JL8: A Refreshing Re-Imagining


In honor of the long overdue Sci-5ive lunch that I’m going to attend today, sharing a little gold nugget of a comic strip that a friend posted on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks ago. If you like/love the Justice League, especially Batman, and GOOD comic strips, check this one out. It starts out a little slow, but really starts getting good around strip 10-12. There are a lot of cameos and inside jokes for the well-versed superhero fan and the continuous story keeps you coming back for more.

Here’s a little tease with one of my faves from JL8 (I think it stands for Justice League 8 y/o).

JL8_23If you watched JL/JLU animated, this strip is like a full series based upon one of my fave episodes, Child’s Play!!

Check out JL8 from the very beginning here. You can thank me later ;).

(p.s. There are currently 103 strips and, from what I understand, new strips are added twice a week.)



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  1. That made me snicker, and the thought of a young Justice League comic really appeals so I know what I’ll be doing tonight! *lol* If you enjoy webcomics, my absolute fave is Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto; she’s been writing it since 2004 and watching her artistic style progress has been as fun to watch as it has been to laugh my tail off at her sense of humor. Starts here: http://www.girlswithslingshots.com/comic/gws1/

    Off to play with the super tots! ;o)


      • I think she’s had some problems the last couple of days – click on the archives link and it goes by years. The one you mentioned is actually a guest strip, but I cackled!

        JL8 adorably brilliant – passed it on to some friends and they’re hooked on it, too!


  2. I loved this! I love webcomics in general, but it’s always hard to share, because the humour and themes can be a little….tricky, shall we say.

    But I can definitely imagine buying these in book form and sharing them with my (future) kids! Thanks for sharing Shelli 😀


  3. Darn you Shelli!!! Yet another thing I’m hooked on! I love them and am trying really hard not to get caught at my desk reading them.


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