Bunning Challenge Week 6: Henna Time and a Braid-Out



Okay, super quick update. I wore a pretty standard boring bun all last week. But, around Thursday last week, I knew that there was no putting off a henna/indigo treatment anymore.


The roots were GLARING!! So, with a four day weekend ahead of me, I knew that I could get ‘er done! I’d already mixed and frozen a couple of boxes of henna a week ago. So, I just needed to decide which kind I wanted to use, thaw it and get to work.

I had mixed and frozen a box of Dulhan and Godrej Nupur and decided on the Nupur. I’d picked it up several months ago from my local Indian grocer, Patel Brothers, for about $4 based on the review of Marsha of Hairology. It is a BAQ henna, but has 9 other ayurvedic “herbs” added into the mix.


via Godrej Nupur 

Godrej Nupur brings to you the best quality Rajasthani Mehendi with 9 carefully chosen natural herbs. The ingredients are added in perfect proportions to give your hair the fabulous shiny & silky feel that you desire every single day.

Following are herbs used in Godrej Nupur Mehendi with their benefits.

Brahmi – Promotes hair growth.
Shikakai – Leaves hair clean & shining.
Aloe Vera – Maoisturises hair & makes it silky.
Methi – Conditions, nourishes & revitalises hair.
Bhringraj – Makes hair luxuriant.
Amla – Darkens hair colours, adds shine & luster.
Neem – Fights scalp infection & prevents dandruff.
Hibiscus – Rejuvenates hair making it shiny & silky.
Jatamansi – Prevents graying of hair.

Now, I was a little worried about the amla given my allergic reaction to it in the past and the excessive and prolonged shedding that I think was the result of it. However, because amla was low on the list and I knew to be on the alert for itching, I decided to give it a go on Sunday morning. And …


 … All went well!!! No itching to speak of and, post 4 hours of henna/heat … great grey coverage!!

photo 5

Of course, after this, I had to apply indigo to the crown of my hair and then deep condition. Now, after dealing with my hair all day (started at 11 am, finished around 7 pm), the styling session was SUPER quick. I applied a little Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose conditioner as my leave-in, placed my hair into 6 braids and sealed with my coconut oil body whip *lol*.


It was dry the next morning by the time we were getting ready for my family Christmas Eve dinner (actually, the above pic is of dry hair), so I was psyched. And, I released the braids to reveal a pretty nice braid-out!

posthennabraidout3 posthennabraidout2

But, it was up in a bun before we went out the door. I know, I know! But, I had on a corduroy blazer, a wool coat and a scarf!! That’s a lot of friction and it’s exactly why I’m in the midst of this bun challenge! And no, it wasn’t even a fancy bun. It was a plain ol’, regular boring bun that wasn’t even that smooth around the edges. No pics.

Alright that’s it! Gotta go!! Hope that you all had wonderful Christmases!! Mine was nice, spent with my family on both sides, but pretty uneventful!



Okay Bunning Challenge ladies! Who is still doing this?!?! C’mon, give a quick shout and let us know if you are still hanging in there!

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  1. What do you think of the Nupur henna? I have a Patel brothers pretty close by and they have fresh packs of this available but I’ve never tried it. I did a henna treatment over the weekend with coconut milk and it was amazing! My hair has never been so soft after a henna treatment.


    • Mochacurls – I tried Nupur several years ago (the saleslady recommended it highly). I didn’t know about mixing and freezing back then and I think I added yogurt or conditioner as she suggested. I remember I got grey coverage, albeit not as dark as I wanted (they way I prepared it seemed more like a henna rinse). I follow henna with indigo on my hairline because the orange is just to weird for me.
      All in all, I felt Nupur was a quality product, but any successful coloring hinges on product freshness and dye release. I now buy the $4.79 box of Light Mountain because it’s organic and inexpensive. I let Light Mountain release overnight, and I’m more satisfied with my results. I still have to indigo my edges though – and rinsing out the “twigs” is a nightmare! LOL! HTH.


      • Not much else to say other than what I posted Mochacurls. I liked it. Had good coverage and color, rinsed easily. It was comparable to Dulhan in my opinion. But, since Dulhan is half the price, I expect that I’ll continue to buy that as my primary henna.

        Oh, and I’ve heard of adding coconut milk to henna and that many have great results. I haven’t tried it because I made a coconut milk based DC once and it made my hair hard. Probably the protein. Given that the henna already acts like a protein and I haven’t had any problems with dryness, I’ve opted to not try it.

        TTIOT, have you ever tried Dulhan? It’s $1.49, great coverage and minimal to no leaves and twigs;).


        • I also haven’t been too sure about the Light Mountain being pure henna because it comes in “colors.” I have the “neutral” kind as I wanted to use it on my nails. The ingredients seemed fine, but since it’s “clear,” didn’t expect much to be in it anyway. What “color” do you use? What ingredients give it the color? Does it just use other ayurvedic powders? I just checked out their site quickly and see that it says no ammonia, no PPDs, no peroxide, etc. I still think I’ll stick with the Dulhan, because it’s cheaper. But, it’s good to know it’s another option for those who might not have access locally to an Indian grocer like me!


  2. Still bunning in Houston! I’m actually sitting with henna on my hair right now. I’m going to give indigo a try, this time (thanks to your hendigo tut). I plan on applying the indigo to the lower region of my hair, from ear to ear (I love how henna gives my grays on top a coppery-highlighted look). Love the braidout, Shelli!


  3. Shelli, you didn’t experience any gritty residue from the brand of henna? I bought this once before and it left all this grit in my hair so I thought it wasn’t a good sift. I’ve since stuck to the Dulhan that you recommended and that works really well for me.


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