Hair of the Week



As I said earlier this week, bunning is back in full effect in the Hairscapades household ;)!! So, just sharing a few pics of my hair through the week. It really needs to be washed now and I may henna tonight (hope it takes as it’s been sitting in the fridge since I thawed it this weekend!).

I let it down for a few minutes …

downhair2downhair2 downhair3

But put it right back up shortly thereafter (as pictured above and here) …

photo 2

Played around with an old school favorite, the high and low twisted ponytails :).

(I didn’t wear this out of the house, but I’m sho’nuff bringing it back this summer ;)!)

And then bunned it up again.

photo 3

And now I’m back in the top bun again ;). But yeah, need to wash this mess. Time to hit the showers and venture out into the snow!! Dang, where’s Wei when I need him to clean off my car?!?! I’ve gotten so spoiled  having him around ;). LOL!



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  1. Your hair is so gosh darn gorgeous!!! It is so hard not to be envious. I’m trying, but the hi-low ponytails are making it extremely difficult!!!


  2. Shelli, I love all the styles esp the old school ponytail. That is a great idea for spring/summer! Are your buns heavy with the hairpins? Sometimes I have that issue and have to take it down. lol


    • No, not at all … cuz my hair is fake thick! LOL!! I love the hair pins, because they don’t snag and I’m able to secure a bun with 4. Sometimes they pop out though, so that is annoying! I still haven’t quite mastered them, but I’ve gotten a lot better.


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