The Best of Hairscapades 2012


IMG_5246Okay, it’s not quite a New Year’s kiss but, … you get the idea!

It’s been yet another amazing year for me in regard to this natural hair blogging thing!! Hairscapades has been consistently receiving about 100K views a month since May, celebrated its first year anniversary in June, reached 1M views in August of this year, posted its 1,000th article in October and (ETA) had its highest monthly views EVER (126,656) in December!!! I hosted my first natural hair meet-up in February, a second one in June and also co-hosted two haircut parties this year. In addition, I got the opportunity to be one of the guest bloggers featured in CurlyNikki’s new book, Better Than Good Hair, which will be released at the end of January 2013, and the name “Hairscapades” will soon be seen on the shelves of stores nationwide (no, I’m not launching a product and I can’t give details yet … but I’ll share more about this as soon as I can!). Oh … and on a personal note, I turned 40, enjoyed a budget-friendly awesome vacation in Mexico and attended my sixth NY Comic Con in a row!! Oh, and you know … this other “little” thing happened this year … I GOT ENGAGED!! LOL!

Anywho, to close out the year, I wanted to share the top 10 posts and pages published in 2012 that received the most views. If you missed the 2011 edition of “The Best of Hairscapades,” you can find it here.

And, without further ado … here we go!!

1. How I Retain Length


2. Terressentials Mud Wash: The Newly Initiated


3. Afro Puffy Twists: A Protective Style in Review


4. My Two-Step Henna/Indigo Process

5. I Found It Cheaper!


6. ApHogee & Me: My 1st Two-Step Protein Treatment


7. Moisturized Hair: It Starts on Wash Day


8. Impulsive Blow-Out


9. The L.O.C. Method

after 1

10. My Spring/Summer 2012 Regimen



Okay … and because I can, I’m adding to this list some of MY other favorite posts from the year ;)!! I’m sharing these first two because they were pivotal moments for me in my healthy hair journey. Protein was something I didn’t know anything about or understand at all about 3 years ago. In 2010, it was something that I learned a little about and avoided like the plague … eventually, to the detriment of my hair. In late 2011, I stopped fearing “protein sensitivity,” learned how to use protein properly, and began incorporating it into my regimen. And, in 2012, I was able to improve and refine my knowledge and use of protein. These two posts share my 2012 discoveries and learnings.

I ♥ Aubrey Organics


Can I Over-Condition?


This next one was from my busiest day ever … May 8, 2012. I had 6874 views and this was the most popular post (probably because it was also featured on on the same day ;)). Hope to set a new record number of views in 2013!!

Protective Styling Boring?


And finally, these last posts are by the best Hairscapades guest blogger ever … my amazing, loving and supportive fiancé ;). I’m sure that you won’t be surprised by the first two, which are the story of our engagement. And, the last one holds a very special place in my heart. It tells a story of a summer vacation that started horribly, but ended amazing. However, far more importantly, it shares a moment in time that reinforced for me how God always knows what’s best and this includes sending me a very special, loving, patient, kind, supportive, positive life-mate who may not be perfect, but is perfect for me.

An Anti-Valentines Day Love Story


Off Topic: On Our Engagement


Everything Happens for a Reason

2012: You brought challenges (family illnesses, super storms, black-outs) and losses (the passing of family and friends), but you also gave joy and triumph. 2013: I know that you will bring a new set of struggles and victories. But, I’m counting on the good far outweighing the bad. So, Here We Come!!


Did your favorite(s) make the list? If not, what was your favorite Hairscapades post of 2012?

And, more importantly, what were YOUR best moments of 2012?


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      My top thing for the past 44 years has been very constant ( and at times in spite of me) ….My initial response was lost by my other person…the greatest moments of my pass 44 years have been around my love and marriage…I am trying to recapture my thoughts of love (never can do that adequately)…the greatest part of each of my past 44 years was my wife….when I realized that I was in love, I had no knowledge of what I thought that I needed or had to have to still be with her 44 years later…I had seen models of what I liked and disliked,, and still had to find our way….there was no formula that I had to ensure that it would work.

      I knew that I love her beyond any love that I have every known of person or thing, and I wanted to be around that love forever…I never wanted to lose that love, that feeling of wholeness, that feeling of warmth, that feeling of togethergerness, I was about as complete as any circle could be….and yet, I screwed up, and was reminded that I never desired to be without her…wise enough to remember that if I were to do it over again, I would recommitt with the same person….I did and have not regrets of loving her so much…

      We got engaged Feb 14,1969 and married August 23,1969….and I would do it again with the same women with all the known, unknown and unspoken challenges. Each year, she highlights my life, my sense of pleasure and fun…

      We have this sense of peace, wholeness and completeness in spite of our lack of knowledge and belief in the goodness of the other….love is the ingredient and marriage is Most often the casting


  1. My best of 2012 posts has been in draft form for days. I don’t feel like even looking at it.

    Just found out my boss died yesterday. He had a heart attack shoveling snow. I’ve been in tears off and on ever since. I don’t know how i’m going to go back to work and not see him. He was the best boss one could ever have.


    • Oh wow Michelle:(. I’m so sorry. That is so horrible:(. My former boss is, like, one of my best friends. I love her to death and I would be devastated if that happened. I can’t even imagine. I am so sorry for your loss.


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