EboniCurls Ebonnet Giveaway!!!



AWWWWWWW SOOKIE SOOKIE NOW!!!! As if the 15% discount code wasn’t awesome enough … that’s right!!! Eboni is donating TWO EboniCurls 4-piece Ebonnet sets for a HAIRSCAPADES GIVEAWAY!!! This just gets better and better!!

Want your chance to win a red or chocolate Cheetah Dreams set, which includes a double-lined Ebonnet, contrast pillowcase and TWO scrunchies? Well here’s all that you have to do!!!

  1. Follow Hairscapades.com →→→→→→→→.
  2. Like EboniCurls of Facebook.
  3. Comment below to confirm when you’ve done both AND, in honor of Mother’s Day, tell us why your mom rocks and/or why you’re a rocking mom ;)!!

All subscribers, old and new, are eligible!! Just make certain to Follow, Like, and Comment as instructed above!!

A winner will be selected at random within the week following the close of the giveaway!

The deadline for entry is Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12th, at 11:59 pm.


*No purchase necessary. A winner will be selected at random the week following the close of the giveaway. In accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that Hairscapades.com may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize. This contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws. Contest open to Continental U.S. residents only. One entry per person. Claiming of prizes requires an e-mail response to hairscapades@gmail.com from the winner within 5 days of being notified of winning. Failure to respond shall mean that the winner forfeits the prize and an alternate winner will be selected.


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  1. Hi, i ve done as requested, ( always followed hairscapades anyways) ,l ll love to say that presently i am not in very good relationship with my mom, because she is standing in the way of my happiness,so am guessing no gift for me?.


  2. Hey Shelli Bean!!! I’ve been a loyal fan of you and Ebony for a while now, so that part was super, duper easy. It is a little harder to say all that I want to say about my mom because she is my everything. She is not only a mother to her own children, but has had a hand in raising nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She is our biggest cheerleader, but will knock us down a notch or three, if we need it. After all of her kids were grown and out of the house, she went back to school and got both her bachelor and master degrees. She is a top real estate agent in our area and is very active in our church and community. She also sits on the school board for our district. See, I told you, I could go on forever. She loves everyone and is loved by everyone. I have the absolute best mom ever!!!


  3. I follow Hairscapades, and I’ve liked EboniCurls on Facebook. My Mom rocks because she raised my siblings and I to be the hardworking, responsible adults we are today. Thanks!


  4. I’ve done both.

    My mom rocks because she inspires me! My mom has retired twice from the school system as a teache. Now she runs her own very succesful business from her home making probably more than she made as a teacher. She never quits.

    As I mom, I now understand why my mom did some of the things that I did not like as a daughter. For example, being tough on me, not accepting poor behavior, refusing to let me “hang out” in the neighborhood. Motherhood gives you great perspective!

    I rock as a mom because I am trying my best to empower three little girls to be the best women they can be 🙂


  5. Just hit like and signed up as an official follower!

    My mom rocks because she took care of my grandmother for years while working full time and being a fully devoted wife, mom, and grandma. She has always put her family first and very rarely asks for anything. I love her to pieces and I’m so happy that she was able to retire early so she can now have some fun 🙂 She is truly an inspiration.


  6. I’ve done them all!

    My Mom rocks because she’s my Mom plain and simple! LOL…she’s always here for me and we talk about ourselves in the 3rd person when we do talk. She’s hilarious. I can remember her getting off early on fridays and afterschool me and my siblings would run home because we could smell the food she was making for us all the way down the road. I want my kids to remember me for some of the same things! Love her to life!


  7. Love the blog and ebonnet. I have done all three! Enter me please!

    My mom raised 5 amazing children. I love and appreciate her continued dedication to our family. Love you mommy. This bonnet’s for you !


  8. Both tasks completed!

    My mom rocks because she did one on the hardest jobs on planet earth which is to sacrifice, provide, rear, love, nurture, teach and remain dedicated to her children…in return she have two amazingly awesome children…#myinspiration! 🙂


  9. I have done both. Not to write a long story. I’m only 15 years old, but I really want to participate to just share how my mom rocks. My mom rocks because she was an immigrant from Nigeria and came to America with no education and $50. My father divorced her and left us with nothing, and my mom was strong, never gave up, and struggled to get her education (Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Nursing)! She also rocks because she is fun to talk to, so understanding, and plays a role as a mother and father. My mom also denies herself of fun sometimes and relationships just so she can take care of me every day. Also, she manages to revolve her work schedule around my school schedule so she can be home just in time for me. And she encourages me to be the great honor roll student I am (97 average)!My mom definitely rocks!


  10. I followed both, I had the most wonderful mother in the whole universe. She let me know when in right and wrong. She builds me up and taught me how to be a woman and most importantly her and my father introduce me to God and live a holy life before me!!! I love them both!!!


  11. I have done both as required!

    My mom rocks because she is always there for me. Her support is never ending. This year will be my first Mother’s Day and I can honestly say that I don’t know how I would have made it without her. I can only hope to be as half as good a mom as her. She is a phenomenal example of what a wife, mother and woman should be.

