28 Day Fitness Challenge: Days 15-21


c25K_workMy hair fell out of the bun. I can’t stand my hair
down when I’m exercising.

Still going strong!! I’m very happy to have week three of my 28 Day Fitness Challenge under my belt. I’m down 6 pounds now, which is an average of 2 pounds a week. This is great for me as I usually don’t see the scale move much my first month of exercising and getting my diet back on track. I’m not feeling tired like I was the last time I did this challenge and I think that has a lot to do with morning work-outs … and getting in bed by 11 pm (sleep is sooo important). So I don’t foresee any problems taking it all the way to the end this time! Yea!!

And, here are Days 15-21 in pictures!!

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On a diet note … despite encountering these for $0.99 at the register of Panera on Friday night …


Red Velvet COOKIES?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!

I walked out with this, as planned …


Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. DELISH!!

A little trick I use to take the calorie count down on this salad is request the half-size salad portions of the nuts, cheese and dressing. By doing this, I shave 165 calories off of the salad, taking it from 550 to 385. All the flavor for 2/3 the calories!! WIN!! Oh, but I earned a free bakery treat the next time I go to Panera … so, I can’t make any promises that I won’t walk out with one of those cookies the next time …

And to wrap this up, on a hair note, I washed the mop and FINALLY did a two step henna/indigo this weekend!! I actually did a full head, full strength henna treatment, which I haven’t done in over a year. So happy to be done with that as my roots were looking CUH-RAZY!!


Sorry, no after pics yet. I set my hair in braids on Saturday night and released them late on Sunday to bun it. My wash day went down almost exactly the same as the last one, which I ran down here, except I did the henna/indigo treatment after shampooing/detangling and set my hair in braids instead of twists. Other than that, the steps and products were the same with one other exception that I think made a HUGE difference in my detangling session this weekend. It was a BREEZE and I was so ecstatic! I’ll be sharing what I did differently with you guys very soon in a post about detangling techniques. So, stay tuned for that ;)!!


I’m starting C25K Week 3 this morning!! How did my 28 Day Fitness Challenge ladies doing or any of you who are working towards health & fitness goals?


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    • LOL! Thanks lady! Are you doing a two step henna/indigo or a henndigo? Henndigo doesn’t work for me. I do two steps, 4 hours with henna and then an hour with indigo. It took pretty well in the back of my hair, but I noticed that I still had some red at my temples, where I also treated the hair with indigo.


      • I’ve been doing the henndigo. I’m usually too lazy to do the two step. I have a grey strip in the front of my hair also but it really looks kind of rust colored. The indigo did take along the length of my hair but not at the roots. My co-worker found some cheap indigo at a halal grocer near our job. I’m going to see if I have better luck using that brand because her color turns out great.


  1. Question: after you set your hair in braids, how do you transition to a bun? I washed my hair and set it in twists. I slept in a satin DuRag overnight. After my hair dried, the length of my hair was cool but my roots were poofy like and afro and not smooth! Help – what do you do?!!!!!!! xoxox


    • Hi Monica, my roots don’t really get too puffy, just the nature of my hair. My hair is more prone to unravelling at the top of twists, so that is why I braid it. That being said, braids allow you to keep the hair tighter to the scalp than twists and will reduce puffiness. So, you could try braids or if you like the look of twist outs, try braiding just the first inch of the hair before you start twisting. Cornrows and flat twists can also give a tighter to the scalp set. You can also try securing the roots of your twists with bobby bins or clips to keep them flatter and, finally, using a heavier gel product at the roots prior to braiding or twisting and then tying the hair down with a scarf until it is dry can help flatten the roots too. When I do a bun from a fresh set, the hair is usually very defined and it looks nice. But, after day one, it gets frizzy and fuzzy, so I mix shea butter and Eco Styler Olive Oil gel in my palm (about a 50:50 mix) and smooth my edges down with it, brush lightly to smooth out anything that looks wonky, then tie down for my drive to work. It’s all dry and set by the time I get to work and I remove my scarf. Hope that helps!!


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