I wasn’t Sexual Chocolate!! LOL!! Just coming on here very quickly to share the results of the set from the other day for my ladies who don’t follow Hairscapades on Facebook or Instagram and were anxiously awaiting an update ;)! I’ll be posting more pics and details about the set and the Curly Nikki Curl Power event this weekend! So, stay tuned!!



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  1. Hello hairscapes…I tried on a Sat for church on Sun. Disaster, my hair was damp and I used regular rods from Sally’s.The one you twist and bend? I want to try those you are using and what happened was, I used Organics Olive Oil twist and local gel. My hair wasn’t smooth enough and basically stuck to the rods, not to menton it was fuzzy.I know I need to blow out my hair, hopefully that makes a diff. Or is it product I’m using. I look on YT and everyone else’s comes out so pretty.Well, I hope to try again…


  2. why did my job mark your blog as “not acceptable” for me to view 😦 It now blocks me from commenting. I can view but can’t respond.

    Your hair looked fabulous. I can’t wait for your update from the party. Check out mine when you get a minute. I got some funny pics !


  3. I’m new to your blog and I know you’ve probably heard it before, but you and MahoganyCurls could be sisters. 🙂 For the sake of a ‘duh moment’, are you two sisters? hehe


    • Hi K!! No, we’re not sisters nor related! No one has ever said that!! I’ve gotten that I look like Chicoro, but not MahoganyCurls. I don’t know that I see it, but THANK YOU!! She is beautiful! So, I’ll definitely take it!! LOL!!


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