Getting Ready: Hair√, Face√, Clothes√



I need to get in the shower in a few, but figured I’d share the plan for my “look” for the Katie Couric show today! LOL!! So, as you may  know, the braid-out won the poll for my hair look today! It was a close race, but the braid-out kept the lead the entire race, sometimes by only 1 vote. But, as of this moment, it beat out the curly ‘fro 138 to 126. So, last night, I gently finger detangled my hair with my coconut oil whip and then set it in 12 braids (3 in each quadrant). I used a little Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly at the roots to smooth and set them, dampened the braids with water once done and then used Deva Curl Set It Free on the ends before rolling them on grey perm rods. I set my ends to make certain that they would be curly today as I usually sleep on one side and flatten some of the ends.

This morning when I woke up, I decided to do the bentonite clay mask that I failed to do last night. I mixed the clay with plain, whole milk yogurt for the low-grade peel qualities of lactic acid and added a little tea tree oil for the antiseptic qualities. Plastic utensils should be used to mix bentonite clay as metal decreases its ability to draw out impurities from the skin. Has something to do with negatively and positively charged molecules or electrons or something sciencey like that ;)! You can find a variety of bentonite clay mask recipes online, as well as info about the benefits of using bentonite clay internally and for topical applications!

KCbentoniteclaymaskThis mask is still on my face, immobilizing it like Botox! LOL!

Finally, I think I’m set on my OOTD, which is my awesome Sofistafunk skirt and the top that I bought from The Unique Pieces at The Mane Event on Saturday.. I may swap out the top though. I LOVE it and the color, but since I’m wearing my hair down, I think the mock turtleneck may make me look squat!! I’ll be wearing a cardigan as they warned that the studio can be cold and I freeze easily. With the hair down, the mock turtleneck and a cardigan, I’m afraid of looking stumpy. So, I may wear a yellow tank top under the cardigan instead to expose my neckline. We’ll see.


Oh, and I’ll be wearing my Michael Kors knee-length, black, suede, scrunchy boots. Don’t worry, you’ll see the whole look pulled together soon. Hopefully, it’ll be good!!

A’ight! I better get to it!! Gotta wash off this mask, iron some clothes and hit the shower!!

Lata Gatas!

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  1. I wish I was going with you guys but I wanted to comment before im off to my training class at 9. Yes Im interested in seeing the outfit all together . Im sure it will be great take alot of pics and have fun for me. Im glad Gina took my place I wouldnt have picked a better person!


  2. Are you an AKA?…because that is something me and all my linesister would do! lol- I hope you had a blast and take plenty of pics….btw, I voted for the braidout too.


    • PW, I’m lost? What is something that you and you line sisters would do? But no, I’m not in a sorority … Well, not an official one. Me and my friends made up our own one in college though!! LAVA!! It’s our middle initial and an exclamation point for one friend who doesn’t have a middle name, but her last name begins with “ex.” LOL!!


  3. Is that shirt you’re wearing in the first picture a reference to Sheldon’s from Big Bang Theory soft kitty song?…I am such a nerd for asking!


    • Yes. Yes it is. And yes. Yes you are. And I am too because I wanted someone to notice and comment on it!!! Nerds RULE!!! Wei got it for me from Amazon (I think) last year. It was just one of those random gifts. He knowse so well :)!


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