Nike Studio Wrap Pack: Yea or Nay?



So, I’m a big fan of hot yoga. Started doing it in 2011, fell in love, bought a whole bunch of classes on sale, fell off, and just started going again this past Sunday after a long “hiatus.” Anywho, my sister (Shana again ;)) posted the pic on the above left on IG today. At first, I was like, “Nah. That looks like too much work.”

However, being the curious person I am, I had to investigate further. I found the following review post on RenewedFitness.orgThe New Nike Studio Wrap and in it was this video:

via Wendy Lam

Hmmm … the wraps are not necessary? Maybe I spoke too soon …


And they come with a wash bag too …

nike_studiowrap_laydown_14881FRICK!! Now I want a pair!!!

But, these jokers are $110 on Nike Store! So … playing the waiting game for the sissy to tell me when they are at the Nike Factory store at the outlets ;). The cover flat is more of a summer shoe anyway ;).


Any other “Hot Yogis” out there? If so, whaddaya think? Would you give the Nike Studio Wrap a whirl?


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  1. i would start up yoga (again) just to wear the shoes.. my daughter takes ballet.. curious to know how she would like them in her dance classes… nice alternative to the traditional ballet show… and i really like the “hygiene” aspect of it in yoga classes…


  2. Like them for yoga class. I told my old butt that I would resume my ballet classes this summer. Would be good to use these shoes for both. However I’m in no rush to buy them. I’ll wait for the hoopla (if any) to die down as well as the price.


    • I love that pic!! They said that this is for barre (I need to look into that!) and ballet too!! But yeah, I’m gonna need that price to go down before I buy them. Hoping that the outlet will get them sooner rather than later.


  3. I love these shoes….especially the barefoot look. If I could just not wear shoes I would, I love being barefoot and these shoes are HOT! I don’t know about forking over $100 for these cute shoes, meanwhile I can wait for the price to come down a little.


  4. I’d love to try them once the price drops. I am tired of my feet slipping in some of my warrior poses and such. I blamed my mat all this time, and didn’t think it could be my feet that were the culprit o_O


    • Sassy, it’s a combo of both. I have always used a towel on my mat, but those move around too. Last year, I purchased what is supposed to be a mat from Marshall’s. But, I planned to use it as a towel on top o my mat as it is thin and has rubberized strips on the underside. I used it last week on top of my mat and it was great!! It barely moved at all!! Lululemon also makes an anti-slip mat that my instructor and one of my BF’s uses and they said it is amazing. BUT, that joker is expensive too. I think it’s almost $70? My towel/mat was only about $15-$20.


  5. I’m also obsessing over these! I bought one of those hot yoga towels that they sell in Sport’s Authority that you lay over your mat. They are thin and help with the slipping, but it bunches sometimes which is irritating. My instructor was telling me she washes her mat in the washer with a little bit of bleach and swears it makes it sticky haha.


  6. Uhh nooo. I’m usually barefoot for yoga. The purpose of yoga is to connect with the ground which is why you take off your shoes. lol But for dance i think this has possibilities.


    • I was just thinking that exactly! How would I learn to use my feet properly if I had something on them? If your feet slip a lot then it’d be great, but I never had that problem so I wouldn’t bother. Then again it’s been years since I’ve been in a yoga class so I’ll shut up now. lol


      • I think these are similar to yoga socks and you still have the feel of the ground. They don’t give support like a sneaker would. I take hot yoga, so my feet do sweat and get slippery. The thing is, so do my hands!!! So, I don’t know that the shoes alone would eliminate the problem entirely! LOL!! I’m not looking at potentially getting the LuluLemon The Mat, which has a surface that isn’t so slippery. But, it’s expensive too!! Maybe I’ll get it for my birthday, since it’s not too far away ;).


  7. I’m late to the game. But I am a Yoga, PiYo and soon to be Bootybarre teacher. I also live in Wisconsin and my feet crack so these little beauties are a lifesaver. That being said, I waited till they were on sale;)


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