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A couple of weeks ago, I was fudging around on YouTube and came across this two part series on using coconut milk as a hair treatment. I was immediately intrigued for two reasons. First, I love me some coconut oil! DON’T NOBODY better say nothin’ bad about COCONUT OIL. ‘Cuz that’s when Bonita goes OFF!! *teehee* Second, the YouTuber’s hair is RIDIC!! I mean, long as all get out and so healthy looking without a broken strand visible to the naked eye (whereas I have a ton from a rough, dry winter :()!! Now, I know her hair is not curly, kinky, or coily. However, I have always believed that we can learn things from a variety of sources and different textures/ethnicities as so many of the practices that promote healthy hair are the same, regardless of race/texture/hair type (i.e. moisture, protein, protection). And, given the benefits of coconut oil (did you see this recent article on CurlyNikki about the amazing penetrating capabilities of coconut oil?!?!?) and how great it works for me, I figured coconut milk (which has coconut oil in it) might be just as awesome.

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Part I: Extracting Coconut Milk

Part II: Applying Coconut Milk

Now, though I love the IDEA of using fresh coconut milk, #aintnobodygottimeforthat.  *LOL* So, I broke out  a can of coconut milk that I had in the cabinet. I had picked up a couple of cans a long time ago for a post-wash avocado/coconut milk/honey DC that didn’t work out too well (made my hair hard). But, I was ready to give this new use of it a go! However, first, I decided to research a little more to see if I could find naturals who had used coconut milk with success. And, I just so happened to come across these posts by my virtual curlfriend, Petra/Emily CottonTop: Coconut Milk Deep Condition and Results – Coconut Milk Pre-Poo.  In these posts, Petra shares a pre-poo recipe:

The recipe
Coconut Milk  – 4 tablespoons
Honey -2 tablespoon
3 of Your Favorite oils – 1 tablespoon each

… and her awesome results. I was sold!

So, I whipped up a batch of coconut-milk with Vatika Oil and EVOO, using only two tablespoons of oil instead of three. I heated the mix and applied to my dry dirty hair. Then I donned a plastic cap and my thermal heat turban for about an hour. I will say that the application process was messy and a bit sticky. But, my wash process went very smoothly and my hair felt stronger, moisturized and my twists were so plump, juicy and shiny!

So, this past weekend, I made a coconut milk pre-poo again with the leftovers from the prior week. This time, I added some Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose conditioner (I was hoping that it would thicken the mix, but it didn’t really) and applied and massaged plain, warmed coconut milk into my scalp too. Though the application process was still a little messy (I think I’ll use a small dye applicator bottle in the future), I had great results again. So, I’m really thinking this will become a staple in my regimen!! I will keep an eye on my hair to make certain that the coconut milk doesn’t begin to make it feel hard or brittle (due to the protein content). If it does, I will reduce the frequency of the treatment.

Finally, I don’t use much coconut milk for the treatment and it only keeps in the fridge for about two weeks it seems. So, I was worried about spoilage and wasting it. Fortunately for me, I discovered that it can be frozen into ice cubes to form convenient “serving sizes” for future use!!!


So yeah, all engines are a go!! Coconut milk pre-poo treatments are my new boo!! Time will tell if it results in strands as long, seemingly perfectly uniform in length, and unbroken as that YouTuber!! One can only hope ;)!!


Do you use coconut milk in your regimen? If so, what’s your recipe and process? How often do you use it? What benefits to you see from using it?


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  1. I love using coconut milk as a pre poo and also deep treatment. I haven’t done it in awhile but this post is sparking up fond memories if it. Plus I’ve never thought of freezing them! I will try that as well. Cool post bro. ^___^”


  2. I love the information you have here. I will definitely be trying this. Also like the way you kept it real…no time for extracting the milk! Love, Love, Love this!!!


  3. Shelli, have you ever checked out Dawn at Because of her, I use coconut milk in my henna treatments instead of water and apple cider vinegar. I also use it alone or with some ceramide oils (hemp or wheat germ oil) as a deep conditioner. Great stuff!


  4. Hmm, I’ve never tried using coconut milk as a pre-poo because I’m a bit averse to protein (makes my hair really brittle and dry and it’s low porosity) BUT after seeing this, I’m going to look more into and possibly give it a try. Thanks for this. 🙂


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  6. Excellent post. I have locs, but I’ll definitely give this a go for an extra moisture and protein boost. Love the idea of freezing the leftovers in an ice cube tray. Genius!


  7. So, I tried this concoction on my hair with some modifications. I used Coconut milk, vatika oil, and honey. Applied to dry, unwashed hair and applied plastic cap with beanie for over an hr. Then I rinsed the mixture from hair. While rinsing I noticed hair felt rough but, while I was applying it my hair felt soft. Hmm what’s up with that? In any event after all the mixture was rinsed out I examined the hair and it was nothing exciting that I noticed. Therefore, I am not sure that this will become a staple method or even tried again. I know everything isn’t for everybody and this may very well be one of those things. Also, maybe the fact that I have 4b/4c hair makes a difference seeing how others that have tried this have different textures which don different results.


  8. After my pre-poo/deep condition disaster two weeks ago i think i’ll give this tried and tested one a go. Thanks!


    • Monica, I always say that I have fake thick hair:). I have a lot of density in my crown, which makes my hair look thick. But, it’s actually very fine. Like, your fingers will go straight to my scalp if you put your hands in my hair. So, it compresses very easily. I just put it in 4 twists usually, pin it up and don a plastic cap and the turban.


  9. Is the smell of coconut milk very fragrant? My hubby is allergic to coconut, can’t stand the smell; refined coconut oil is ok though. I want to try this, but I don’t want to waste money if I can’t use it.


    • Ummmmm … I can’t really say Krystal! It wasn’t strong to me, but I don’t have the best sense of smell!! I don’t think it’s any stronger than coconut oil … but it smells differently, you know? I mean, it’s not that expensive, so if you just get one can, you can see if he can tolerate it.


  10. So I didn’t know if you meant to just freeze the coconut milk or the entire concoction. Lol. I made the concoction with EVOO, castor oil, and sweet almond oil. My hair was just wonderful after I washed it. Then I did a bentonite clay mask, and conditioned my hair afterwards with Garnier Triple Nutrition with EVOO and sweet almond oil. My ends are so dry and tangled now so I’m thinking that I’m going to use the pre-poo as a conditioner from now on.


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