    Happy Mother’s Day ladies!


  12. Hello everyone!! First I would like to wish you all good luck on this giveaway!! I’ve been an Ebonnet customer for a while now . I have been following both ladies for some time now.

    I feel I should be one of the winners because I’m a mother and father everyday. I work a FT time, and have two boys to care for. It is the most challenging yet rewarding job ever.

    My mother has been my inspiration and my role model all my life . She struggled years ago to bring us to this country, working $2 an hr and commuting to another borough in a daily . I remember my mother couldn’t afford a babysitter therefore she would take my brother and I to work and would hide us under a table, so her boss wouldn’t find out. Took guts. Don’t worry we were fed and entertained under that table. I can keep going on and on.. She is exceptional !!


    • I can relate I am on the same level as the mom and dad of three. I held a FT job and was going to college which was a challenge just to meet a goal in my life. I was not able to fully complete my college courses but I’m not giving up the desire because I know it’s never too late. Your mother is a very strong women to be inspired by as I try to be that same inspiration for my children. A women of that statue is very exceptional.


  13. Hiya! I’d love to have an Ebonicurl ebonnet! My mom rocks because she’s the most determined woman I know, hard working, independent and always trying to better herself. 😀 Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s reading this post!


  14. Hello! I’ve done both and would love to win an Ebonicurl ebonnet. All of my mothers that God has blessed me with rock! They are very strong women, independent and strive each day to do the best with what God has given them. They are an inspiration to me. May God bless all mothers!!!


  15. “Liked” EboniCurls on FB! I am a rocking mom because I make an everday effort to teach my son how to Live, Laugh, and Love!!!


  16. I did both! My mom when she was here, was a phenomenal woman. Her presence is felt till this day. Quiet confidence, exquisite style and a beautiful personality; great cook, seamstress and hair stylist. She was the lady to bring everyone together; she was cool with everyone. I’ll be thinking of her this Mother’s Day as I do every year. I’m thankful for the values and lessons she instilled within me. God bless my mother!


  17. I’ve done both!!
    My mom is awesome because no matter how much crap I put her through growing up, she always sticks by my side when times get rough. She helped pay for my schooling and raised money for me to be able to study abroad. I’d be lost without her.


  18. I already liked both pages :)! My mom is the best because as the only girl with 6 older brothers she always had to step up and take on extra responsibilities, i.e., taking care of my grandmother when she had several strokes, taking care of my uncle when he became a paraplegic, and taking care of my father when he suffered a heart attack, double pneumonia, and emphysema. She is loyal to a fault even if others don’t deserve her loyalty. I’m blessed that I get to call her Mommy!


  19. I am following hairscapades and EboniCurls! My mother is just the epitome of what mothers should be around the world. She did not come from the best background, but she strived to have a better life for herself as well as her children! She is the trendsetter of our family. If it wasn’t for her guiding us in the right direction, we might not have got as far as we have in life. She is caring and always give to others! She is the best mother in the world! I always joke with her saying that I hope one day (whenever I have children) I can be able to give my children a portion of what she gave us. She just ” does” out of the goodness of her heart. She is beautiful and is the most respectful person I have ever known!


  20. Followed instructions! My mom rocks because she is hardworking, God-fearing, patient, kind, and a great cook. She spent most of her like sacrificing her own needs to take care of others. She gives all she has to take care of her family and makes sure that everyone in her life is comfortable. I must say thanks for this opportunity!!


  21. Yay! I have completed the requirements. My mom is so amazing she has been a great example to me and a rock for my family. She because of her I am able to be a great mom to my girls. My mom tells me she is proud of me and how great of a mother I am. I tell herI learned from the best. I pray that I am able to impart in my girls all the positive values and morals that she was able to put in me. My is more than just my mother she is my best friend and I love her so much.


  22. Done as requested.

    I rock as a mom because I’ve done everything my mom hasn’t. I use her life as a way not to be. I speak positivity into my daughters life. I let her know that she can be anything she puts her mind to. As a single mother I let her see me work hard, knowing it’s all for her, and that she doesn’t have to with a good education. Teaching her God based morals and values. To love herself before allowing anyone else to. Teaching her things that weren’t taught to me. I rock because I refuse to let the cycle continue.

    Happy Mother’s Day


    • Ha Ha! When I saw this I laughed. I always say I cant wait to be a mom. But if my child wrote on the wall id probably still get a little upset. washable crayons or not. For me it would just be the principal of it. I can just hear myself saying “Dont write on the walls” lol


  23. Check for both pages 🙂

    I want to thank my mom for raising me to love education, to be selfless with my time, try my best to go above and beyond, and to climb mountains despite the obstacles!! By doing those very things herself… I am blessed to have my mommy and can not wait the day I can share those traits and more with a child if my own.


  24. I am following both.

    I am so grateful for my mom. She believes in my dream, even it is easy for some to say to let it go and try something else. She has all ways allowed my brother and I to find our way. She has a big heart and open it to all that come her way. She fights when other would give up. She’s my hero.


  25. I’m following both. I’m grateful for my mother because she has set a great example for me and how to be an awesome mother to my son.


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