Flash Post: Curly Fro Results



Okay, this is for you ladies that aren’t on FB or IG and haven’t seen the results of my Curly Fro set! I will say that, yesterday?  I spoke too soon. I have NOT mastered flat-twisting *smh*. The take down was a struggle because my sections weren’t grabbed “clean” as I flat-twisted. So, I had a lot of tangling, separation and frizz. I had to try to coax sections back into curls and was smoothing on the coconut oil to try to soothe the frizz!! However, overall, I really like the results and got a lot of compliments at work today! It’s different and I think cute. But, I will do regular twists next time and until I get my flat-twisting skills up!!

Alright, I’ll give a full run-down of the set, products and take down with additional pics tomorrow. But, right now, have to take that hint Wei just gave in his last post and get some snuggle time ;)!

Lata Gatas!


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  1. I love your hair, it’s funky and classy:). Question for you: I read your linked post regarding the LCL dryer for $129, and was wondering how it is working for you. I didn’t happen to see a follow up after the you received it. I went to the site and ordered it, but now that I think about it, I probably should have sent this question prior to ordering. DUH. Oh well, I’d still appreciate your feedback. BTW – Happy New Year!


    • Thank you Mesha!! And LOL about buying before finding a review!! Well, I think you’ll be okay, because I really like the dryer!!! I keep the heat towards the middle or the range, so it still takes my hair from 1-2 hours to dry if it’s fully wet. But, when I used my old soft bonnet dryer, it would still be damp after 2 hours under it AND sleeping on it for several hours! So, I really like it! The one thing obviously is that it’s pretty big! So, I don’t really have any place to store it but in a corner of my second bedroom. But, that’ll do!! Hope that you like it!!


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