“Heat-Free Hair” Movement



Okay, so this past weekend, I see the above picture on Instagram … and commenced to drooling. So big, long and lush!!!! So, imagine my jaw drop when I learned this was a weave! You read right!! A weave!! So yeah, I’m just doing this quick post to share these amazing natural weaves by HeatFreeHair.com. The “curly” hair is out of stock right now, but I signed up for the mailing list … ‘cuz, I’m gonna need to investigate!! Because, I’d love to try a texture that was different from my own, just like the one above!! I LOVE it!!

Anywho, here’s a little promo video I found online.

via heatfreehair

And here are some before and afters!!

Pretty wicked awesome, wouldn’t you say?

3/23/2013: UPDATE

I haven’t even watched this video yet! But, it’s Alex of The Good Hair Blog talking about her heat-free hair installation and I knew I had to share!

And to check out her post about the Heat-Free Hair Movement, click here.


So, whaddaya think? Would you wear a natural-textured weave? Would you wear a texture like yours or would you like to try something a little different?!

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  1. I would try this! it would be perfect for days when I just want to switch it up. I would love to try a curlier texture but going with my hair texture would be cool. I am loving that instagram pic with that hair. Give me big(ger)hair lol!!


  2. I would definitely try it out. It’d be great to switch it up, try new styles and wear a non protective style look while protecting my hair!


  3. I would pump up volume with some clip ins in the back…This is coming from a girl that does not even wear weaves, but I loved Alex’s look.

    Question though, where are they getting this hair from? Can you imagine that some 4A-B girl chopped off 22 inches of hair and handed it over! That’s some serious stuff.

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  4. I first saw India with Heat free hair on Instagram. I checked the website and it looks pretty interesting. I think I might try it in the future; either my texture or a different one. I think you should definitely try it Shelli! A different texture would look great on you!


  5. i was equally excited when I saw this because where I live winters get brutal and long….say late april 30 degrees still smh. So i was contemplating buying one…until i noticed the price tag. I’m a full time student, part-time worker, and an overtime broke person so alas, i’ll look on in awe 😦


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  7. I was extremely excited about this hair, initially…..Last month I purchased 2 bundles of their For Kurls (a week apart). One bundle was 3B-4C & the other bundle was 3C-4A (per order slip). I was confused because not only were the textures different, but website said the Kurls collection is ‘made to blend with 3C-4A natural hair’…ok, where did the 3B-4C come from? The website does not allow for you to choose between 3b-4C or the 3C-4A For Kurls. I guess you’ll get whatever they have but they should allow that option because the bundles are completely different. I am upset because I’ve sent 7 emails (with pics & a copy of my receipt) asking if maybe I was shipped a For Kinks by mistake, but no one will respond to my emails. I even tried to reach out on Instagram only to have my comment deleted & and my IG account blocked from contacting their page. As you know this hair is not cheap. And after spending $340, I am furious at the way I’ve been treated. With no phone number to make contact, customers are left leaving multiple email messages only to receive an automated generated email in return. AND if you want to return. it must be done within 7 day of receipt…which means nothing if no ones personally responding to customer emails. I am leaving for a trip this weekend so I went on and installed the hair. During the installation, I had cut the tracks & add a few tracks of the one bundle & then add tracks of the other bundle just to blend the different textures. LIVID because I normally don’t cut the tracks!! With the different textures & the down right disrespectful customer service, its so hard for me to enjoy this hair or have anything good to say about the company or her product. I am so sorry for writing a book, but I feel it necessary to tell my story and I plan to do so every chance I get. Buyers beware!!
    Happy hair growing!!
    Instagrams: NaturalArt71


    • Oh wow! That is horrible :(. So sorry that this happened to you and that you never got any resolution. That is not right!! Thank you for sharing your experience as it may help someone else!!


      • dang, thank you for posting this and i was literally coming on her to GLADLY jump on the band wagon! this breaks my heart because the website looks pretty. this is the problem with buying “natural” hair on line. i have purchased extensions to match my natural hair and failed trice. while the results weren’t horrible i know it could have been better. one hair wasn’t “natural” enough (and the hair was bad) while the other hair was too “natural” and did not blend with my hair. based on these 2 purchases, i have learned not to “buy before you try”. while i am not associated with the this person, i will say that i went to this local shop in miami called haute locs. the young lady seemed helpful and i am going to purchase the hair. i held off because i am an actress and it was the busy season in miami and whether i like it or not, my straightened natural hair pays the bills. with in the next few weeks, i plan to try out the haute locs company and hopefully, if the results are good, i will take updated acting headshots so i can take to auditions. (it scares casting directors when they expect to see a prim and proper styled young lady but you AND your afro walk in like BAM!)

        any who, PLEASE continue to post your story because there are others ready to spend money or give it to companies that don’t deserve it.

        like i said- i am NOT affiliated with this company however, they responded to every email and at least i was welcome to come into the shop and “play with the hair”. here is the ig link: http://instagram.com/uhmanda_b#


