Hanging Tough: Day 5 WnG



Yo! Flaxseed cream gel (FSCG) may be a keeper!! If you remember, I styled my hair in a quick WnG on Saturday using Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in and the FSCG I had whipped up as a styler. I wore my hair down on Saturday and Sunday, then in a bun on Monday and Tuesday (using the FSCG to smooth my edges). Well, yesterday morning, my hair was looking and feeling pretty copacetic when I removed my silk bonnet! So, since I was rushing to get out of the door for work, I just applied some more FSCG to moisturize my sitchee-ation and control some of the frizz. I am pretty pleased with the results! I mean, this is day 5 WnG hair AFTER bunning for 2 days. Of course, soft, hazy lighting always makes everything look better too ;).

On another note, I feel like my hair is shedding less. One reason that I’ve been leaning more towards creating an all-natural and/or DIY regimen is because I’d like to see if it reduces my shedding. Less hair on the ground means more on my head,  means denser hair, means bigger hair!! Anywho, I’ve read some anecdotal evidence about ladies not having a lot of shedding when they follow regimens that include only natural/DIY products. So, figured I’d try to add my own anecdote to the mix. That being said, I’m going to keep the FSG and continue to work on building a natural products regimen (now, I’m not saying organic, just more whole and/or natural ingredients). I’ll report back on whether it seems I’m shedding less or not.


Do you follow an “all-natural” regimen? If so, do you think that it results in less shedding? 


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  1. I do follow an all natural regimen. I have no idea if my hair is shedding less. I am a serious protective styler. Buns, two strand twists.


  2. I follow an all-natural regimen as well. I’m not sure if it has reduced my shedding, per se; in general, I take better care of my hair now than I ever have before, so I cannot always pinpoint any one thing. The one guarantee that I find that reduces shedding every time for me are my ayurvedic clay masks. I especially notice this when I do my amla-brahmi-bhringraj masks or my rhassoul masks. Bentonite, to an extent as well. Am interested to hear about your results, Shelli!


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