Product Junkies: Storing Your Stash


napnicpropicby Nicole of Naptural Nicole

“My name is Nicole, and I am a product junkie.”

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem…

Only I’m not trying to recover – I love my products! I just don’t want to “look” like a junkie!

With all my goodies, avoiding this requires some good organization – and great storage space. My stash spot of choice:

imageRubbermaid 3 drawer wheeled organizer- Target- $15

Best feature of this drawer – the ability to wheel my shame into a closet when I need extra bathroom space (or the hubbin’ thinks the addiction is out of control! Lol).

Another great feature is the ability to divide up my stash drawers by “purpose.”

I’ve got one drawer each for Moisturizing/Styling, Wash/DC/Treatments and backup supplies (I hate being caught with no leave-in on Wash Day!).


Lastly, I can’t cart this mass of staples from room to room – and my two strand twist session can go for hours (or at least one Lifetime movie) – so I’ve got a great little toteable caddy to carry the “in use” products!

imageWire Shower Caddy – Target, $10 (currently prepped for a DC, then twists!).

In my book – as long as there’s room in my bins – I have no addiction.  ;)


Curlies, How do you “store your stash?”


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  1. CHILD! I have a WHOLE CLOSET! LOLOLOL! I actually have three shelves and the floor of a small closet devoted to hair the other shelf is for other HBA products like nail polish, make-up and my foot tub. SMH. I am not going to buy another thing for a while because I looked under my sink and found a whole BRAND NEW bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and little bit of grape seed oil that I was going to go and get to seal….smh I have to take inventory!


  2. Ahhh while I like to believe that I have passed the PJ phase, I do often buy more of the same product so I don’t run out. Hence, the need for space. In the top of my closet I have my stylers and oils. In the bathroom in baskets, I have conditioners of all types and in the shower I have my shampoos and some of my cheaper conditioners.


  3. I have a 3-shelf linen closet in my bathroom, which doubles as product storage. I purchased a set of black fabric folding containers from Ikea. They come in different sizes which works out great for sorting. I have a small container for carrier and essential oils, one for conditioners and deep treatment, one for styling products, and one for shampoo and ACV.


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