Bunning Challenge Week 5: Still Straight



A little late, but here is the recap for last week ;). My hair was still straight and I essentially wore it in a twisted ponytail or bun every day except Saturday. I continued to use Sofn’Free Nothing But Mold & Hold Wax and Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter to keep my edges smooth and Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixir for softness and shine.

On Wednesday, during a late evening at work, I created this bun by wrapping a twisted ponytail around the hair elastic, tucking and pinning the ends, then spreading the twist a little to cover the elastic in the middle and securing the hair with another hair pin.


I was so pleased because it looked so intricate from behind, but was so simple and easy to do!!

On Friday evening, I arrived home to a LOVERLY surprise!!


photo 1-3

My wonderful Dottie of Threadmill made me earrings and a beautiful hat and infinity scarf set for Christmas!!! You see, her shop and satin-lined hats (which was a suggestion I gave her last year to appeal to her natural-haired clientele), were featured in Essence online’s article, The Ultimate Natural Hair Bloggers’ Gift Guide.

ThreadmillessencefeatureThere are some great gift ideas in this gallery, including Dottie’s hats, of course!!

Okay, back to hair. On Friday evening, after wearing my hair in another twisted ponytail during the day, I it into a chignon.


I slept in the bun and on Saturday in the early afternoon, I released it with plans to put my hair back into a high ponytail for an event … only to discover the prettiest waves I’d gotten from an overnight bun yet!!


They were so deep, full and shiny … I was very pleased … except, I still had to get in the shower!! Ughh!!! But, I just clipped up my hair, threw on a satin-scarf and my terry-lined shower cap and got it done. The waves did fall a little from the confinement, but it held up pretty decently for the next part of the recap!!

A Family Holiday Dinner: “Operation Get Right” Got Stalled

Ughhhh. Yea. I didn’t work out at all last week :(. It was a rough week at work and I was at the office as late as 8:30 pm one night and didn’t get home until 7:30 pm most nights last week. And, although I didn’t eat horribly during the week, can’t say the same for the weekend. You see, we had a family holiday dinner on Saturday and the spread was RIDIC!!

photo 3

Gallery pics jacked from courtesy of my sister, Shana ;).

So yeah, completely fell off the wagon and need to get back on it *sigh*.

Oh … yeah … and you might want to know, a few other ladies and I got Jaded this past weekend!!

photo 2-1

But, I’ll have to tell you more about that tomorrow ;)!


So how are you ladies wearing your hair for your holiday lunches, brunches, dinners, parties, events, etc.?


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  1. You are gorgeous!!! Your inner beauty out match your hair and the hair is beautiful…sorry that I was unable to join the family….yes, I read you daily


  2. You have to do a tutorial on how you created that bun. Love it. I also have that yellow t-shirt that your wearing in the last pic. You have great taste 😉.


    • Charmaine, I don’t know if I can!!! You know that those impromptu and accidental styles are almost always impossible to recreate!! And now that my hair is layered again, not sure it would turn out looking similar!! I’ll give it a try though and will share a tutorial if I can get the same look or something pretty at least ;)!


  3. You are amazingly beautiful. I don’t believe my hair will ever be like yours but honey. Your hair is definitely worth looking at. Buns are my favorite hairstyle. My hair is a decent length when straightened but while curly only reaches shoulder length and a little beyond. I love your hair.


    • Thank you so much Karina!! Shrinkage can be crazy, but it can also be AWESOME!! You can have hair of varying lengths just by changing your style!!! A WnG to a twist out to a braid out to straightened hair can go from looking like a BAA to showing BSL hair!! Don’t be afraid to embrace the versatility and experiment!!


  4. ITA with K. Edwards and your Dad…Shelli you are beautiful. (inside and out) Your hair is gorgeous and the bun are creative!!! Girl, you know you have to show us the pics from your Jaded experience. 🙂


    • Awwww!!! Thanks lady!! You guys are too kind!! It really makes my day to read such kind and encouraging words!!

      As to pics from the party, you won’t have to wait much longer!! The post goes up at 6 am and there are lots of pics!!


  5. Shelli – I received an e-mail that stated Tameeka and Christo have parted ways!! I am hoping she started her own business venture because that woman is so kind! She cut and styled my hair last month (Gilt discount), but I wasn’t loving the Christo products she used – I just don’t like hard hair (e.g. brillo pad hair) and personally avoid stiff hair like the plague. Hard 4c is not sexy! LOL

    That said, I went to Barbados as planned last week and the humidity, sun, and daily ‘sea baths’ laughed at my twist outs and KCCC/KCKT WNG, but that haircut saved the day! I patted on some Jane Carter Nourish and Shine, picked and fluffed my TWA and kept it moving!

    I’m noticing more SSK and tangles with my 4c growth, so I am considering flat ironing for the winter months. I plan to try your regimen this weekend!



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