Claim Your Space!!



by Weusi

Yes … a couple of weeks ago, I put on the do rag thingy … and this week I have another little confession …

I have started to acquire products. In fact … I am proud to say that I have a FULL corner in the shower. What? How did this happen to a manly-man like myself? I am glad that you asked … I’m blaming Jor-El, Shelli and Shea Moisture products.

What you see here is MY (not Shelli’s) shampoo, conditioner, body wash & scrub, magic Dr. Bonner Peppermint super soap and relaxing bath salts.

I just changed my mind. I am not explaining myself. I am allowing myself to be the kind of man that takes care of himself in 2013. I like nice things and will enjoy them. I will get manicures and pedicures. Why shouldn’t I? Who likes a man with messed up hands and feet? (Not Shelli!)

I’ll give you the reason why I chose these products in my next post, but THIS post? THIS POST is about S.O.’s not being peons in the homes of PJs. CLAIM YOUR SPACE. It may start with a corner in the shower, but maybe one day one of us will get our own countertop space in the bathroom! And, sooner or later, we’ll get our own closet space and man cave!

But it has to start somewhere … so CLAIM YOUR SPACE! Display your products proudly!

NOTE: Beware of the urge to become a product junkie and product junkie like symptoms. What are the symptoms? Great question … I will tell you in a later post.



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  1. Lol…I almost choked on my salad laughing at this post…I love when your “Love Muffin Weusi” gets to vent…oops blog. His corner of the tub/shower is so near with products. 😉


  2. You go Weusi! I cleared off an entire shelf in the bath closet above the towels for my Hub’s stuff. Yes – who wants a crusty brother in their ______ (llife, home, bedroom? Not me! LOL!


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