like a bunch of junk, but it’s true. I will explain.

I had barely even looked at a sister’s hair. Most of the time, I couldn’t tell a lace-front from a perm or blowout or braids or locs or natural. Well … unless it was messed up. Then, I met Shelli and … and it was all of you that got me caught up in the spectacle that is NATURAL HAIR. The blogs. The products. The process. The people. The events. And not just the outcomes. You have me wondering about process too. How did she do that? Is that a twist-out? What does she use? I was feeling guilty, so I need to say it … 

This is my confession. I lustfully look at other women’s hair … BUT they don’t mean anything to me!

I LOVE YOU!!! (and your hair!)


Please forgive me …



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  1. You “lustfully look at other women’s hair” ….? Shelli’s hair is everything! What more could you possibly want? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂


  2. it is “not lustful”, but a view with amazement that I have become much more aware of the care that many sisters put into their hair….and yes, sometimes how hair may be abused and/or misunderstood…folks in the ‘ hair’ business, not necessarily “hair care” appear to have a hook on our community…as one from the old school, I have learned to be less judgemental of those with “haaaaaaaaaaaair” and truly have always appreciated the natural woman….and I know the value of coconut oil …thanks Shelli and Wei


  3. LOL THAT WAS FUNNY . AS I WAS READING I WAS LIKE ‘ OH NO HE DIDNT!!” I tend to stare at peoples hair too! good story!


  4. I applaud a brother who loves our natural “crowns”, and appreciates afro kinky hair in all it’s variety and beauty. Shelli, he’s a keeper!


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