True Life: I Need a Natural Hairstylist



True story. LOL. Thanks to my sis Shana for sharing these with me and now I will return the favor!! Enjoy!!

Sometimes it really be like that … right? Well, except for the end when he was happy with the cut. But yeah, sometimes it be like that too ;)! LOL!!


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  1. The last part of that ecard should say “…and then she moves” Both times I have managed to find a stylist I love, they get me hooked like a crack head and then they move far away!!! 😦


    • YES!!! Tea, that’s happened to me too!! But, fortunately, found someone even better in Tameeka aka Jaded Tresses!! My stylist who moved was great, but she only worked on my hair in its straightened state. Tameeka cuts for how I wear it 99% of the time, curly!


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