28 Day Fitness Challenge Round Two: Days 36-43



So, I’m a little late with this and I’m keeping it short. I’m down 11.5 pounds as of this past Saturday and started week 6 of C25K this morning. Still working out daily and eating well mostly … though, I did indulge a little on Easter Day. However, though I enjoyed some mac and cheese, a little ham, and candied yams, I also filled half my plate with salad, had white meat turkey, passed on the bread and stuffing and practiced portion control. I didn’t stuff myself at all and I didn’t have seconds. Ummm … and I did have a little bit of dessert too *sheepish grin*. BUT, it was the lightest thing there and it was only about 3-4 spoonfuls. I resisted the sweet potato pie (oh how I love thee), coconut cake, pound cake and ice cream! Oh, and I started out the day with a green smoothie … learning of the day: NutriBullet does NOT do well with frozen greens :(. So, I bought a big bag of fresh kale after work today. Should have taken a pic … it’s GINORMOUS!!

Okay, yeah … short. Here’s day 36-43 in pics!! Oh, and captions ;).

Day 43: C25K Week 6/Day 1 (5.5 mph run intervals). Abs are coming in ... still got a ways to go, but seeing real progress.

Day 43: C25K Week 6/Day 1 (5.5 mph run intervals). Abs are coming in … still got a ways to go, but seeing real progress.

I’ll be back in the next day or two with details of the hair above and to share a recap of the Wonder Curl launch party that I attended this weekend!! She debuted her two new products, a Cleansing Clay Mask and a Deep Conditioner that round-out her line of products!! Okay … if you just can’t wait, check out these recaps by A Hair Story and Radiant Brown Beauty, who both attended the event with me and are on top of it ;)!!


Spring is in the air and summer can’t be too far away … right?  So, how you guys doing with your health and fitness goals? 

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  1. Hey Gurl. I havent been on here in a while cause Im so used to Facebook and Instagram. But I brought a Ninja for my smoothies. It was on sale for 79.00 at bed bath and beyond and I had a 20% coupon it came to $65.00 . I works well with veggies I can barely taste them . I’ve been incorporating spinning in my workout reg. I booty is too big for the seat and my inner thigh is brused . but it was a great cardio workout.
    I was going to attend the event but my parents came down to visit for Easter.


    • Tiffany noooooooooooooooooooooooo. When did you buy it? I got mine on Thursday and it was $99 and with my coupon it came to $70 something. I will straight go back for my extra discount lol


      • But Michelle, you got a NutriBullet, right? Tiffany got a Ninja. I watched a YouTube video demoing both and the NutriBullet out-performed the Ninja. Someone wrote the same thing on one of my IG pics. She said she put the Ninja away after she got the NB. Sorry Tiffany!!

        And, in regard to the greens … I think cuz it’s meant to use fresh greens and the frozen are heavy and dense? I may need to blend them with water first, then add the other stuff?


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