28 Day Fitness Challenge: Days 22-28



YES!! I did it!! I worked out for a minimum of 10 minutes a day for 28 consecutive days!! And, I’m feeling so good, I plan to keep it going for another 28!! I’m really on a mission to lose this weight maaaaaang!!! LOL!

On the diet front, I was really challenged food-wise this weekend too. If you don’t know, I am a massive buttercream icing FIEND!! Like, I’ve eaten it straight out of the tub #dontjudgeme. So, I’m not kidding you when I tell you I had to exercise great will power to not indulge in even one slice of the desserts that abounded at my sister’s house this weekend. I went down for a surprise going away party for my bro-in-laws best friend on Saturday night and a girls’ book club meeting on Sunday. I knew that this would be a real test, but I was dedicated to succeeding as I felt this week 4 was so critical for me in regard to staying on the path to losing this weight. So, I did not partake of the carrot cake, carrot cake cupcakes, banana pudding, vanilla cupcakes or red velvet cake. Okay, wait, I did eat one spoonful of my sister’s low fat banana pudding … no cookie in it though. But that was it!! On Saturday, I mostly ate fruit and veggies and took small portions of shrimp, a spoonful of an Asian chicken salad, two turkey meatballs and two spinach balls. On Sunday, it was fruit and veggies again, one small boneless BBQ wing and the insides of two roast beef, grilled onions, pepper and arugula sandwiches.

Why did my sister make me take the cake to bring to work?!? She’s killing me!!

So yeah, as of this morning, I’ve lost 9 pounds. Woot! Woot!! Have you ever noticed that the same exact weight looks and feels different on the way down versus on the way up? When I’m gaining weight, it is “sloppy,” because I’m inactive and eating badly. So, my stomach protrudes, my posture isn’t great and I’m bloated. When I’m losing weight, my body starts getting tighter, my posture is better because my core is getting stronger and I don’t retain as much “water weight.” So the same exact weight that felt sucky on the way up, feels so much slimmer on the way down. Go figure!!

Anywho, getting through the first 4 weeks of exercising and diet is so critical for me. From here on out, it should get a little easier as I’ve gotten used to the morning exercise routine, I’m getting in bed by 11 pm, I’m not hungry all of the time and I feel good!! So, yeah, I’m pretty psyched and feeling really motivated!! C25K Week 4 starts today and I’m going up from 9 minutes of running to 16 though!! Dang!! They just changed it up on a sista!! But, that’s okay. ‘Cuz, I’m gonna get ‘er done!! 😉


Time for 28 Day Fitness Challenge, Round TWO!! Who’s with me?!?!


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  1. Chile I totally felt fat last week. I gained 4 1/2 pounds!! Eating. that’s all I can say. This week is a different story though.I lose my mind for a week and get back on track!

    Congrats on your 9 pounds 🙂


  2. I don’t know about the every day thing because I’m on a MFP challenge that is kicking my you know what…but I’m definitely behind you on this 5-6 days a week (I have a 10k on Mother’s day and I need to take myself out in this cold Canadian weather to run). I was just given the go ahead to start working out recently and I’ve been taking advantage. I was in a car wreck in Dec. and I was unable to workout so I got a little softer. Reading about your challenge is helping me stay motivated. Let’s Get It!


    • Samantha, what does MFP stand for? Mind you, by the time you respond, I’ll probably have already looked it up, but it might help someone else reading the comments ;)! LOL!! And awwwww, thank you!! And it’s good to know I’m not alone in this!! These comments make me think it’s worthwhile to continue posting about my Fitness goals/progress!


      • Sorry I took so long…My Fitness Pal. I use it to track what I’m doing but I am also building a community of supportive friends (I even found some on the CurlyNikki Forum). Right now I’m doing a 13 week challenge and the challenge creator is really good at getting you to move and stay in a positive frame of mind.


  3. Congratulations! You have really inspired me! Because of you, I have been dancing (hip hop, ballet, jazz, whatever suits my fancy) 4 times a week for an hour each session and I feel great. The other 3 days, I walk for 20 minutes and do 60 push ups and 60 squats. This is my third week and it’s awesome. It’s not about weight loss for me, but I feel my body tightening and toning up.

    I feel good.


  4. Yayy, fantastic! You go girl! I’ll be starting up a new programme after taking a 28 day hiatus, so funny how this turned out :D. But it’s such a wonderful feeling to take charge of ones health and fitness and your good news is totally inspiring!


  5. Congratulations! How do you like the kettleball workout? I’ve been doing that and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I was stalled for a minute but I think that workout helped the weight start to fall off again.


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