My Curly ‘Fro



As you know, this weekend, I decided to try the “Curly ‘Fro” set that I previously shared here. As you also know, I thought that I had finally figured out how to flat-twist properly and screamed it to the heavens here. Yeah … not so much. LOL! But, despite the difficulties that I experienced with the take down of this style, I really do like the results and plan to do the style again, just with regular twists until I can improve my flat-twisting technique.

For those of you who can flat twist well though, like the look of this style and are interested in trying it, here is what I did!


Wash Day Process (Sunday)

  • Pre-pooed with Vatika Oil (with a little Wild Growth Hair Oil applied to my scalp) for an hour with thermal heat turban (I usually mix Aubrey GPB and/or Honeysuckle Rose conditioner with the Vatika Oil for pre-pooing. But, I forgot!)
  • Shampooed with Cream & Coco Pumpkin Pie Shampoo Bar.
  • Detangled with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner in four sections under shower stream.
  • Deep conditioned with Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner for an hour with thermal heat turban.
  • Cooled and sealed DC with diluted Aubrey Green Tea Cream Rinse.


Curly ‘Fro Set Process

  • Applied leave-in conditioner (2 tbsp Kinky Curly Knot Today + 2 tbsp Aloe Vera Juice + 1 tsp jojoba oil)
  • Applied coconut oil whip to seal. YES! My body oil whip is serving dual purposes ;).
  • Working from the front, “pie-parted” the front middle section of my hair (as seen above) and flat-twisted the roots. Then, two-strand twisted the length and set it on a small grey perm rod covered with end paper. Don’t underestimate the importance of end paper. (Hair can snag around these types of perm rods if you don’t use it. I know I don’t use it properly. I think you’re supposed to fold it over your ends, then roll your end over the rod. But, I just wrap the paper around the perm rod, then wrap my hair around the roller. Seems to work just fine for me!).
  • Repeated process until my entire head was set, sometimes applying a little more coconut oil whip to hair as I twisted the ends. I used a total of 23 rods.
  • Due to the length of my hair, I had to really overlap the twists a lot in order to roll the rod to the roots. So, I knew that it wasn’t going to dry overnight. Therefore, I tied on a hair net sat under my hard bonnet salon dryer for 1 1/2 hours.

curlyfrodryerJust ignore him ;).


The Morning After: The Take Down

Now this is where it starts to gets sketchy. LOL.

  • Removed all of the rods (and my hair was dry! YEA!! Well, the twist at the right temple felt a little damp … I think it might have happened in the shower.).


  • Emulsified coconut oil whip in my hands and carefully released twists … until I got to the flat-twisted sections. Then … all hell broke loose!! Because I didn’t flat-twist cleanly (meaning, as I pulled sections into the twist), it created a lot of “pieciness” and frizz as the hair tangled on itself as I released the flat-twist. Therefore, There was a lot of twirling, coaxing and coconut oil going on to restore the coils and tame the frizz.
  • Used a wide tooth comb to “lift” the roots to give more volume (works for a little while, but then my hair “settles.”).
  • A few curls were not properly coiling or hanging too long, so I employed a little trick that I’ve used over the years. I coiled each offending curl around my finger and pinned with a bobby pin. If placed properly, since my hair was so big and curly, the pins are completely masked in the curls! And there’s a bonus. After a couple of hours, the coils set and I can remove the pins!


At the end of the day, though I wish the takedown wasn’t so rough and I had a little less frizz, the Curly ‘Fro turned out pretty well!! I got a lot of compliments and I love having a different look!!



And that’s it! I pineappled my hair last night and I’ll have to give you guys an update on how that worked out another day! Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing even more pics of the set and release, I created this Curly ‘Fro Facebook album :)!! Enjoy!


So, what do you think? Would/do you rock the Curly ‘Fro?

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  1. Shelli, I absolutely adore your curly ‘fro. Are you sitting down? Okay…here it goes. I can’t believe that I really like your hair with the pseudo shorter length…it is voluminous, shiny, great shape and compliments your face nicely ~ nice change. Now, this is NOT to suggest that I prefer it over your hanging locks! But, of course, you know me by now…it is just to say that I can be objective! Me likey 🙂


    • Thanks Sawah! Well, not THAT great a job … but, I think I’ve taken my first real step in learning how to do them!! I may try Shaniece’s regular flat twist out with the big sections to see if I can improve my skills:)!


  2. I think your curly fro came out very nicely and it even look like you got your hair cut into that bob-thing that it’s doing. It looks very nice 🙂


  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Your hair came out beautiful. I am still learning how to flat twist too. I love the curly fro. I usually just two strand twist and roll the hair on to a silky roller.


    • Happy New Year Gina!! Thank you so much!! Do you get the same effect from regular two strand twists? I would expect so, because I watched FusionofCultures tutorial for this look and Laila-Jean just used regular twists too.


  4. Happy New Year! Shelli, it looks fabulous! I got home from work today (yesh, had to work on New Year’s Day) and hubs asked, “what happened to your hair”. Don’t you hate when they ask you that? Anywhoo, by 5pm I had gotten tremendous amounts of frizz with a few curls hanging in there fighting the good fight (looked like Phyllis Diller)! It’s going back into the french braids tomorrow for a protective style till wash day!


    • Hey TTIOT ;)! Happy New Year to you as well lady!! Ughhh … that sucks that you had to work! As to the hubby’s response to your hair … Wei doesn’t even notice mine too much. In the morning, he cried out, “Afrooooooo” with a smile on his face … but that was the extent of him acknowledging the look. Later, when I asked him what he thought of it, he said exactly what I knew he would, “I like it when I can see your face” …. I had the front really hanging in my face/eyes. LOL!! Oh well. LOL!! As to your hubby … yeah, if Wei did say that, he’d get the evil side eye!!! LOL!!


    • Thanks Toya! Actually, I think this is a GREAT style for transitioners!! It blends the relaxed and natural hair into a curly style! TnCs and braid n’ curls are all great transitioning styles! You should give it a try. One of my friends who is transitioning and still has short hair has been rodding it and it looks AWESOME!!!


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