        • Just wanted to update you guys…HeatFree Hair finally made contact with me a couple of weeks ago. They explained the issues they were having & apologized for my experience. They also offered to replace the hair. Which they did. They ended up replacing both bundles. I am so happy because one bundle tangles & mats up horribly. She explained to me that their vendor used another company to do the steam processing on the hair & the texture (they found out after the fact) was NOT what they, HeatFreeHair advertises. So, I’m assuming I just received a bad batch. I have not installed the new bundles but plan to do so in the next couple of days. I will keep you all updated on the results. Pray for me y’all. I wasn’t prepared to take this out and re-install for at least another 5 weeks.
          Happy Hair Growing Curlfriends!!
          Instagram’s NaturalArt71


          • I am going through much of the samething except I ordered my product on July 19 and havent recieved anything. Ive emailed twice with no response. The only email I have recieved is the one saying they recieved my order.


        • Thank you for the info. I am definitely looking into different companies, so i will check them out too. I too prefer to spend a little money on my hair because I like to re-use & before I make my final selection, believe me, I’ve read all types of reviews & comments etc. It’s funny because I stalked (and I mean literally) stalked HeatFree, Indique and ONYC websites daily for almost 2 months. After following HeatFree’s IG page & seeing all of the positive comments, I decided to go with them & its been a battle every since. From the customer service to the ‘bad bundle’ received. It’s really a shame because the hair is so pretty!! Nonetheless, they’ve since made contact with me & replaced my entire order, which I’m thankful for. I have not installed it yet but will keep you all posted. Good luck on your acting career!! How exciting!!!


  8. Has anyone had problems with the Kurl collection becoming hard and very tangled? I have used leave in conditioner, Carol’s daughters moisture spray… the hair has gone from curls to a hard, coarse afro. Where did I go wrong?


    • I had the exact same problem with tangling and matting with the For Curls. No matter the product, once the hair was completely dry it tangled & matted terribly. I’m sorry to hear this is still a problem for them. I assumed I’d just received 2 bad batches. (My review is above, was posted last year.) Cantu shea butter worked well but like I said, once dry, matting occurred regardless of product. Smh!! The hair is way too expensive for those issues!!


      • I had the exact same problem with tangling and matting with the For Curls. No matter the product, once the hair was completely dry it tangled & matted terribly. I’m sorry to hear this is still a problem for them. I assumed I’d just received 2 bad batches. (My review is above, was posted last year.) Cantu shea butter worked well but like I said, once dry, matting occurred regardless of product. Smh!! The hair is way too expensive for those issues!!


    • I am currently having this problem and had been wondering if anyone else had this problem with the for kurls. I literally can not wear this in a wash and go for the reasons you stated above. I have to do a braid out in order for it to not mat up and look like a coarse Afro. I also don’t know where I went wrong either. My friend ordered this hair in a 16 and 18. She puts little to no product on her hair and she has defined curls with no braid out/twist out. Her hair also hangs slightly past her shoulders in a wash and go style. I wanted that look. So, I order the same lengths. However, my hair shrinks up to my chin in a wash and go and mats! Frustrating.


      • I really hate to hear that. I know exactly what you’re dealing with. You didn’t do anything wrong. You received a bad batch just like I did. I say that because my friend purchased the same for Kurls hair at the exact same time I did & her bundles were perfect! Not only did my hair tangle & mat but the 1st 2 bundles I received didn’t even match. One bundle had a tighter more course curl pattern & the other had looser curls. It was a disaster. I spoke with a representative & she said that they had gone with a different vendor & something about the ‘steaming process’. The replacement bundles they sent matched & the curls were so pretty (& popped once detangled) but quickly began to mat as it dried. I would make contact with them, if you haven’t already. That hair cost way too much for them to have those type of issues. I found some hair by KinkyCurlyYaki (Afro Kinky Curly & Kinky Curly) and it was absolutely perfect! Best of luck to you!


        • Thanks for sharing your experience. I had the exact same experience as you. I was able to get the issue resolved this morning. They are sending me replacement bundles as well. It was their offer. I didn’t even have to ask. They are putting the bundles in the mail this afternoon. I have to give it to them. Their customer service when it comes to these issues is on point. Like you said, this hair is very expensive. So when their customers have issues, it great to see they accomodate them.

          Side note, I just followed you on IG. I love your many different natural and protective styles! I am natural as well and I think we have similar textures and length of hair, so I had to follow! I love finding new hair inspirations. Those bombs twists were cute!!! I actually used to get my hair done by Nafy when i wore braids. Take care!


          • Thank you so much! I’m glad they rectified the problem & are replacing the hair. I pray it’s 100% better!! What’s your IG name? I follow back=)


    • Unfortunately, I do not have a number for them. I emailed them from their website “contact us” or “customer service” page and they responded quickly. I was concerned after reader other’s experiences with the company not returning their emails. However, that was not my experience. Sorry I could not be of more help.


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