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So, yeah, we’ll keep it moving with a quick recap of wash day and today’s edition of unexciting hair. LOL!

Okay, here is the rundown of my wash day routine this past Sunday:

  • Finger detangled and pre-pooed with Vatika Oil. Applied a 50:50 mix of JBCO and jojoba oil to scalp.
  • Placed hair in 8 twists, covered with plastic cap and donned heat turban (1 hour).
  • Applied Aubrey GPB directly over Vatika Oil and donned plastic cap and heat turban again (30 min.).
  • Hopped in the shower and shampooed hair with Shea Moisture (SM) Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo.
  • Didn’t feel like the SM shampoo removed the oil from my scalp sufficiently, so I shampooed again with iOn Curl Solutions Curl Defining Shampoo (I sometimes use this sulfate shampoo to clarify).
  • Conditioned/finger detangled with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (HE HH) and rinsed with cool/cold water.
  • Deep conditioned with Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner (1 hour with heat).
  • Cooled and sealed with diluted HE HH.
  • Blotted/squeezed hair damp with a curl cloth.

And here is where I tried something a little different with the flaxseed cream gel (FSCG) I made a couple of weeks ago! In the comments on my braid and curl with FSCG post from last week, CeeJay wrote:

I’ve been using homemade FSG since November of last year. It’s great because it provides hold without any stick/flaky buildup. I also use Kimmaytube leave-in conditioner (2 tbsp Organix Shea Butter conditioner 2 tbsp. jojoba, 2 tbsp. JBCO, 2 tbsp. aloe vera juice). This week-end I ran out of my oils and had to go into the pantry for EVOO to make my latest batch. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the leave-in with EVOO provides really good moisture for these dry winters here in T.O. Then I decided to add some of the leave-in conditioner to my latest batch of FSG. MAGIC!!

Well, y’all know that I was “‘Bout it, bout it!!” Okay. Sorry. Anywho, I decided to mix a modified kimmaytube leave-in (1 tbsp KCKT, 1 tbsp AVJ, 1 tsp jojoba oil) with my FSCG (50:50 ratio) and apply that for a 12 twist TnC! Well, just like with the original cream gel formula, I think that my “moisture mix” is reducing the hold capacity of the gel. It still has some hold, but not a lot. When I woke up in the morning, my hair was dry, shiny, soft and springy!


I liked the way that it looked and given that it was raining ice outside, decided to just leave my twists in and rock it to work.


Ummm. Yeah. It looked better with the scarf and rollers!! Ah well, every one can’t be a winner ;). I do think it looked better in person. But, it still was nothing to write home about (I did get three compliments at work though!). Anywho, I think I’ll release it today, but it’ll probably end up in a bun for work. In fact, it needs to as I didn’t bun much last week. But, I promise to take a few pics of the twist-out before putting it up :).

And back to the FSCG/kimmaytube LI experiment, I can’t wait to try that again, but with more gel than leave-in! So, my next batch of FSG will probably be made this upcoming weekend! I really feel like I’m becoming a little mixtress … we’ll see how long that lasts … LOL!!


Do you ever wear a “hair set” as a hairstyle? Which sets perform double duty for you?


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