Wash Day Shenanigans


My sister tagged me on this pic on IG …Washday


That’s a Bible in the front y’all!! You know sometimes we have to call his name when we’re trying to detangle this mess! “JESUS!!”

And before you start talking about the broccoli, pudding, chocolate sauce …


#realtalk #truestory #truth #Imjustsayin



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  1. Too funty! But since Naptural or Mahogany are not my hair twins – I wouldn’t be falling for the old banana in the tailpipe trick!

    The WORST natural thing I ever put in my hair was cream of coconut. Yes, that milky white Goya stuff in the international food aisle. Put it in the fridge to separate the liquid. Slept in it. Hot mess.


    • TTIOT, I just used them as an examples … I should have said, “If [Insert your favorite blogger here] said Ranch Dressing … ” LOL!! I tried a coconut milk mix once … made my hair hard, so I never used it again. I didn’t sleep in it overnight though. If you hair is like mine, I can imagine that would have been a nightmare.


  2. Funny! I had been playing in my hair while drinking some water, and shed hair found its way in the glass. Took a gulp and spat it out, Like what in the world is that! My hair in my mouth! Wretched. My husband says, “Man, with all the fruits and nuts you put in your hair, you would think your hair would be tasty.” This post affirmed his quote.


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