EboniCurls Ebonnet 15% Discount Code



It’s been a while since we’ve had a discount code around here!! So, why not bring it back with one of the most popular giveaway items that I’ve every shared, the EboniCurls Ebonnet!! (I know some of you have been eagerly awaiting this. ;)). From now until Mother’s Day (11:59 pm, 5/12/13), get 15% off of all EboniDreams Ebonnets at EboniCurls.com!!!! Wondering what’s so awesome about these bonnets? Then check out my review here: EboniCurls Ebonnets Review.

Just enter coupon code HAIRSCAPADES15 at checkout (excludes S&H) to get 15% off of as many bonnets as you’d like (1 for you, 1 for sis, 1 for your bestie, 1 for mom of course!!)!! Have at it!!


For up-to-the-minute news on restocking dates, new designs and prints, Like EboniCurls on Facebook!!



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    • Hi. The place to enter the coupon code comes up at the very end of the purchasing process. Once you’ve selected the payment option (PayPal Credit Card). It is at the end of the check out. Once you submit the order it will give you an option to enter the coupon code. If you dont see it or skip it I will refund you the 15% difference. But you should see it at the end. It is working. Thank you.


  1. Just bought one! Been wanting to buy a better bonnet for a while due to the oils that had been getting all over my pillows and leading to face breakouts, etc. Once I saw the video that showed that these charmeuse bonnets would keep that from happening, I knew I had to purchase. Got mine in the Artistic Flower pattern. Thanks so much for the discount code!


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