Blensblend 100% Silk Bonnet Review



As some of you may know, in my early natural years, I came up with the idea of wearing a half-slip as a “bonnet” to accommodate my down and out hair. I’d put the waist around my head and cinch the bottom of the slip closed with a rubberband. I showed this to you all in A Bonnet for Every Occasion, but here it is again in case you forgot or missed it ;).


Fast forward to three or four years ago. I thought about making a real bonnet that accomplished the same thing by buying silk and/or satin fabric and creating the “funnel” with drawstring closures at both ends. Even told my bestie about it and how I thought it really fit a need in the marke. Never did anything.

So, imagine my surprise when I was perusing pics in my Instagram news feed a few months ago and saw this post by MyHairFestish.


“My journey has always been about sharing. So it’s only fair that I share with you what I love this week. If you’re looking for great bonnet please check her out” (sic)

DANG!!!! This silk bonnet by Blensblend ($27 for extra large) is the incarnation of an idea I had several years ago, but never executed! So, of course I started asking all kinds of questions and MyHairFetish appeased my curiosity and expressed her satisfaction by creating this video review!!

via MyHairFetish

(Skip to 5:12 if you just want to see the demo and review of the bonnet :).)

Well, of course I had to get one. I love my EboniCurls Ebonnet, which is super large and helps my hair retain moisture, bit it has no “hang time.” So, if I try to wear my hair down in it, I end up with a mushed, tangled mess with flattened and crooked curls. And, a pineapple with a scarf and/or bonnet has also never worked too well for me due to my straight nape. So, I would try the pocket bonnet like My Hair Fetish demoed in the video (but that would compress my hair too much) or revert to the slip solution.

But now, I have the Blensblend silk bonnet and have been wearing it for about a month and it is working really well!! It does sometimes slip off at night, but I think it’s because I should probably tie the hidden elastic tighter. And, I just haven’t gotten around to it.


Here is my Day 2 braid-out from yesterday after wearing the bonnet overnight.

BnC_day2_collageNot bad, right? 

Final Thoughts
So yeah, I’m very pleased with my purchase! I’d give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5!!

The reason I gave it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 is because I could use one that is even longer to fit my hair now and as it continues to get longer *fingers crossed*. And, when I ordered this bonnet, the extra large was the biggest one available. But, when I checked the site last night, they have a new SPECIAL ORDER bonnet in 30 inches that you can get made custom for $33.10!! Ummmm, yeah, I think I found my birthday gift to me!!! And finally, though I think this bonnet is great, I do have a couple ideas about what could make it even better. So, maybe you’ll see Hairscapades silk bonnets for sale yet!! 😉



Have you found a bonnet that works perfectly for your hair? Do you have different bonnets/scarves for different hairstyles?


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  1. I love that! It really kept your hair in tact! But what do you think about the price point? I thought it was a little high but then again it depends .. You should have patented that idea Shelli… I would have personally sent you to Shark tank haha


    • Hey lady!!! You know, it’s still almost $10 cheaper than the Ebonnet, so I didn’t think it was too bad, especially given that it’s 100% silk and silk isn’t cheap. But, you’re right, I shoud have patented the idea and I should just make these myself!!! LOL!!


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