Accidental Style and TnC Results



As promised, here are the results from the twist out set I did on Wash Day Sunday. I turned out pretty well, though I did have to add some moisture to my ends as they were feeling a bit dry. And, let me tell you, I was NOT happy when I first released it because it looked so piecey, was not falling right, the tail was in full effect and the parting wasn’t working. My part was also to far back, so it looked totally flat on top.

IMG_7978Can you tell that I’m not happy?

But, after playing around with it a bit, changing the direction of the hair to go back from my face, it allowing it to settle, I got it to look satisfactory.


The funny thing? This was after work and never saw the light of day. LOL!! I actually ended up wearing my twists to work again!! See, what had happened was … I twisted them up and secured with a hair fork in the morning in order to shower. When I took off my satin scarf and shower cap, I realized that the updo looked kind of cute! So, I decided to go to work with it as is!! Don’t you just love easy accidental styles?!?!?!





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  1. Your “accident’ looks fab! Very defined curls! Please share what you are doing to keep your straight nape from SSK’ing. I have the same problem and I am losing the battle. Yesterday I had to cut out a huge knot. I am almost at the point of having to braid that section and pin it in order to keep the SSK’s at bay.


    • Hey Ronda!! Thanks hun. And do you mean SSKs that cause the hair around it to form big matted knots? If so, girl, I’m having the same problem. So, all I can do is try to keep my hair stretched and up. It definitely is caused by having my hair down and rubbing against my coat, I think. WnGs also are the devil when it comes to that. The braid thingis definitely an option. But I’m finding the worst area is where the fine, straight nape hair meets the coarsest and curliest hair in my head, so the point where the crown hair and nape hair meet is where these rat’s nests occur!!! I just try to be patient and not freak out and carefully work the knot apart until I can release as my hair as possible and get it as far down the strand as I can to cut. I also use a pin to create space in the knotted hair to work it out and down. Definitely don’t have a solution to how to prevent them entirely. Sorry :(.


  2. I love this!!! Shelli, you have gorgeous hair and it definitely is a time-saver to discover a cute accidental hairstyle. I love the hair fork. Where did you purchase?


    • Hey Margaret!! I got it at this eBay store!! There is a post on here with the name and pics of some other stuff I bought. I can’t remember the name right now. Maybe Quecraft or something like that?


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