28 Day Fitness Challenge: Days 50-70



Okay, I have to get ready to head to the gym in a few. But, I know I have been seriously MIA on the blog for the last several weeks. So, I wanted to give a quick update in regard to my personal fitness challenge. First, I have now worked out for a minimum of 10 minutes a day for 70 days in a row. More importantly for me, I completed C25K on Friday!!! I did C25K in 2011, but think I fell off of it the last week/week and a half. I didn’t fall of because I ran into a wall (no pun intended ;), but because I took a break immediately before competing in a Rugged Maniac 5K obstacle race.

Anywho, I’m very excited to say that I am now running for 30 minutes at 5.4 mph! It ain’t quite easy yet, but I can do it!! I’m NOT happy to say that my treadmill broke at week 7 of C25K and I have yet to get my new one. So, I had to start going to the gym to run (yeah … I don’t run outside … yet. Now that’s it’s warming up, I’ll give it a try on the weekend). I should have my new NordicTrak by this Wednesday and will be happy to not have to run back and forth to the gym at 6 am.

Okay, it’s about time for me to get dressed to get out of here. But, here is a pictorial rundown of Days 50-70. If you want to get details of what I did each day, check out my Instagram or Facebook pages (I think you can check-out Instagram w/out being a subscriber!).

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The scale has been stuck the last few weeks … I went down to 134, but have been up and down the last two weeks. I know it’s because I’ve been pretty lackadaisical about dinner and have been relaxing my eating on weekends. So, this week, I’m going to get back on track with consistently eating a balanced dinner and watching what I eat on the weekends. Regardless of what’s going on with the scale, I’m definitely seeing progress.


And finally, I’m really going to try to give some hair updates this week! I plan to do a post every night after work, but I’m just so exhausted and have no desire to focus on a computer long enough to compose a lucid and worthwhile post!! So, I just do quick hits on IG, which I share on FB and Twitter!! If you follow me on any of those, you know that it has been an eventful few weeks in regard to wash day. I’ve tried new products, new techniques and had a traumatic detangling experience last weekend. Visions of a third big chop were floating through my head. But, I survived with (most of the) hair on my head! So yeah, I might not write as much as I usually do, but I’m going to really try to give you guys a little something! Thank you for your patience!!

Lata Gatas!!


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  1. Yaayyy! You’re doing it and you look fab!! Congratulations, this is so inspiring! Awesome that you’re taking time to do this!! I’m going to get my game on too (really I WILL!!), but this time focusing more on the proper diet – I am SO bad when it comes to eating regularly and “cleanly” – but it is so worth shedding some unneeded pounds and pulling on a new pair of jeans – Lè Sigh :D! Keep up the great work, it helps to motivate the rest of us too :D!


    • Thanks Funlayo!!! And yes, eating regularly and cleanly is probably the hardest part, but it feels so good to fit clothes that you couldn’t a couple of months ago. My fat pants are finally my fat pants again (i.e. falling off of me!!). Thank you so much!!


    • LOL! I think I got a good angle that day!! LOL!! I’ve never had a baby, but I have had a myomectomy, so I have what is essentially a c-section scar. It was soooo tough to get my abs strong again after that. I remember it took a good year/year and a half. So, after 3 Cs?!?! Can’t imagine!! I’ll have to have one if I’m blessed enough to have a little one:).


    • I think it was how the pants were falling and how I was standing Courtney!! LOL! Everyone said there was such a difference, I can see it in the pic, but personally, I saw improvement, but it wasn’t so major:).


    • Mochacurls, see above! ^^^ LOL!! Now, back in the day? When I was in my 20s and REALLY had abs of steel … I’ll admit to owning quite a few half shirts ;)!


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