Hair of (Last) Week: A Twist-Out to Remember



Yeah, I know this is overdue *hangs head*. Okay, it’s after 1 am right now. I fell asleep on the couch. AGAIN. And woke up at almost midnight. Usually I would just get in bed … but I felt bad for being so delinquent about blogging that I’m staying up to write this recap quickly!!

PRE pre-poo. *lol*

PRE pre-poo. *lol*

The Saturday before last, wash day went down as follows:

  • Pre-poo with Vatika Oil (1 hour).
  • Shampooed with an oldie but goodie, DevaCare No Poo (diluted in water).
  • Detangled/conditioned with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.
  • Deep conditioned with Darcy’s Botanical Pumpkin Seed Conditioner (1 hour w/heat).
  • Blotted hair damp with Curl Cloth.
  • Styled hair into 8 twists with Wonder Curl Butter Than Love Whipped on length and Get Set Jelly to control frizz and fly aways at roots.
  • Released twists while hair was still slightly damp (because I had the Wonder Curl Launch Party to attend) to fully air dry.

Okay, so I didn’t take any solo photos of my hair on that first day. But, Rece (A Hair Story) got a good one of the results, I think! LOL!!

Running my mouth as usual ;).

Running my mouth as usual ;). And yeah, I know. I still owe you guys that recap ;)!

The first pic above was Day 2 hair after re-twisting the night before. And here is day 4 hair (I was re-twisting nightly initially):


And Day 8 hair (on Day 4, I started bunning at night as daily re-twisting puts too much stress on my fine strands and resulted in more breakage than I like to see):


Oh, and here was the bun (and OOTD ;)) I wore the Friday before Day 8:


Spring was finally in the air!!

My hair held up so well on over the course of the week (not overly tangled or stinky ;)), that I didn’t wash it this past weekend! Instead, I experimented with a dry twist out and a new product that I picked up at Tarjay over the weekend!!


For those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already know what it was ;). The rest of you will have to check me out on one of those outlets or stay tuned for the next post, which will reveal the “mystery” product that gave me the results above!


So, here’s a question. I found that re-twisting nightly put too much strain on my hair, but left it looking great. So, I’m wondering:

Do you re-twist or re-braid nightly to preserve a style? If so, how would you describe your hair in terms of strand thickness (fine, medium, thick)? And, how does your hair fare with this technique?


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  1. When I flat-twist my hair, I re-twist every couple of days. I don’t think my hair breaks but I do have shed hair. I think my hair is a mix of fine and medium-thick strands. Sometimes I want rush to re-twist but it takes about an hour to re-twist. *Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!!!* So I just roll up into a pineapple and call it a night. When my hair gets longer, I hope to do bigger twists.

    I haven’t heard a ton of stuff about your mystery product but Alicia James on YouTube uses their product line, with a few other things and that’s it, nothing else.

    Speaking of products, I got Aubrey Organics GPB in my CurlKit and I love it! Especially the smell. Nice!!!!


  2. I used to rebraid/retwist and always ended up with loads of breakage, but I guess that was from way too much manipulation. I braid my hair in two cornrows before I sleep now. Rarely do I pineapple. Sometimes, I retwist, but loosely. I always follow this with a protective style for at least a week (after retwisting for about 4 days to a week).
    I still have super thick hair. I guess I lost a bit of my length and maybe just a tad bit of my thickness back in November when I wore a braidout and kept rebraidinh at night for a little over a week.
    I currently have a twistout, but since I had no need to head out today, I made a long braid down to th centre of my head and one up to that point, tucked the ends into the parts that lift off the scalp and donned on a satin scarf. I’ve had my hair like this for 24 hrs. This way, I don’t manipulate anywhere but my edges therefore, breakage due to out styles is kept to a minimum.


  3. My hair is bra strap length but fine. When I retwist, I do it in bigger sections to minimize the breaking of my fine strands. I also moisturize and seal with coconut oil for a bit of slip. It’s helped a lot!


  4. I am into the fifth month of transitioning to natural so my hair is at a challenging stage and I’m trying different techniques to keep it looking and feeling good for a week. I have thick, shoulder length, curly hair. When I flat twist, the next day I re-twist in very large regular twists. This seems to work better for me since it provides structure overnight for my relaxed hair. In the morning, I take the twists down using coconut oil. So far, so good. My hair has stayed in clumps better and without as much frizz as when I just pineapple.


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  6. I have medium to thick strands, and I have only done a twist out once since I’ve been relaxer free for the past 30 months! (I know, strange but I hardly wore my hair out when I was relaxed.)

    I have done braid outs on my mini twists (braid mini twists to get a wavy pattern). The first time I set them, I use smaller braided sections. After that I put in two braids on either side of my head to keep the waves in check. I have done the two braids every night for the 2 weeks of my mini twists with no issues. The key is to be gentle with re-braid/re-twist.


  7. I have fine, medium density kinks. I incurred some hair damage this winter, and am addressing dryness and mid-strand splits with diluted-conditioner finger detangling and co-washing. I have started regular protein treatments to halt the damage. Protein was the only thing missing from my regimen, so I said what the heck, I may as well give it a shot. I have a plethora of moisturizing products and the driest, scrappiest hair you’ve ever seen! LOL!

    I am just too tired of seeing little broken hairs all over my shoulders. My overnight twist-outs and re-twists always frizz by midday. By evening, my hair is a tangled fro.

    I believe the poor condition of my strands is the cause of my failed twist outs and re-twists.


  8. Super fine. It feels pretty fragile. I need to get back to henna. I do re-twist nightly and for a while I was rushing through it but I was dealing with way too much breakage. I slowed it down and make sure that it’s moisturized and coated with something and I’ve seen less breakage but I still need to make the protective styling happen more often. My hair feels so scrawny in protective styles but I need to make it happen.


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