365 Days of Fitness



As many of you may know, I started a personal fitness challenge back in February. I was the heaviest I had been in my life, wasn’t fitting the vast majority of my clothes, eating horribly, inactive, tired, and pretty miserable. So, I needed a major jump start to get back into a regular exercise routine, which always gets me on track with my diet, in order to lose the excess weight that had put me over a healthy BMI. But, I also knew I needed something to do something that would push me past that 2-3 mark where it’s easy to fall off the wagon again.

So, I set a goal for myself to exercise just 10 minutes a day for 28 consecutive days.

“10 minutes. That’s it?” That’s right. 10 measly minutes. I thought, “How can I make an excuse to not take 10 minutes in a 24 hour day to exercise?”  So I knew that, with such a minimal commitment, I should be able to get back into a regular exercise routine. I also knew that, instead of trying to workout after work, when I was mentally and physically exhausted (i.e. full of excuses and unmotivated), I had to start working out in the morning. That way, I would capitalize on the motivation that was always there when I woke up (“Today is the day! I’m working out today!!”), but always inevitably waned over the course of the day (“I’m so tired. Tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow.”).

And now …

I T ‘ S    1 0 0    D A Y S    L A T E R!!!

That’s right. As of today, I have worked out a minimum of 10 minutes every day for 100 days in a row. I incorporate a variety of exercises (e.g. running, walking, HIIT, kettlebell, stretching, abdominal work, hot yoga, calisthenics, aerobics) and exercise about 30 minutes most days of the week. And, I’ve lost 19.5 pounds, completed a 9 week C25K training program, competed in my first 5K, and achieved new poses in hot yoga. So, about a week or so ago, I decided I was going to keep going. “Why stop at 100 days?” I thought. I still have another 9.5 pounds that I want to lose to reach my goal weight of 120 and am signed up for the Warrior’s Dash (a 5K obstacle course) on August 3rd. But, more importantly, I have been on a roller coaster with exercise, diet and my weight for the last 10 years and I need to break the cycle. From the age of 19-30/31, I worked out consistently and maintained a weight between 120-130. However, over the subsequent 10 years, I got into this pattern of 6 months on, 6 months off, which progressed in the last couple of years to 6 months on, 1 year or more off and higher and higher numbers on the scale :(.

So, this 365 Days of Fitness Challenge is to break that cycle. It’s to TRULY get back on the path wellness and consistently taking care of myself. I’m not a young chickie anymore and this yo-yoing is detrimental to my health and I know it. This is about far more than how I look (though that’s definitely a big bonus ;). It’s about how I feel and the quality of life I want for me and Wei as we continue to grow older. I believe in moderation in most things. So, I’m trying to eat and exercise in a way that I can sustain in the long-term, rather than in a way that exhausts me, makes me dread working out or restricts what I eat so much that I ca’t indulge every now and again.

PB_oreo_browniesOh yeah. I made these last week. Ate one. It was gooood.

That being said, this 365 Day Challenge is something that I am doing for myself. It is my own personal goal. It started one day, 10 minutes, at a time and it will continue that way. So, sorry … you’re going to be stuck with these health and fitness posts/updates for a while ;). And, I am not saying that anyone has to do this with me (though you are welcome to join me if you want ;)). But, if you have been looking for a way to “get back in the game,” why not set a goal for yourself, join a challenge, do something to hold yourself (or get others to hold you ;)) accountable?!? All it takes is a few minutes a day … one day at a time. You’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe some excess weight ;)) and everything to gain!!



Have you been on a roller coaster with your health/fitness/weight? How did/are you break(ing) the cycle?

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  1. Excellent goal. I just completed 30 days of fitness and I feel great too! I am also tired of of yo-yoing, and recently told my husband that I am not trying to lose weight, I am trying to be fit. By changing my mind set towards exercise, I had a successful 30 days, and I am happy to continue.

    You can do it Shelli!


  2. I’m in!! I was attempting the #CurlyandFit challenge but failed miserably… But as of yesterday I stopped saying “I’ll start Monday” or “I’ll start on the first”. I started yesterday! Only a ten minute walk but that was enough. Then I looked at your IG and got motivated to get up early in the morning instead of lying to myself like I was going to do it after work. I made a schedule for today (which I posted on IG to hold me accountable) and laid out my workout clothes like I saw you do in one post. And this morning it was nothing but net!! I left me lunch in the frige -_- but I grabbed an orange and a granola bar Woot! Thanks so much for the motivation and please keep up the post! Random I really got inspired when I saw your BBL DVD. I’ve had mine for a while but fell off and seeing your’s made me remember why I liked it so much=)


  3. I love your health posts and love your progress, absolutely fantastic! This is so inspirational and motivational, especially since I’m having trouble staying focused on my own goals. I just don’t seem to be able to get my diet down to what I want it to be!


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  10. Hi there! I’ve visited your site numerous times and finally took the time to read about your 365 fitness challenge. I am so glad that I did. I had no idea that you started out by setting a small goal of working out just 10 minutes a day? That’s awesome. Everything you’ve said is true – unfortunately, I’m in the same boat except a lot heavier . I’ve decided to do the same!! Beginning tomorrow morning, I will incorporate a 10 minute exercise routine for 30 days then build from there. Please continue to keep the post coming. Thanks for the motivation!!


    • Yup!! 10 minutes, that’s all and that continues to be my daily minimum goal. I usually do more than that, but if I don’t, I’m cool with it as long as I do something every day. Thank you so much for the feedback and I can’t wait to hear your updates too!!! You can do it!!!


      • It really is an awesome idea because it’s not an overwhelming amount of time to give towards your health (exercise wise). Once in the routine, you’ll want to put more time in but on those days when you aren’t feeling it, 10 minutes is sweet. I will be sure to keep you posted. Thank you so much!!!


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  16. I just started a 364 days of fitness with my friends and family that will end Dec. 31 2014. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m looking forward to it. Yes. Eating healthy is definitely part of it too.


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