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28 Day Fitness Challenge Round Two: Days 29-35



Motivation. Thy name is Jarvez. LOL! Okay, just had to share a few photos from an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition that Wei and I were watching yesterday. We literally looked like this … TWICE … after his weight showed up on that freight scale. Then, we started cheering and sat up taller when, immediately after seeing his weight, he got down and knocked out 50 push-ups. On. His. TOES. So, I’m sure you won’t be surprised that this is what he looked like 365 days later.

ExtremeMakeover_WeightLossEdition_2Okay, maybe you’re a little surprised ;)!

He lost more than HALF his body weight and now lost more than he weighs!!!!! GANGSTA!! So, although my allergies are really messing with me the last few days., time to get C25K week 5, Day 1 done. This is how days 29-35 went down.

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Only lost another 1/2 pound this week, it seems. So, down 9.5 total. But, not discouraged. Andm after seeing Jarvez, no excuses … not even giving in to this one nostril that I can’t breathe out of right now!! Running might help it out!!



What helps keep you motivated to exercise?